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Welcome to Rainbow Dove Retreats in Cornwall
The retreat is all inclusive of your meals, refreshments, snacks. All facilitation is included. You will receive a journal and pen plus motivation book in your welcome pack plus other goodies. Treatments can be booked separately at a cost of £55 per session.

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Meet your hosts - Mum and Daughter
Debbi & Dani

Debbi and Dani are a mum and daughter team, coming together to offer a weekend retreat space to rest, relax and restore.

Debbi, a retired nurse was retired out of nursing in 2009 following a ‘burnout’ and a diagnosis of ME. She used complementary to heal herself and now teaches the methods that made her well.
She is the Founder and Principle Teacher of Suara Sound Academy established in 2011 specialising in Tuning Fork Sound Healing Courses, Retreats, Workshops.

Dani, 37, is a Mum of twin toddlers and works as an Assistant Principal in an inner London Secondary school.  

Dani’s story: 
Whilst I love my life and feel incredibly lucky to have my husband, children, family and a rewarding job, I realised how overwhelming and impossible it all can feel at times, trying to spin multiple plates at once and keep up with the pace and pressure of life. 
I realised just how important it is to find time to be able to put self-care first, in order to find calmness and peace within yourself to balance life responsibilities and commitments. For me, to detach, detox and reset every once in a while, allocating time to focus on my mental and physical wellbeing, provides me with the clarity and energy I need to go on to try and be my best self for those around me.
We are keen to share this space for self-care and wellness with others and can’t wait for you to join us for some rest, relaxation and restoration.


Whether you’re here to recharge your batteries, reset your mind and body, or just detach from life’s pressures, the Rainbow Dove retreat will provide you with rest, relaxation and time to focus on your mental and physical wellbeing.

For those hoping to make some changes or form new habits to live a healthier lifestyle, there will be a number of ideas that you can hopefully take away with you and implement into life.

Across the weekend, you will start your day with a freshly made smoothie, followed by yoga in the barn and overnight oats for breakfast. At different points across your stay there will be guided meditation, an introduction to sound healing, and guided reading groups, all specifically focused on self care and positive wellbeing.

There will also be a smoothie and overnight oats workshop, so that everyone gets to experience making them.

Reconnect with nature, we will also go on gentle walks (suitable for all) in the local woodland and, weather permitting, evenings hot drinks in the garden fire pit star gazing.

Yoga: Very gentle Yoga - suitable for beginners.

Introduction to sound Healing: How Sound Healing can balance your Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul and bring deep relaxation and rest to a busy lifestyle.

Guided meditation: Becoming present in the moment, sharing easily achievable tips to quieten the mind.

Smoothie making workshop: Start the day with a nourishing and nurturing smoothie to bring an energy boost to your day. This is an interactive session, full of healthy fun and laughter.

Guided readings: Inspirational and motivational guided reading sessions

Rest and Relax

All food will be nourishing and nurturing.


Places are limited so book early

Nourishing Foods

Nourishing and nurturing foods homemade with love.  Fruit and vegetable juice/smoothie experiences daily. Ideas to take home with you.

'Read and Discuss’ Group

Read and discuss a chapter of an inspiring, motivational book together.

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga each morning

Meditation morning and evening

(no experience necessary)

Woodland Walks/Silent Time in Nature

Quiet time to contemplate nature in silence to find the peace this brings for body and mind.

Sound Healing and Sound Baths

Relax deeply with Sound Healing which calms the body and mind.

Manifesting and Intention Setting Firepit

An evening fire where we will bring our inspirations and manifestations for moving forward after the retreat.

What's on offer on the Retreat

The Location
Polhilsa House Retreat

Nestled in the small hamlet of Polhilsa, near the village of Stoke Climsland lays Polhilsa House Retreat, a 6 bedroomed Victorian Country Home built around 1890.

With its far reaching views over Caradon Hill and Bodmin Moor, Polhilsa House Retreat offers its guests a time to become still, to press the pause button. To come and find peace in nature and a cosy home from home place to relax and retreat.

Whatever your reason for wanting to come on Retreat; your needs will be looked after by Debbi and Dani who a re a mum and daughter team.

You will have an invitation to attend our offerings on the retreat and there is free time for yourself too if you wish. Maybe some much needed freedom from the outside world.

The retreat offers 2 nights and 2 days of time just for you, over 48 hours of ‘You Time’. There will be a morning gathering of Sound Healing and Meditation which sets you up for the day.

Gentle Yoga will be integrated into your stay. It is a time you can bring with you creative projects you wish to complete. You will be doing deep relaxation before you retire for the evening to ensure a good night sleep is enjoyed.

As soon as you come through the gates of Polhilsa House - Rainbow Dove Retreat you feel yourself begin to unwind and relax. Debbi and Dani will be at hand to gently guide you through the retreat during your stay.

They will personally lovingly create your meals which are included. With the emphasis on nourishing wholefoods including freshly made juices and smoothies.

The bedrooms are cosy and tastefully decorated with very comfortable beds. It is very peaceful with no noise at night except the owls and no light pollution. There a very large bathroom which is shared. Rooms are allocated in order of booking.

Rooms available:

2 x double

1 x single

1 x twin

You can also book a One to One Session with our resident local therapist.

To book your place email

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