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Clear, Cleanse and Balance plus Solfeggio Tuning Forks


Hello and Welcome to Suara Sound Healing Courses



Sunday 4th (4pm ~ 7pm), Monday 5th ~ Friday 9th (10am ~ 5pm) 



Sunday 20th (4pm – 6pm), Monday 21st to Wednesday 23rd (10am ~ 5pm)





Sunday 10th (7pm – 9pm), Monday 11th to Friday 15th (10am ~ 5pm)





 Sunday 26th (4pm ~ 7pm) Monday 27th ~ Friday 31st (10am ~ 5pm)





Sunday 6th (4pm ~ 7pm), Monday 7th ~ Friday 11th (10am ~ 5pm)  




Sunday 10th (4pm ~ 7pm), Monday 11th ~ Friday 15th (10am ~ 5pm)




Sunday 5th (4pm ~ 7pm) Monday 6th ~ Friday 10th (10am ~ 5pm)



(please note - this does not include the Tuning Forks we use or accommodation)

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"Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only be changed from one form to another" Albert Einstein

"Change your Vibration, Change your Life" Debbi Walker

I am so very passionate about bringing the world of sound healing in the form of tuning forks, quartz crystal tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowls and percussion to you. I Love what I do with a passion and the potential difference the sounds can make to people’s lives and that of their family, friends and clients is limitless.

Following over 12 years of intensive study with qualitative and quantative research, bringing the science and spiritual aspect to my teaching I am delighted to bring my Sacred Journey Sound Practitioner Course to you. 

After working with and sharing my bespoke way of using the tuning fork sounds and other instruments with thousands of people experientially over the years, and teaching many Ambassadors of Sounds, I bring a very thorough, heartfelt, easy to follow and absorb course teaching Sound Healing based on my own evidence research in Sound Healing. This allows for the deepest foundations for my teachings to be shared with my students for effective, safe practice. Sound therapy is a modality in its own right and can allow the student and the client to allow their vibration of a health status to potentially 'be changed from one form to another'. 


The course is so much more than a course, it is a re-treat back to YOU. All week we will be working with vibrational core energy, really feeling each sound and exploring my channelled tones in depth. Yes you will learn all you need to become a sound therapist, however through using the sounds throughout the week you may shift any limiting beliefs, or blocks to your life that are preventing you moving forward. When there is space within, there is freedom, and when there is freedom, there is choice - good healthy choices about all aspects of your life.

You leave with such peace in your mind and body and a real sense of empowerment for your Life Purpose. Your mind maybe so quiet and you can hear so much more from within and nature around you.

The way I teach is completely organic and unique and calls upon the experience and training over the past 30 plus years. As a retired District Nurse I am only to familiar with dis-ease processes and my teaching works towards showing how health status of students and clients can be potentially changed from one form to another using my bespoke way of using the tuning forks and the energetic vibrations they hold.

Why Sound Healing?


It is my absolute pleasure to share my passion for sound energy, vibration and frequency with you...

sound meditation.jpg

Become a Qualified Sound Therapist, learning from the comfort of your own home or in person at our Polhilsa House Retreat near Callington in Cornwall.   

*This course is for anyone who wishes to go on a deep and profound journey with sound vibration, life changing for many who attend

*Science and Research meets Spiritual Aspects in the course

*You may wish to bring sound into your work as it complements ALL other therapies - Reiki, reflexology, massage, crystal healing, angel healing, spiritual healing, colour therapy, shaitsu and many many more


*Can also be used as a stand-alone therapy


*Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul Nurtured and Soothed


*Spiritual awareness and intuition enhanced


*You will learn how to use the tuning forks on yourself for deep vibrational healing and release any stuck chi that is not serving you at this time


*You will learn how to do full and comprehensive treatments on other people


*You will work with nature, trees and the elements


*You may enjoy a process of change and self awareness


*You will spend the days on an online retreat space or in person with like minded people being immersed in Sacred Sound



Vibrational Energy Medicine

What are sacred sounds?


What are tuning forks?


What do they do and who uses them?


OM and 528 uses


Other uses for the tuning forks


Using Tuning forks for circulation and meridian healing


 Tuning Forks and Ho opono pono


How to do healing on oneself, others, your OWN pets, using the forks in the programme


Distant Healing using Tuning Forks


What are energy centres? (chakras) and our auric field?


What do/can they do and their part in sound healing?


 The relationship of the energy centres to the endocrine system and the physical organs associated to each

chakra, ill health, dis-ease


Importance of the pineal and thymus gland


 How to check the energy centres using a pendulum


Use of pendulums and reading results


Releasing past life, karmic blocks and ancestral memory patterns using sound


Highly sensitive people


Deep Self-Healing






Dr Emoto (thoughts, words and actions on water)


Meditation, Relaxation and Breathing


Visualisation and creating an abundant life


Ancient DNA and how it works with frequency


Using the voice OM/Toning


Using colour and crystals in a healing session


Connection with nature, the elements and elementals


Healing nature with Tuning Forks 

For your place, please EMAIL me for a booking form

5 day full immersion course plus 1 assessment session (one to one - included in investment)

Case studies need to be completed * All learning needs will be met

"Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only be changed from one form to another" Albert Einstein

"Change your Vibration, Change your Life" Debbi Walker


So many people are so busy in their lives and never have time to stop, let alone breathe, and the beauty of life passes them by. Using sound therapy can really help people to press their pause button. Even for a short time. It can allow a stillness to enter so you can hear yourself within, hear your inner wisdom.


Listening to the Sacred OM sounds, the primordial Sound of the call of the Beginning of Time, your body can relax into the sense of just Being.


When you start working with the OM tuning fork, from a physiological basis you start to calm your autonomic nervous system as this sends waves of sounds to all your organs, and in turn the cells of those organs, molecules and atoms respond in kind, in peace. You are 99.999% space according to quantum physics and that space has sub atomic particles made up of energy. So your ‘space’ is full of energy, beautiful vibrating energy. As you listen to the sounds, your heart rate decreases, breathing softens and there descends a sense of peace and calm. As a previous district nurse, I have conducted my own research into how the sounds affect pulse and blood pressure which had very favourable results. This can be found on my website.


Einstein said: "Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only change from one form to another”


So with this said, by listening to sacred sound we are changing our energy deep in our quantum space.


The Law of creation is that, “What we give off and out in energy, we receive”


So reason suggests that if you change your internal vibration by embracing the Sound of Creation, the OM, full Dharmic (Life Purpose) potential may be felt. By not running the life learnt programmes of limiting beliefs, due to your vibration changing on a deep cellular level, you really can begin to attract the life you wish to live.


You can go deeper to release learnt lessons from this life and even release past lives, karmic blocks or ancestral memory patterns. This can also effectively be done by using the Sacred Solfeggio Healing Codes. By bringing these into your quantum space by listening intently and then using them in your auric field and energy centres, deep healing may occur on many levels. You maybe able to release any chi that you feel maybe sitting deep in your Soul or ancient DNA Codons.





It was due to the inspired late Dr Joseph Puleo, a naturopath in 1974 that the Solfeggio frequencies were rediscovered. Through a series of guided visualisations from Jesus Dr Puleo was instructed to look in the Old Testament of King James Bible, Book of Numbers chapter 7 verses 12-83 where he discovered a repeating pattern of numbers within the verses.  His guidance was to the use Pythagoras (an ancient Greek mathematician) method of number reduction to get the single digit which became the code sequence to the Solfeggio Scale. This is explained in the book “Healing codes for the Biological Apocalypse,” by Dr Leonard Horowitz. Please read this book for more in-depth information.


Solfeggio actually means scale, so what comes from this discovery is a lost scale, that is not based on actual notes as we know them today. My sense is this is a spiritual awakening to sound and not based on the musical scale commonly known. According to historian, Durandus, the hymn Ut Queant laxis was composed by Paul the Deacon (c.720 – 799 AD) in honour of St John the Baptist. It is suggested the special tones of the Solfeggio frequency were used to unite man with his maker. They did this by undoing all the conditioning, learnt behaviours and limiting beliefs that causes separation from Source, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.


The hymn is the foundation of the Sacred Solfeggio tones and gives insight to the meaning of the ancient healing codes. The word Solfeggio is the collective name for the Solfa tones, namely UT (DO)-RE-MI-FA-SO-LA-(TI).



“Ut queant laxis, Resonare fabris, Mira gestorum, Famuli Tuorum, Solve pollute, Labii reatum, Sancte lohannes.”


The translation according to SOLFA Sound therapy (2001) means: 


“In order the slaves might resonate (receive larger vibrations that in effect will increase lower vibrations), resound (restoring or remembering our former state of being) the miracles (wonders) of your creations with loosened (expanded – speaking out your Truth) vocal chords.  Wash the guilt from (our) Polluted lip. St John.”


sf 9 1.jpg

It is also thought that the secret Solfeggio tones allegedly represented sound frequencies which were used to create the Universe (God created the world in six days, and rested on the seventh).  It is suggested these frequencies may have been used in religious ceremonies to facilitate healing, bring back harmony, awareness and connectedness with all-encompassing Spirit, God or Source. By using the Solfeggio tuning forks regularly you may find an enlightening process, where your cells feel free from emotional, physical, mental and spiritual burdens in a gentle way.

*174 Hz - Used for Releasing Pain - physical, mental, emotional, Karmic

*285 Hz - Used for Releasing Wounding - physical, mental, emotional, Karmic

UT 396 Hz - Liberating Guilt and Fear

RE 417 Hz - Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change

MI 528 Hz - Transformation and Miracles and the Universal Love frequency

FA 639 Hz – Connections and Relationships

SOL 741 Hz - Awakening Intuition

LA 852 Hz - Returning to Spiritual Order

*963 Hz - At ONE with ALL


*The missing three codes based on the numerology system of the Solfeggio


These sacred sounds may be used to clear and cleanse the auric field and energy centres, potentially healing past lives, Karmic blocks and ancestral memory patterns. I will describe briefly how I have developed a way of using the tuning forks for this.


In 2011 I created Suara Sound Academy and my focus of teaching was and still is Tuning Fork Sound Therapy. This is because the tuning forks can literally be specific to tuning you and your mind, body, spirit and Soul. They are portable, reasonably priced and have very effective healing properties for optimum health and well-being. My purpose is to empower people to take their own health and well-being into their own hands and I do this with my Clear, Cleanse, Balance System, now used globally


I have worked and taught the Sacred Solfeggio Tuning Forks for over 14 years and have felt and seen first-hand how they change vibrational energy patterns. They are a very powerful healing system and so mindfulness when using them is best practice.


Here I have included my interpretation of how the Sacred Solfeggio works with your energy and what the healing tones can do for you. My belief is ill health and dis-ease starts out as an emotion. This emotion is held as a deep belief and the cells are vibrating this belief out to the Universe. As The Law of Creation is, “What we give off and out in energy, we receive”, there is constant validation of that emotional belief. Let’s say the belief is about not being ‘good enough’ (yes, I’ve been there too). This relates to your Solar Plexus energy centre. Before you know it there is validation after validation of you not being good enough! Your boss tells you off, you get something wrong and it affects your self-esteem, you feel your friends are all doing things better than you etc etc. You spend your life with your Solar Plexus in a state of alert and of anxiety. Before long there is a chance the organs in this area of the body start to feel the strain too. 


The body is intelligent and it will give you signs – these signs can be listened to and things can be changed, especially using Sacred Sound. Of course, medical help should always be your first call for your health. However how many people have had all the tests by doctors, and the medical profession has found nothing, usually a generic diagnosis is given. In this case perhaps a complimentary way for gaining optimum health and well-being may be tried or considered? The Sacred Sounds offers very deep relaxation and research has shown beyond doubt if you can relax for 25 minutes a day and ‘switch off’, you are turning ‘off’ disease creating genes and turning ‘on’ healthy genes. This is fact.


For deeper healing of patterns and limiting beliefs, I recommend the Sacred Solfeggio Healing Codes.


I will go through each tuning fork and its uses for everyday life.


174 Releasing Pain

The 174 Hz may remove pain physically, energetically and Karmicly and may also be a natural anaesthetic. This tone may allow the organs of the body feel a sense of security, safety and love enabling organs traumatized by disease or pain to return to their optimal state.

Any pain can be energetically wearing at times. Ask yourself if the pain is yours and what type of pain is it? Where is the source? Is it physical, mental, emotional or Spiritual. The sounds will help you decide, even when just listening. Once the truth of the pain of known it can be dealt using the sounds.

285 For Releasing Wounding

This frequency maybe useful when treating wounds, cuts, burns or any other form of damaged tissue, physically, emotionally or Karmicly.  This tone works on the energy centres, the auric field and the etheric body.  It may influence those fields sending them messages to restructure damaged organs.


Dr. Emoto’s ( work about how words, acts and deeds can wound and create a dissonance in water crystals allows us to realise just how important our behaviour is. Even our self-speak can wound us, let alone what our words can do to others, especially children and animals. These wounds can sit deep in our quantum space, and because we create our own energetic reality, and we are holding onto these words, acts and deeds, the Law of Vibration ensures these words are validated so we keep getting the lessons these words, acts or deeds suggest.


We can release any words, deeds or actions we have absorbed, be it of this life, past-life, karmic blocks, Ancestral Memory Patterns using the sounds.

396 Liberating Guilt and Fear  - Tone UT

Ut queant laxis
The 396 Hz frequency is associated with releasing emotional patterns relating to guilt and fear, thus bringing in freedom of the burdens of carrying the guilt and fear possibly for many years, or lifetimes.  There may be a cleansing feeling and this tone allows learnt behaviours of creating defence mechanisms to be repaired and be ‘knocked down’, allowing for a freer existence. Also used for grounding, awakening, sobering and finding reality.


Carrying guilt and fear of something we have done or something someone has done to use can be like carrying a heavy burden on our backs. It can weigh us down. Imagine freeing yourself of guilt and of fear to people, places, events, places, actions and deeds. This creates so much more ‘energetic room’ within you and that feeling of gentle forgiveness and strength can be so very empowering. This in turn lightens your life so that you do not attract anymore of the same lessons, and if you do, you have the tools to deal with it. Sometimes we don’t know why we feel a certain way. The sounds will carry this back to the Divine love where it is transmuted.


417 Undoing situations and making Changes - Tone Re

Resonare fabris

Using the resonation and amplification of this tone it may function to dissolve creative blocks, which in turn enhances the cell, energizes it and helps the person to use their creative potentials to undo things in their life that need changing.


Who enjoys change? Life can be like that dog-eared pair of slippers that you know you should throw out but can’t quite do it. Change can be embraced once the resistance of change is released from the energy centres. You are then aware that the change is for your highest good as all energy vibration that is dissonant is released. If you are experiencing painful changes ask yourself how it is they are painful? Then maybe use the other sounds to work with this insight.


528 Transformation and Miracles (Universal Love) - Tone MI

Mira gestorum

It may be suggested that geneticists have been using this frequency for a long time for fixing DNA and neutralizing possible defects in inherited genetic code.


This Universal Love frequency maybe used to return human DNA to its original, perfect state and maybe associated with Transformation and Miracles.  During the process of DNA reparation numerous beneficial effects maybe felt - increased amount of life energy, clarity of mind, awareness, awakened or activated creativity, ecstatic states like deep inner peace and fulfilment or ecstasy of joy, dance and celebration.  This tone may open a person for deep spiritual experiences and spiritual enlightenment.


So many people may feel they are not open to transformation and miracles by carrying the limiting beliefs deep within. By releasing any stuck patterns, you may find more openness to transformation and miracles and see and feel them on a daily basis, allowing Universal Love to flow. This is due to clearing and cleansing of anything that may be in the way of this life, past life, karmic blocks and ancestral memory patterns.


NB This little fork is always in my handbag as it is gives the vibration which is effective for the treatment in first aid ie, cuts, scratches, bites, stings, bruises, swellings, burns (especially sunburn), and has featured heavily in my research on Wound Healing and Pain Relief with what can only be described as miraculous and transformational results at times. Does not replace medical advice. It can even change the taste of water, coffee, tea and wine(!).


“This is the tuning fork that forms the basis of my Pain Relief Research Programme. I have developed a strategy for releasing and transforming pain using the 528 tuning fork and as the study is unfolding the pain relief can be felt on all levels of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. So far the results are VERY encouraging where clients have all experienced some effective relief, with some clients becoming pain free after years of physical pain. Results will be published in the next issue. “

639 Enhancing Connection and Relationships - Tone Fa

Famuli tuorum

Maybe used for dealing with relationship problems - those in family, between partners, friends or social problems. It may encourage the cell to communicate with its environment, creating more harmonious relationships in the outside world.  May also be used for developing extrasensory perception, for communication with parallel worlds or spiritual spheres, because it bridges distances, differences or conflicts.


"Famuli tuorum" may well represent the 144000 people who could, according to the prophecies from the Book of Revelation, create changes in the collective consciousness, cleanse the planet and enable the return of "Golden Age", just by collectively singing one "special song". 


This relates to relationships with yourself, others, the planet and all around you. Can all relationships be harmonious? They could be if the energy vibration is playing the same tune as the people and environment around you. Imagine an orchestra – all sections need to play in harmony. If one player of one section is out of tune, eventually the whole section will become out of tune, then potentially the whole orchestra becomes out of tune and disharmony prevails. Remove the original dissonance and the orchestra can play united and strong. This is true of many walks of life.


741 Awakening Intuition - Tone Sol

Solve pollute
Intuition maybe heightened as there may be a clearing and cleansing from food, drink, people and environments that are toxic in nature to you.


"Solve polluti" can be expressed by the cleaning the cellular liquid, membrane and core (DNA and genetic material) from this toxic matter and from different kinds of electromagnetic radiations, and all other kinds of radiations.  This in turn may lead to a healthier, simpler life, and also to change in diet to purity.  By not having the ‘polluti’ within you, you may become a clearer intuitive channel.


We all have an inherent wisdom and intuition deep within us. However until we have cleared the energy patterns of life’s lessons that weigh us down we may not be able to hear our own inner wisdom. This is how we look at others for confirmation of these things. By working with sacred sound we are also expanding our awareness and stimulating the pineal gland - the 3rd Eye. Descartes in the 15th century called the pineal gland ‘The Seat of the Soul’. By working through the Sacred Soul you will come to know what you know with great conviction and truth. If you have anything in the way of you expressing your intuition, this too can be released using the sounds.


852 Returning to Spiritual Order - Tone La

Labii reatum
This frequency may raise awareness of being directly connected to the Light and therefore may open a person up to spiritual experiences, with direct origin in Spirit, realising the pure love frequency, the feeling of unconditional love and thus returning to Spiritual Order.  It may introduce higher vibrational levels to a person or a cell so can be used for opening a person up for communication with the all-encompassing Spirit, returning one to the "previous state", to Source. 


Many people have such a desire to be connected to Divine Love and Grace, or re-establish their re-connection. This vibration may allow this by first releasing anything that may be in the way of the connection being established. When people feel this connection they feel part of a collective consciousness of unconditional Love. A collective complete whole, a feeling of something so great that it feeds the heart and soul with the deepest Divine Love and Grace for self and fellow man, and all that exist around you know that you are being guided by a deep source to your highest Dharmic good. Allow Love to be the Key.


963 At ONE with ALL -  Tone SI


This frequency may awaken any system to its original, perfect state. Therefore when it is applied to a cell, it enables a kind of "cellular enlightenment", and transformation of the cell to a higher level to occur.  It is connected to the sense of just Being and the returning to Oneness.


When we are at one with all we are totally in the ‘I AM’ presence. We are connected atom to atom, completely to the Web of Life that holds and nurtures us through our existence on this planet and beyond time.

The sacred Solfeggio healing codes may open the door for you to walk through with purpose and strength, leaving behind past patterns of limiting beliefs and traits.

Solfeggio Journey by Debbi Walker 



Of Karmic pain that lays beneath

Past life strands and ancestral bequeaths

I lay to rest the painful plight

I release the pain to the light.


The wounds that barb of ancient times

Karmic, past life and ancestral chimes

With love are healed as I feel so free

I breathe with ease, able to be me.



The guilt and fear of all life’s strife

That I held within like a strike of knife

Are healed from God, the love surrounds

As I walk in strength, future abound.



The change has come, from situations unfurled

The time is now and awaiting from the world

The guidance is true as the path expands 

Bringing the Sounds to all of wo(man)



Miracles at every corner they wait for me

The transformation I can clearly see

I am bathed in love from the Universal Source

I know with ease I am on the right course.



I blend with self for connection with light

My relationships pure and feel lovingly right

As I embrace my part as I walk on the earth

As our great mother shares her unconditional worth.


My situation soars as my knowledge does grow

My pineal gland flourishes, as the Seat of my Soul

In the words of the ancients, you can see your path

Clearly illuminates your Dharma at last


In my place of safety, I return home and rest

My spiritual order only allowing me the best

For my life from the moment I open my eyes

And I embrace my Dharma, understanding the why


And so the completion comes as I write with my Soul

Of God’s life plan, I see, hear, sense and know

I am truly guided by wisdom deep within

I am the I AM, from Source I begin  

As the Solfeggio reaches out to call my name

I know my vibrations are never the same

As the Healing Codes blend with my Godly core

My DNA rejoices as ancient understanding is restored

I am lighter, I am free as I transcend with ease

As the sounds wrap me up and I float with the breeze

Where no earthly confines can hold me any more

Love is all, in God’s name, I AM restored.

Debbi Walker Copyright 2017






The Sacred Solfeggio Light Codes - Illuminate the Light Within channelled on 22.02.2022.  As with everything evolution occurs and this is what I have been asked to ‘take forward’ within my teaching.  Here is another interpretation that has been channelled on 22.02.2022 which is using the Violet Ray Tuning Forks in particular.  It is still pertinent to use the tuning forks on another coloured ray – here though I share guidance for the Violet Ray in particular.

Old 174 ~ Release pain

New ~ Health and Harmony leading to Healing and BEing Intune

Old 285 ~ Release Wounding

New ~ Kindness and Grace leading to feeling Cleansed and Divine Trust


Old 396 ~ Liberating Guilt and Fear

New ~ Love and Freedom leading to Peace and Wholeness


Old 417 ~ Changing Situations

New ~ Living in the NOW leading to Being Anchored and Fully Present


Old 528 ~ Miracles and Transformation with Universal Love

New ~ Being a Living Miracle and Divine Transformation with Universal

Love leading to Manifesting and Magnetise your best life


Old 639 ~ Connecting/Relationships

New ~ Unity Consciousness as ONE Love leading to Togetherness and Belonging

Old 741 ~ Enhancing Spiritual Intuition

New ~ Soul Connection to God/Divine/Source/Universe leading to full Awareness and Intuition of Divine Consciousness


Old 852 ~ Return to Spiritual Order

New ~ As Above, So Below; As Within, So Without ~ BEing and connection to the God Self leading to Enlightenment and feeling of Home Coming

Old 963 ~ Complete

New ~ I AM the Infinite of Divine Love and Grace leading to Universal Expansion and acknowledgement of the Light BEing you are



"Testimonial…and I mean every single word. Thank you Debbi amd thanks for encouraging me to know that the time was right and taking that step. I feel forking amazing…and I know that today has helped mine and mums relationship too. I felt it. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 xx

What can I say about attending the online Sound Healing Practitioner Course these last 5 days…its quite hard to put into words how much of a beautiful journey I’ve been on. It’s been like a retreat within my own home.
Debbi is simply a beautiful soul with amazing knowledge, love and care for her students that is felt in abundance. The course is delivered beautifully. All questions are answered and you are instilled with such confidence and understanding of the forks and the energy they possess.
The screen is no barrier to forming lovely bonds with the most beautiful group I could have wished for.
It’s only been 5 days and I feel such a difference within my soul and I’m so grateful.
Honestly if anyone is considering doing this- just do it. This has been a long time coming for me- I met Debbi at a mind/ body/ spirit event over 10 years ago and Debbi’s gorgeous energy and the sounds had me hooked. It’s taken me a while but the fact it’s available online via Zoom opened this up for me and it was all I imagined and more.
Thank you Debbi for helping awaken me again- as that is how I feel. Thank you to the beautiful souls who attended also. It’s truly been an honour and a pleasure, I’ve loved listening to all your/ our experiences.
Forever grateful.
And now the journey begins…"
Helen Walsh ~ Jones

"Feedback for the course: This course has been truly nourishing for my soul. I picked the Suara Sound Academy as I wanted to balance all the scientific research I had done into the healing power of sound, with an intuitive way of being with sound.
Right from day 1, I felt the heart connection that you had with us in your teaching. We had all the words from your experience in teaching sound in the course manual which is such a great resource for our sound practice going forward. But the real gift of this course is to have learnt to trust the inner knowing that is there for all of us, to go beyond what is in the manual.
Thank you Debbi from my heart."
Love, Constance.

Dear Debbi

"Thank you so much once again for this wonderful course.

Feeding back after these days of immersion into the world of working with tuning forks, is not easy to put into words. I am still digesting and probably will for a while but feel moved to feedback as requested sooner rather than later.  I feel so blessed to have listened to my intuition and grateful to my dear husband for funding me. I am grateful to you Debbi for accepting me on the course with such a wonderful cohort.

Debbi you hold the space so well with a natural, down to earth style of teaching. Your clear, concise teaching and demonstration of how to use the tuning forks made for a smoothe flow of learning. The balance of instruction and self guided learning with the excellent manual met my learning needs perfectly.  The appropriate sharing of music files brought each day to an excellent start. The tone set for a day of sharing with other like minded people all united in a thirst of what you have to share.  Your experience and passion for your subject is infectious.

The group dynamic steered and nurtured by yourself, was supportive, enthusiastic and respectful. The values of a group instilled by the course leader. Checking for understanding and moving the group at a pace which suited all, is a skill acquired by experience and a deep understanding of the subject.

Personally I have grown.  My passion for sound now has another dimension. I now have a clarity of mind and feel a positive physical and emotional shift. I am enthusiastic and feel equipped to begin my journey with the tuning forks. I will endeavour to follow the good practice for self care shared on the course. The being “on retreat” has made a huge impact. The experience of receiving this permission to take time for self, which is something I’m often heard to share with my song circles, I now truly know. It feels so good to be receiving in the knowledge my skill base has increased."

Hedd, hedd, heddwch
Peace, peace, go in peace
All my love
Lorraine xxx

Hi Debbi, here is my testimonial :

"I have just finished a wonderful 4 days on the online tuning fork sound healing practitioners course .
What a four days it has been , at first I was disappointed that that I was unable to make the in person course as Im not too keen with online in general .
However I shouldn’t have worried because Debbie has such a way about her that you feel you are sat in the room with her . She exudes love , oneness , and brings a deep sense of calm and peace to makes you feel very relaxed and welcome. I feel her manner had a massive effect on how our group bonded and got on so well , we all felt like friends by the end .

The course in itself was fascinating , learning so much and also feeling and experiencing so much in that time . I also know that once the course is over that will not just be the end , for one I feel compelled to return to Debbie to do more courses but also know she still likes to care and help any people she has trained. 
Thank you so much Debbie , you really are born to do what you do and we are blessed that you have been given this gift and been able to share it with us . Im very excited for the future .

Thank-you so much"
Love from Rachel xxxx

"Thank you so much Debbi for a fantastic few days. I feel that my soul has been nourished on such a deep level with the sacred sounds and your gentle and deep teachings. You have been extremely generous in all the resources and information you have given us. Even sharing your beautiful music with us to use with our clients. This is not the usual thing on courses and I have been on many down through the years. Your passion and optimism are truly infectious. I found your style of teaching empowering and I leave this course with confidence to work with the tuning forks and bring this work into my existing practice. The group were tremendously kind and supportive of each other and it felt like we all gelled together really well. At the end, I felt that I would love to meet everyone for a cup of tea though we all live so very far away from each other on a global scale. The Whats App and Facebook groups will be a wonderful way for us all to keep in touch and support one another in the Suara Sound family :). The daily tuning fork practice came at just the right time for me. It's so wonderful to have this to work with my health, wellbeing and life direction going forward. I also can't wait to start using the forks with my clients, friends and family. I am Blessed."
Thank You Eileen xx

When I signed up for the online Tuning Fork Practitioner Training, I had no idea how it would work, especially since I’m in FL and she is in the UK. I was just grateful that it was being offered in a timeframe when I was available to take it.
Having just completed the training, I am in awe of the whole experience. First, the time difference (5 hours) was not an issue. I arose early and found the morning hours were perfect for learning and experiencing the sounds. Also, Debbi is an outstanding teacher and facilitator. She is knowledgeable and passionate about teaching and sharing the sounds of the tuning forks. The tuning forks bring about such a deep level of relaxation, allowing the body to remember how to heal itself, and she demonstrated this to us daily.
Her ability to hold space and compassion with participants through the medium of Zoom is remarkable. She offered practical guidance, case studies, anecdotal stories, and heart-centered counseling with loving support every day. She is and holds a loving, intuitive goddess energy with an eye to the practical as well. And she has a great sense of humor!
This workshop with Debbi at the helm is nothing short of life-changing! You learn tools and techniques to improve, heal, and balance your body and energy centers. These quantum tools assist us in raising our frequency and living more fully from our hearts, connecting to and supporting each other. I highly recommend her as a Sound Teacher and Facilitator.
Lisa Jackson

The course was the best course I have taken ever
My expectations were met and way more
If I was scoring it would be 12 out of 10
Life changing, mind altering, heart filling craving for more
I thought my heart could not be filled with more love but I was wrong the soul connections filled it
My brain was already expanding but it has gone into hyperdrive with what I have learnt personally, health wise, the universe
For me the course and the way it was delivered was perfect and suited me,
What I felt from the beginning to the end was included, fulfilled, helped, nurtured, comfortable.
Inclusivity, fun, formative, helpful, supportive
Definitely don’t feel like I am a quare peg in a round hole anymore
I loved the way that although we were not in the room we were, the connections throughout the whole course were amazing.
Your knowledge and passion plus compassion is amazing
The support you gave to each of us is a skill in its self lifting us and filling us with a can do attitude.

From the moment I found Debbi it has been life changing from being part of the Trial for Health using Triple OM and I was drawn strongly to learn with her.
There will never be a regret in taking this journey of learning with Debbie and nothing in this course was negative, I became part of something very special and the ladies I trained with were the right ones for me.
The course ticked all the boxes : Inclusive, Informative, Supportive, Nurturing, Confidence Building, Spiritual, Fun and was way more than I ever expected. The impact it has had on me, my way of thinking plus the skill set is utterly amazing.
My way of working has been enhanced and I know I will be learning even more with Debbie as time goes on.
Debbie’s knowledge is vast and she shared in such a beautiful way with such skill .
Thank you Debbi
Glynis xx

Glynis Howard

Well where do I begin.. Debbi my sound mommy. You are an absolute inspiration to me, words do not do it justice but I’ll try my best!

I started the course on Sunday 9th July 2023. Debbie said by the end of the week you will not be the same woman who is sitting here now.. well wasn’t that the truth! The way Debbie constructed the course, how she just went with the flow and energy of the course to make it perfect for all us ladies. I have been on a long journey before I started the course and I knew as soon as I picked up a tuning fork my life would change. Debbi has shown me and I’m sure all her other students just how amazing and miraculous sound is for your mind, body and spirit. I was diagnosed with PTSD, Anxiety, Depression and Chronic Back Pain m, Grief and loss, I can honestly say I tried everything, numerous medication, councelling, physio therapy, the list goes on. I was ready to give up, then I met Debbi and the Forks 🙏. I feel stable, happy, love, Joy, healthy in my mind body and spirit. I know they work and I felt I NEED to tell everyone about this and I need to do this to help people. I have found my calling, I never thought I would ever get my life back and look forward to waking up in the morning.
Doing the course has opened many doors for me and I am so so excited to see where all my lovely sound sisters will be and where I am going to be, I am so exited for my future and I am very excited to delve deeper into sound. The only way is up now for me. There is no one that can do this or teach sound better than Debbie. “You are amazing Deb”. Thank you so much Suara Sound, I am me again!

Love goes into everything Debbi does and that’s where it should begin and end with Love. I am very interested in Suara’s many courses. I have only done the first one… wow! Imagine when I start the rest 🙏😆.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I know I have you for life and I’m am so so happy! I could say more but like I said they don’t do it justice. I love you so much thank you again for everything xx

Lauren Halligan

Testimonial for Debbi.
I believe it was Divine inspiration/guidance/ intervention that led me to you.
I was really impressed with the Triple OM when I participated in the online program. The Triple OM track produced quite profound relaxation and this inspired me to train with you in Sound Healing with tuning folks.
Thank you, Debbi for an amazing 5 days of training- my intention was to use the time as a retreat for myself - to release, energise and balance. It seems such a short period of time from start to finish. You held the space for the six of us beautifully. I'm so inspired by the effect and all the changes experienced by myself, the other participants on the course and of course my distant healing session with my niece who is in India – all this in a short space of time.
I am really looking forward to using what I have learned in my own life, doing my case studies, observing the changes in individuals and taking it forward integrating it with my healing practice of Integrated Medicine.
Blessings of Divine Sound, Light and Love


I did my original practitioner training with Debbi about 9 years ago and have since used the sounds for occasional sessions for friends and family, sound baths, personal spiritual practice and sea and earth healing. I am an “A Course in Miracles” student and have always found the sounds highly compatible with this pursuit. Debbi’s latest offering of the sounds concentrating on the Om and the Solfeggio with the Violet Ray weaves many strands of interest and spiritual practice together for me
This time the course was online cutting travel and accommodation needs and making it much cheaper. It was no less intensive though! I found it a concentrated 4.5 days of dedicated tuition and practice with homework and preparation in between times. The week enabled me to considerably expand my current practice to help people and the planet. It was a profound healing experience for me enabling me to look at areas of fear and self-doubt and continue a process of decluttering my home and life so I can expand as a light being.
Thank you, Debbi and Suara Sound.
Sarah Evans

If you’re drawn to Debbi and this course, Do it! You’re meant to do it and you won’t be disappointed! I was worried at the beginning that I wouldn’t remember all the frequencies but once you start and hear those forks, it’s like second nature. Debbi is an amazing person and teacher who makes everything clear and easy to understand. I can’t wait to get on and use my tuning forks to help so many others with healing.
Jacci Lewis

I have just completed an online Tuning Fork practitioner course and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.
I wasn't to sure how it would be online as I know energy work can be quite intense along with sitting in front of a screen.
I felt the course was structured in such a way to enhance and support my learning experience. 
Debbi is a wonderful.story teller and was able to share her experiences over many years in a way I could understand with examples of research with the backup from science. 
Lots of time to practice our learnings off screen
It was wonderful to learn within an equally supportive group
I have come away feeling tired yet excited as I now feel I have the understanding  as to why these marvellous tuning forks work so well with my clients
Really looking forward to putting my learning into practice.
Thank you Debbi Walker 💜🙏💜.
J Griffin 💜

Hello Lovely,

I wanted to get this to you while I’m still basking in a bubble of loveliness!

Thank you Debbi and fellow sound ambassadors, it was a joy from the first session getting to know you all and sharing our journey together. Debbi,  your organic teaching style was perfectly paced with plenty of time to process each stage along with self practice, meditation  and loads of tales of your experience which was priceless.
Your enthusiasm and love shone through, enlightening us and filling my heart with new dreams and focuses for the future.
After using the forks for a few days I can already feel my vibrations shifting and clearing away stuff that doesn’t serve me anymore, making way for exciting things to come.

Much love and peace

I have just been on a repeat ambassadors sound course for CCB and Solfeggio Forks. Repeat for me, but lovely new ladies on it too.
I had done this course 7yrs ago on a lovely retreat in Cornwall. Time to do it again, re learn and upgrade, but did it online this time.
The course was wonderful. I had been feeling under the weather, but the tunings and wonderful pain release, helped me get through the week.
Debbi's knowledge and way of teaching is second to none. You learn so much in a wonderful environment, with time to practice, discuss, explore etc..
She brings all the participants together in such a professional, yet friendly way.
I loved re doing the course again.
It reinforced all that I was already aware of, brought up new healing ways that have evolved over the years and were great to learn and add into my current practice, and it will keep me fresh and update me.
You are always learning and will never know it all.  
I would thoroughly recommend doing a repeat course, to keep me in touch, and stop me falling into any bad habits either.
All of Debbi's courses become such fun, even though a very serious side is there, of how wonderful sound, frequency and energy are, and how we can harness it for our own greatest self healing, and then reap the spin offs that come from these delightful practices, for one and all.
This course is just an opener for many further delightful courses. They are all wonderful.
Thank you Debbi for a wonderful week, that whizzed by so fast. and for all your healing.
Much love. Denise Hill.x

3 months ago, I began my reiki journey; I met an amazing soul sister on my course and now know I was simply met to meet her, as we know, nothing is by chance!
She introduced me to a singing bowl, and we soon delved into tuning forks, and this simple exchange has led me to you!
When I found your website and looked at your picture, I knew deep inside that you were going to take me on a new journey that will lead me to the next chapter of my life…freedom.
Your course was amazing, I allowed myself to switch off and unplug from my busy chaotic life; the course immersed me in love, compassion, and time for myself to develop and grow.
Thank you for guiding me through a journey of sound and vibration with a truly lovely group of people.
I enjoyed the deep relaxation that the tuning fork vibrations induced inside me, I found this profound, the free time to experiment on ourselves and others was enchanting and beautiful and I've already learnt so much about our bodies.
I believe the forks are melting away my tension and creating a sense of balance and calm that I intend to continue to make part of my daily life self-care routine.
Your passion and love were truly conveyed throughout the course, you made the week light and enjoyable with your precious knowledge, I will continue to honour your teachings and go forward with love… thank you.
Clare x

" The online course offered a perfect balance of theory and practice with Debbi who's knowledge and passion make this a truely healing learning experience. I felt like I was on a retreat in my own home! I feel inspired, nurtured and motivated to move forward on my journey, thank you Debbi"
Jac x

"I have had an enchanting and enlightening week, Debbi is a beautiful soul and a professional teacher with much integrity. I was delighted to be one of the first people to benefit from the online offering; even though it was new it was delivered professionally and everything worked so well with the online platform. The connection between us all was not dimmed with the physical distance between us. I loved the way in which the science and the spiritual was combined and taught to us, I have come away from the course refreshed and feel I have a new focus and direction in life and I feel very supported with this too. Thankyou! 💖💖💖"

"Thank you so much for this fantastic Tuning Fork Sound Therapy Course 💜

Debbi is a lovely proffessional Teacher. I really enjoyed the whole week 💛 Even if we could meet just through the screen it was a very good lively Corse as we could really feel the "Heart to Heart" 💕 Connection and the Tuning Forks frequences 🧡

New visions opened up on this week and looking forward for more journey with the Sounds and Tuning Forks also💛

Thank you again💗💚"

"Thank you so much for accepting me onto this sound healing practitioner's course, with the tuning fork frequencys was afrade that the online experience may not be the same as an in person one but oh my goodness it could not have been any better the connection between all members of the group was amazing and so cozy almost a comfort as well as support, DEBBI WALKER is the most honest and real teacher iv ever had i felt able to ask any questions without feeling fear or silly, the mix of spirituality and science balanced the whole week a most professional set up from begining to end , i learned a lot about myself as well as the sounds and their healing quality , loved every minute, i was motivated throughout even the self directed study days were shuch a pleasure to complete and with the evening catch up and mecitation i always felt supported ,thankyou debbi suara sound 🙏🎶"

"This course is life changing in so many ways , and being able to connect and receive such amazing teaching from Debbi was a blessing in itself..

It was the first online course I’d taken so I was a little apprehensive , but I needn’t have been, because she made learning very enjoyable to do and easy to understand, at those times I did struggle, she was there to help support me through my own doubts.

I would do another of her courses without doubt and would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone 🙏"

"I very much enjoyed this online course if was very well set out. There was lots of time for practice to get a better understanding of the theory. Debbi us very professional in her approach but also very caring and honest in her teaching capacity. I love what the sounds of the tuning forks cam do and can't wait to use them to help others with their healing. 💜

Amazing sound course, great content with an excellent balance between theory and practice. Debbi is highly professional in her approach and makes the course very easy to follow and understand. The tuning forks supplied with the course are incredible. Would highly recommend Debbi and her courses. Thank you for a wonderful, informative week."

"Debbi is an inspiring wonderful teacher I’m very honoured to have been part of her course online ❤️"

"It was an amazing course, you are a fantastic teacher and a beautiful person and the group's energy melded so very well even via Zoom so thank you for following your dreams!! Xx🤗💝"

"It’s hard to believe this course didn’t exist two weeks ago. I never thought in my wildest dreams I’d be having this experience this week.

I fell in love with the tuning forks after being @Alison’s case study. I told everyone about her fantastic sessions. The releases, the insights, the shifts and the spiritual growth were phenomenal. I’m chuffed this current situation has given me this opportunity. The course has been brilliant, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. The connections made have been incredible and have really touched my heart. I am feeling incredibly lucky and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m so excited to share the magic of the tuning forks with all I can. 😍💙🎶💙xxx"

Well done teaching in this way, you did amazing, it was a wonderful, friendly, chilled out, incredibly enjoyable experience. You were Ace! 😁The online sound therapy course with Debbi Walker has opened a new chapter in my life. The difference I feel from the Monday to the friday using these blessed tuning forks is truly amazing. I was called to debbi last year and sprit and the divine source work in beautiful ways. Things are meant to happen and this course was. I turned 40 last year so I feel thos trimester of 10 years is the change I have longed for. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The knowledge debbi has and the manual she produced was outstanding. Bless you and thank to my sound family. Xxx"

"What can i say but absolutely fabulous, i not only found new friends but i found ME, and feel that i realy can sparkle OM! 😇xx"

"It’s been absolutely fabulous, Debbi I really admire your composure because I imagine it was more nerve racking than you were showing and the professional way you conducted the course was second to none. I had resigned myself to waiting maybe until October but when the offer came to join the June intake I jumped at the chance - so glad I did. Our group was full of delightful souls, I can’t believe the synchronicities between our stories and the shared desire to move forward with a new and refreshed focus. Thankyou so much for sharing your gifts with the world you are making a difference in the best way possible, it’s so inspirational xxxx 💖⭐️👏🏻🌏❤️🌳🌈🔥🥢🍴🥇❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤍💓💞💕❣️💖☯️🕉☮️"



“I think it is a few years now that I have been interested in Sound healing. I wasn’t sure what to buy and bought a harmonic set from India. Last year I did a one day course with tuning forks here in NI but although I had work to do myself I felt something was missing. I then invested in a solfeggio set still not really understanding. I found them amazing to work with but didn’t feel confident about them. It was then I discovered Debbi Walker and Suara Sound Healing. Wow was I blown away. I loved the many posts of information that were posted and I would have loved to have went over to Cornwall. Sometime last year I purchased the clear, cleanse and balance set with booklet and cd’s to listen to. Then just before Christmas Debbi announced the new violet ray set which I really felt drawn to. I still didn’t really feel confident enough even to use them on myself. Earlier this year Debbi had an online course which was over 3 weeks at a couple of mornings a week so I signed up. Then covid hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Debbi then put out an offer for a week long online course and right away I asked could I be part of that. So I have just finished the week and holy moly did it blow my socks off. I now have my beautiful violet ray tuning forks and was gifted a gorgeous pendulum and divine goddess tuning fork. I found it amazing at times and really tiring at other times. Such an amazing group of like minded inspiring women in the group. I’m really looking forward to starting my case studies and going forward with it as a business. The tuning forks are quite remarkable and really anything is possible. I feel Debbi’s course has given me a structure to follow as well as going with my intuition. She is quite a teacher, so calm and understanding and really nothing is too much trouble. She rode the week with us and is still keeping in touch with all of us in our own WhatsApp group.”

SB Ireland

“Having waited to be part of Debbi's Online Sound Healing course for several months, I had built up quite some expectations! And I can honestly say it was everything I had anticipated... and much, much more!!The week flew past, with so much squeezed into every minute that I feel I have walked away with a month's worth of experience from those five jam-packed days. The course group was incredibly cohesive, supportive and full of wonderfully heart-based genuine warmth - no mean feat with so many students, and certainly a testament to how well Debbi holds a safe space for everyone.

I was particularly impressed with how beautifully she dealt with our little "crises" as and when they occurred, which was my one concern with choosing an online course. To embark on such profound work always lifts so much to the surface for every participant. However, in all the various face-to-face workshops/courses I have attended over the years I have genuinely never seen anyone handle them better than Debbi.

Enormous thanks for the huge opportunity and even bigger "shifts!"”

Much love. AL West Sussex

“These are the words I used on our last day to give Debbi feedback; ‘My cup overfloweth!’

I signed up for this course based on the immediate connection I found I had with Debbi, just by listening to her over the phone and soaking up every piece of information on her website! I was so excited to finally find someone who has done diligent amounts of research and can provide the science behind how sound healing works. Working as a Wellbeing Consultant for a Holistic Cancer Charity, I help to support people to live well with cancer. Therefore the need for evidence based treatments and robust measures to gain this evidence, is of paramount importance. Finding Debbi with her background as a district nurse and with a degree in tissue viability, I knew immediately this was the right person to study the benefits of sound with Debbi’s organic style of teaching means there is a flow that she goes with from the heart and sits so well with the sacred sound frequency. Its absolute heaven in the way you can feel almost immediately your own internal frequency being raised, simply from spending time listening and learning with her. Then when you engage with Debbi’s very own ‘Clear Cleanse and Balance System’ ; the sense of peace, serenity and harmony can only be described as sensational!

It is clear Debbi’s knowledge and passion for Tuning Forks is spreading fast and furious and I totally understand why. This course makes it really easy to understand how they work, why they work and the need to get them out there. By empowering others to learn the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ ; they can literally’ take their health into their own hands.

My cup truly does overflow for this wonderful teacher and healer, willing to share her knowledge, wisdom and her own life experiences in order she can make a difference to this planet and all those that live in it and on it. Thank ‘Gaia’ for Debbi Walker.

It was an awesome week of sound, bringing me back to my own soul space and true essence.”

With love, light peace and progress. BH

“Debbi’s Tuning fork course always started and finished with meditation which made me present in a gentle and friendly way. I liked her style of teaching. She told us things she felt to be important at that time rather than things which are in her book. Also asking us to list 10 things we need to let go of, although we didn’t talk about what they were, we looked at the list time to time, pondered and felt them. I felt this was quite a powerful way of understanding how our mind beliefs manifest in our life. The energy and meaning to me of the list of 10 things had changed by the end of this course, which shifted my view of daily life. The tuning fork vibrations made me feel in tune with myself. This must have made my feeling and mind lighter and softer. The course was run in a relaxed and fun way by Debbi and all the students were lovely people. I very much enjoyed the connection with them!"- Keiko

"I found the Online Tuning Fork Sound course with Debbi truly inspiring, because of her passion for her work. Debbi has a unique style of teaching - combining her wealth of knowledge, experience, and down to earth sense of humour. The excellent training manual is so much more – it has a goldmine of information with excellent resources, further reading and video links. The support from the other students was amazing, and I feel privileged to have met them all.”

Sue Sharkey, August 2020

I attended the 5 day on-line tuning fork training with Debbi Walker from Suara Sounds. It was excellently managed by Debbi who was very warm and approachable, during the sessions and throughout the whole course. Her knowledge and enthusiasm came through the screen easily and her deep commitment to the scared sounds was utterly inspiring. Despite being separated by distance I always felt totally held in her protection and care, which gave me the confidence to trust in the forks and their incredible effects. I really enjoyed using the forks on myself during the week and I had many deep and profound experiences which I think was enhanced by being in the safety and comfort of my own home. The week was packed full of learning and opportunities to practice on myself, others and even the trees and bees around me. I relished the chance to step outside of my normal life and saturate myself in the beautiful sacred healing sounds. By doing so I not only increased my knowledge and skills with the fabulous forks, but I was also fortunate to greatly improve my own health and wellbeing. Also it was lovely to meet other like-minded people on the course and our bond continues beyond the week as we have formed a special virtual group to share experiences and support each other. I can honestly say the training was one of the best weeks of my life and truly life changing. I have a long way to go yet in my sound therapy learning journey but I feel so happy knowing I am finally on my authentic path. I can't wait to keep soaking up all of Debbi's incredible knowledge held within the huge manual and the mysteries that the forks hold. I feel blessed to have found Suara Sounds and humbled to think I may be able to help others.

Thank you Debbi from the very depths of my heart and soul xxx

Love & light


"Having followed Debbi and Suara Sound for a number of years wishing to attend the Tuning Forking Sound Therapist course I was so pleased when things in life aligned this summer and I was able to complete this training. All the necessary structure of learning content is provided within the course manual expertly researched with valuable scientific grounding and passionately written by Debbi. Debbie's teaching style offers heartfelt sharing of deep knowledge which creates comfortable connections for all attendees aiding a fluid fun learning environment in which learning organically flows. I really look forward to a life-long connection with Debbi and Suara Sound and completing further courses." Li

Testimony by Beverley Allen

To be called to the sounds is a honour but to guided through that process by Debbi Walker has been a privilege. I attended this course with high expectations about what I would learn about sound therapy and the power of the tuning forks, yet it exceeded my expectations, and I did not expect the self-discovery and healing that went with it. You truly are a different person at the end of this course. The class is a safe space of discovery with like minded people. Debbi is a knowledgeable and intuitive teacher who follows the progress and needs of the class rather than a rigid formula which allowed so much more fluidity and consequently exploration of the subject. I completed the class online and felt fully supported by my colleagues and Debbi. The only downfall was not receiving a treatment from one or more of my amazing classmates. This course is demanding mentally and emotionally but the rewards are worth every strike of the OM. BA Wales

A super great online course ...for a souls adventure! Really a great way to go on an epic journey with out leaving home.( choose the room with the comfiest chair and in a few mins your transformation begins!!! Lovved iiiiit!!!!!!) Its a beautiful binding and flowing class. Debbi is powerful in her words, animated and supportive in creating an empowering unique self learning experience for everyone at all stages of their journey. The hrs are family friendly and made it possible for me to study with a small child.

Totally thrilled to have had this opportunity and shared with an amazing people.

Thx you Debbi


Debbi is a fantastic teacher with her own unique style. She is so knowledgeable about her craft and fully lives and breathes it all. I had never done anything with forks before but came away with a wealth of knowledge about them and what they do and how each one works differently. The week flew by and the self directed study was fun and challenging at the same time. It was lovely to hear everyone’s feedback and see how they had all made an impact on someone’s life with their treatments. I have been using the forks everyday since the course and will continue to do so. I also know Debbi is only a few clicks or phone calls away for any help or guidance needed. Thank you, thank you, thank you for a wonderful week and knowledge I will use forever! Jo B

I was glad that Debbi did the online tuning forks for practitioners, as I wanted to do it for a long time but due to work and distance couldn't see me going down to Cornwall for nearly a week. I felt really nervous the first day, but Debbi made us all feel at ease straight away. The method she teaches is so relaxed and informal. I really enjoyed the course, and I really felt at ease. If weren't sure of something, Debbi would go over things and I felt I could ask questions if I didn't understand. The tuning forks are brilliant. They make me feel so relaxed, and I've only used them a few days. Looking forward to using them on my family and friends and pets, and hopefully after doing the case studies/assessment etc will become a practitioner in the future, as I know how the tuning forks can make a difference in peoples lives. I'm excited and really looking forward to the future. MD Wales


"There is an instant warmness when you meet Debbi and she makes you feel very welcome in her space. I knew that I was drawn to Sound therapy but was completely new to the idea. Debbi brings you into the learning at a steady pace and makes the whole experience understandable.  She mixes the spiritual elements with the science and allows everything to 'fall into place' for you as an individual. I spent 5 days at Suara sounds and learned so much - not only the sounds but about myself. I'm looking forward to the next step in my journey and feel like there will always be a connection with me and my Suara Sisters. I enjoyed every minute of my learning and am looking forward to carrying it forward. Much love. Kaz x"

I did a session on Monday along with some reiki.  It went really well!  She was snorning about 15 mins into the OMs!  I'm using her as one of my case studies and she has booked in again for next month. Exciting times!

I'm off out to upcycle a couple of gravestones today - random, I know - but would we have it any other way?

Being the light! Kaz x


I booked onto the 5 day tuning fork course with the lovely Debbi as a means to progress on my spiritual journey specifically aiming to  train to use the singing bowls and chimes. I understood the forks course was a prequisite so was eager to absorb and settle in my soul any training I'd be given in order to proceed. Fast forward 5 days.... Wow what can I say, on the last day it felt like I'd been given such a precious gift. How could I not be more involved with the tuning forks as the results were outstanding for others and also myself! My inner self felt like a calm sea of tranquility and of complete happyness, you can honestly feel a change when working with the forks vibrations. Pains were eased and emotions were released out of nowhere, some of which had been stored and buried deep inside for so long. I couldn't just absorb and let the information I'd been honoured with to just remain dormant in my being, I realise now against all my initial judgements that i had before arriving at the course that I will continue to fully embrace the forks magic and share their amazing work with anyone whom choses to cross their path for as long as I can. It still amazes me how they fell into my life as I had looked at many different sound courses but kept being drawn back to Debbi at Suara Sound. It seemed like there was a connection that I couldn't put my finger on, I believe I was guided to the forks for a reason and I'm so glad I was. The course form start to finish flowed so well, nothing was rushed and it felt like I had joined an extended family whom I will be in contact with for many years to come. The care Debbi shown us all was wonderful, she took us all under her wing and she is just a wonderful lady, very true authentic and honest. I can wait to add to my learning at the next course. I will always be greatful for the experience so far. I would absolutely 100% recommend anyone thinking of doing this course to take the jump and sign up. It it just amazingly wonderful through and through.

Jess x

Hi Debbi,

here is my testamonial for  the course last week

🌹'I was fortunate enough that Debbi's amazing, powerful and beautiful forks found me in a shop in Glastonbury in November last year.  From the first time i used them i loved them, as did my clients. And from that point forward I wanted to learn how to use them properly and from the maker and teacher.  So i signed up for Debbi's practitioner course, and I am so glad i did.  What a wonderful week. It was a delight to blessed with Debbi's love, energy, wisdom, power, care and gentleness all week. Debbi creates a wonderful space where i felt held, supported and loved all week. I also felt seen, heard and held too - no small feat. Debbi went with the flow and danced all week with us and changes and content, seemlessly.  There was never any stress or worry - pure trust in source and god and its guidance.

I know in my bones that i have now, after the course, the skills and knowledge to make a real difference in the work and to my clients, old and new - what a gift.  Thank you Debbi, it is a joy to be part of your community. I am looking forward to life being friends with you and having you in my life, Much love, Claire Yvonne.

🌹I honestly do not know where to start. Debbi is such an amazing and beautiful soul inside and out and her passion for her sound shines through. She is an incredible facilitator and teacher. Throughout out the week I felt held and truly nurtured. Debbi's course is incredible also for your own personal journey of  self-growth and acknowledgement. Throughout the week I experienced some profound realisations and self-acceptance through the power of sound. Debbi beholds incredible wisdom, knowledge, passion and unconditional love not only for the sounds but for the beautiful souls she invokes on her courses or who hear the call of the sounds. I am truly honoured to have been in the presence of such an inspiring woman and to attend such a life changing course. I cannot wait to go back and immerse myself in the sacred vibrations and frequencies of more incredible sounds.

Behind the scenes outside of course hours the nourishment and kindness were second to none. The love that went into the food provided was astounding and the incredible spaces assigned to us were  just so beautiful.

For anyone who is interested in the magic and power of sound do not hesitate to reach out to Debbi. 


🌹"I attended Debbi's one week tuning fork practitioner course last week and wow what a week it was!  To call it a 'course' is a complete understatement of what it really is.  There are no adequate words to describe what the week is.  The closest I can come to it is that it is a soul transformation retreat of the highest order.  I started my journey into natural therapies 25 years ago and have qualified in countless modalities over this quarter of a century.  This has led to me going on many, many different courses.  Never before have I attended a course that was led by such a heart based facilitator.  Debbi is so giving and loving and creates a space that I have never felt before on any course.  I felt safe, loved and accepted fully.  Debbi wants to give as much information as she can and is passionate about ceremony and the old ways and keeping them alive.  We had the most beautiful week.  We sang, we laughed, we cried, we bonded, we chanted and we learned a fantastic modality while we were doing it.  We could not have all connected on the soul level that we were able to connect at had it not been for Debbi's gentle guidance and leadership of the group.  It was like nothing I have ever experienced.  I came away with my heart and soul healed.  Debbi gave freely of her expertise and knowledge and treated us to many incredible sound baths and shared freely of all her in depth knowledge.  I personally experienced a massive transformation on the course.   In under 2 minutes, Debbi was able to clear a blockage in me that had blighted me for 36 years.  I first tried to use a pendulum to dowse aged 20 in a crystal shop in Portsmouth.  It stayed resolultely stationery.  I have been asked to use a pendulum on many, many courses since then and have had an un-moving pendulum at every one.  I had been told to just keep trying and it will come.  It has blighted my attendance at courses for decades.  Not only did no facilitator ever try to help me with this, but one of them told me I didn't stand a chance at dowsing, due to no connection above or below.  Debbi was having none of this and simply put her hand on my hand while dowsing and said out loud that her belief in me was absolute.  We dowsed together.  It was the most amazing feeling to actually be able to do it briefly.  When Debbi's hand came off, I was again unable to dowse, so she put her hand back on and said to me three times that her belief in me was absolute and will cut through anything that has gone before.  And that was it.  That's all it took.  I can't explain how joyous and liberating that moment was.  The sheer exhilaration of looking down and seeing that beautiful pendulum moving for the first time.  The lady I was working on said that I looked like a child at Christmas and she began to cry at the sheer joy on my face.  I can now dowse.  It is incredible.  This is how big Debbi's heart is and how giving she is.  No teacher has ever worked with me before to clear this blockage.  After 36 years of dreading anything to do with pendulums I can now use one perfectly.  I have such gratitude for everything Debbi gave freely to us during our week with her.  She connected with us deeply in a way that I have never seen happen before.  And as for the forks.....they are amazing.  I caught a nasty cold off my Husband and have forked him and forked myself and the difference it makes is astonishing.  He is quite the sceptic and was blown away by how different he felt afterwards.  I have suffered from 'brain fog' nearly all my life and can clear my head now just by listening to the OM tuning fork.  It is incredible.  If anyone reading this is thinking about attending the course, my advice to you is do not hesitate.  It really is life changing.  In much gratitude and love from Stephanie Wain."

🌹Sound practitioner course

I found myself on this course a week after the resonance of the voice.

I am humbled and truly grateful that Debbi was able to align for me to be on this next journey with her.

I was apprehensive again not knowing what to expect and if I would make the same soul connections I had the previous week, but I had experienced the benefits of the tuning forks when recovering from surgery earlier in the year so I knew this would be life changing.

I honestly walked into a family only my soul knew I had. These women connected with me from another lifetime.

Not only did this course give me a sound foundation in the understanding of the science behind the forks but it was filled with magic and love, respect and the beauty that is the feminine village.

I laughed until I hurt, until tears streamed down my face, I released emotions and wounds that have travelled with me from my ancestors.

The connections made between each other on these courses are Deep and humble and profound.

The week was absolutely blissful

Debbi hosts something beautiful a true retreat for your soul while being introduced to the magic of the tuning forks.

The tuning forks I will say have changed my life, I knew this before I embarked on this course having received the triple OM from Debbi, but I don't think I could have been prepared for what I have experienced since working with them daily on myself and on others.

Holding space for our collective healing was wonderful, being shown how to create a space and to witness the mindfulness of us all as we collected things to be placed on the altar for our distance healing was truly special. The emotion and power in the room resonated between us all and was felt by those who took part at a distance.

Debbi is a truly special person that I hold so deeply in my heart ❤️

I feel as though I have been given the keys to life.

Love you as always


Sarah xxxxx

🌹Thank you so much for the lovely time I had during my 5 day Tuning fork retreat. You and Trev made me feel very welcome and thank you for opening up your beautiful country house for us all to enjoy.

My room opposite the Debiden was a really calm, beautifully decorated and peaceful room. The facilities where just perfect and the abundance of food was just wow. I particularly loved your magical garden and spent a few evenings at dust just sat reflecting watching the bats flying and feeding. The energy surrounding both you and your beautiful home where so lovely, every nook and corner held nothing but love in its space.

The course was very well put together and informative and I loved the way you where open to questions without any kind of judgement. The sound baths and meditations (as with most of my time with you) moved me very deeply and yet not once did I feel embarrassed about being an emotional wreck.

You can really see that everything that you do comes from a place of love and nurture and I will remember the course for ever although I feel we will definitely meet again.

Namaste 🙏 
Nicky xx

🌹I had heard about tuning forks in sound baths and thought the course would enable me to offer a more comprehensive reflexology experience for my clients.  I had no idea suara sound would give me so much more than that.  I feel as though I have been reconnected with my soul, and my soul's purpose. I laughed, I cried, I laughed some more and I found my joy again. A purpose with passion. Debbi and Trev have changed mine and my children's lives. I plan to take the forks into schools to do my part in spreading some of the magic! 

🌹Thank you Debs, for an amazing 5 days. It was a wonderful experience where I not only gained knowledge and understanding from you of this incredible sound healing and its possibilities but I also had a lot of fun along the way. This week has also been a marvellous opportunity to meet other fabulous people to share the journey with. It was more than just a life changing course, it was a beautiful retreat and a chance to unwind in a busy world in relaxing and nurturing surroundings. Thank you so much for the warm welcome and for sharing your knowledge and passion. 

🌹Good morning Debbi

Well , simply I came on the Ambassador of sound course to learn how to use the tunning forks as effectively as possible. Did we achieve that ? Yes yes yes.

Debbi you are a delight.Your generousity is amazing.You share your knowledge ,your home,all that you have and know with such grace.Thankyou from the depth of my Soul .💜🙏💜

I arrived, early at least 3hrs .l consider that very bad manners but felt I had no choice due to my vehicle breaking down and having so much stuff l wanted with me.I couldn't drag that with me to see the sea which had been my intention once I knew for sure where I needed to be.You accepted me and the situation with grace and kindness.Thankyou .My added bonus was meeting and spending time with your amazing mother.A lady to aspire to xx.

I came for knowledge,I got that in abundance.Thankyou.

I also got love, belonging, sisterhood,laughter,joy,peace, contentment,friendship.l could go on and on .I shed so much fear.

Fear of driving long distance ✓

Fear of being alone :ie  in the caravan ✓

Fear of unlocked doors,

in the van ✓

Fear of sleeping in the dark ✓

So many bonuses.

I look forward to continuing  life as the new me armed with my tunning forks

Thankyou lovely Debbie thankyou 💜🙏💜

Much love , gratitude,

Annette xx

🌹Dearest Debbi,
I had a yearning to learn about the sacred healing power of Tuning Forks for a year or so and once I began my search to find a teacher, I found your website immediately which was amazing in itself – no trawling!!!  Then when I rang you to enquire about a place on the Course and you told me you had one place left, I knew the Universe had heard me and led me straight to you.  Your Course was exactly what I was looking for and I was overjoyed to have found you.      
Thank you for teaching me about the healing power of these sacred Tuning Forks.   The peaceful angelic sounds, the great sense of being part of a special tribe, the techniques of how to heal any ailments which I might experience and then to be able to extend the magic of the Tuning Forks outwards to offer healing to others.
I certainly and effortlessly experienced many deep moments of bliss during the course with you and my fellow soul sisters.  I enjoyed the peaceful majesty of the friendly bees in the Lavender Fields as I forked amongst them.  (An amazing feat for me as I am usually quite cautious with bees!!!).
The magical ambience of the Hobbit Hut, the beautiful Sound Baths you bathed us in each day and the wonderful lunchtime treats offered by Trevor. Big thanks Trevor.  Everything was just so fantastic.
I feel so humbled and honoured to have found you and my beautiful tribe of Tuning Fork Sisters and I look forward with great excitement to helping bring deep healing to my family, friends and clients.  I really enjoy my daily Tuning Fork practice and it has become an integral part of my self-care routine.  
Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart Debbi for enlightening me and teaching me these precious sacred skills.  I am forever grateful to have found you and feel this was divinely guided by the universe as the next natural step on my spiritual journey.
With lots of love, blessings, and gratitude.
Alana xoxo

🌹Good morning Debbi,
I'm not sure what I expected the week to be like, but feel blessed to have attended. It was beyond words, truly magical  I've met some of the most kindest, thoughtful, like minded ladies, and Debbi of course!

Debbi practices what she preaches and it was a privilege to stay in her home as she shared her own journey with us. Debbi is a gifted teacher, it's really nice she explains the background to the forks and I was fascinated by her adventures and stories, she is professional, nurturing and extremely calm, Her dedication shows throughout as there was such a natural flow to everything throughout the week. Thank you for such a wonderful experience where we were just able 'to be'.
Love, love and love Jasmin

This was more than a course. Women from all walks of life came together to learn about sound healing but we learned and left with so much more. Not only do you learn the theory you get to experience and witness the magic of the tuning forks and how quickly it can work on individuals and yourself. Learning here is an open yet sacred space where all is welcome as Debbi likes to remind. The practical exercises guide you to connect with your own inner goddess, teach you to feel and be still, be vulnerable which are all valuable lessons in allowing yourself to be a conduit for the healing frequencies to flow through you. You do not learn this in books, you learn it by being guided by someone as amazing as Debbi and being supported by your student peers. Since the course ended we still support one another, do distant healing and it works. This was truly a magical experience and I encourage anyone with an interest in healing or working as a healer to join this course and deepen their practice and devotion to self. I have left here with more awareness of who I am and what I can do in service to others.... oh and save all your pocket money to spend here. Debbi has amazing healing tools you do not want to leave behind. 

“I came to this incredible week of sound healing on the basis of intuition, curiosity and a need to explore a therapy I had been privileged to receive from my friend who is a sound practitioner. Having come from a nursing/midwifery background both in the NHS/HM Forces I presented with a healthy degree of scepticism. I had no expectations from the 5 day practitioner training course other than to enjoy the experience of learning something that had deeply resonated with me for sometime. Throughout my career my professional practice had always been strongly based upon knowledge and intuition.  I am blessed  to live in SE Cornwall is close to Debbie’s beautiful home at Polhilsa House but decided to attend on a residential basis so I could immerse myself totally in the learning process and experience the beauty of the retreat which Debbie and her husband Trev have thoughtfully created. Having come to the end of my training week I would like to commend highly this course to any individual or therapist who has an interest in vibrational healing. Debbie is very effective in imparting her wealth of knowledge and experience in an effective way but also in a manner that is very compassionate and student-focused.  She truly embodies that which she teaches taking students gently through a 5 day learning process to assure that they leave their training to become safe, competent and compassionate practitioners. Teaching is delivered in beautiful bespoke facility which  embodies the deep spirituality Debbie embodies in all she does. Students are guided through the process of using  a range of healing forks with and the application of theory to practice being a gradual and progressive  one. This 5 day training course was truly remarkable. The course delivered  more than I had anticipated and I went on a journey of not only learning about vibrational healing but of my own growth/development. I was blessed to study/practice  alongside an amazing group of students (all very accomplished therapists in their own fields) and I leave not only with a supportive cohort but also with a new circle of friends which are lightheartedly called “Forking Amazing Tribe”. At present I plan to develop my own practice with the support of my family/friends however I have a deep sense that this newfound passion/skill might develop further. Where this might be well that’s very much up to the divine to lead the way. This opportunity  “portal” opened unexpectedly at a time I least expected and I have the deep faith that the next steps will become clear if I continue my personal practice”

With gratitude

My time with Debbi on the tuning fork course is hard to summarise. Rarely in modern life do we get the opportunity to stop, heal, reset and learn a new skillset all at the same time. Staying in Polhilsa House made the whole week more of an embodied experience- I highly recommend staying on site if you can. The tuning forks are potentially life changing, if you let them be. Debbi is the ultimate teacher/mentor, full of passion and wisdom. She holds and guides the group expertly. She is gentle and generous in her teaching style. Creating a weeks programme that is well paced and allows for dramatic shifts within individuals. Personally my creativity and vision was dialed up to 11 whilst on the course, I will never forget the we our group shared and am eternally grateful to Debbi for her teachings.

Tuning forks are the way forward!!

I have just attended the in-person tuning fork practitioner course with Debbi. I am buzzing and raring to go with my case studies. I am a qualified group sound therapist and also work with other energy healing modalities. I was looking for a tuning fork course to

assist me with moving forward

with my business and to support me with my own personal process. A friend recommended Saura Sound.

This course has far exceeded any expectation I could’ve had beforehand. This is much much more than just a course - it is an experience with all levels of your being. Debbi is an incredible teacher and facilitator; Her essence is nurturing, nourishing, enlightening, and inspiring. All content is based on research, evidence and experiential practices. However, it is all wrapped up and delivered in a clear and concise way and encapsulates the pure essence of working with The Divine energy. All the while cocooned within a small group of like minded souls sharing your journey with you. I feel truly blessed for having such a profound shift in my personal and professional outlook and for the love, guidance, teachings and support from Debbi and my new Sound family. I have already committed to doing the advanced course next year.

I highly recommend Saura Sound Academy.
The Forks are waiting for you……when you are ready!

Kirsty Loxton


Good morning Debbi,
Week 2 of my journey and it started with a shooting star at 5.30 this morning.  I feel so blessed and guided.    Here is my testimonial.  
I have just completed my training to become a Sound Ambassador, the journey from Sunday evening, where we were gently brought together to its completion on Friday, was truly a Magical one.
Debbi's teaching was intuitive, the course built and was presented snd met each of our individual needs, this certainly brought out the best in all of us to go forward on our individual paths.
Polhilsa House as a venue is enchanting, it wrapped us up in its warm embrace and gave us space to be.  Mr Trevvi's  delicious cooking nourished us 
My journey was transformational, my calling to sound therapy was a strong one and I am already booked back in next year for the Advanced and Animal Healing courses.  In the meantime,I am honoured to be able to bring this gift to my corner of the Universe as I know it is going to help all that seek it.

with love and many blessings 

Wow 😮 I can't quite believe how powerful these tuning forks are at relaxing the mind and body. I've never entered into a slower brainwave pattern so quickly EVER!! No amount of meditation/ chanting or Breathwork has worked as quickly as these tuning forks It's unbelievable!! I'm a convert!!

I found I felt very comfortable with the group pretty much instantly which was really nice.
I found your teaching gentle and easy to follow and not too intense which is perfect for me as I didn’t feel overwhelmed with information as I can get qute confused if I am.
I found the instructions on how to use the forks and what they do and how they work was put over in a way that completely made sense.
When it came to using them I could see the change in breathing and the look of relaxation quite rewarding as I could see that they were making a difference almost instantly.
When it came to me having the treatment I could feel how relaxing they were and when my foot was being stemmed with the 528Hz fork it felt really good and I could feel the sensation in my foot almost instantly.
Overall the week was amazing and I really enjoyed spending time with  the people I got to share it with,im really looking forward to sharing the magic of tuning fork vibrational healing with others and also making a difference to their lives.
I also found it interesting how at the beginning of the week I didn’t have anything to put on my “What the release and bring into my life list”but after using the forks they seemed to bring stuff to the surface to be dealt with,I guess that’s also the magic of the forks.
An amazing week and I learnt so much and looking forward to my journey.
Once again thankyou so much.
With love Craig

I am so grateful the Universe answered my call, just when I needed it I was led to Suara Sound.
Right from the offset Debbi and Trevor helped me out with a few transport issues, helping me to relax and make the most of my week ahead without any worries.
Debbi held the space with great joy and enthusiasm, her clear passion for sound vibration healing shining through every aspect of the course.
The teaching spaces are beautiful, and by the end of the week it felt like home.
Moving forward, I feel incredibly excited about working with this new modality to help heal others. Being able to use a tool small enough to pop in my bag and take anywhere with me on my travels.
Suara Sound has got to be one of the loveliest courses I have attended so far.
What a wonderful week.
Thank you Debbi and Trevor

❤Hello lovely Debbi,

I am still struggling to put into words how I feel after completing the in-person 5 day Tuning Fork Practitioner training with you, because I'm not sure I have the vocabulary to describe something I have truly never felt so deeply before now.

I had a feeling it would be special, but I had no idea just how truly touched I would feel.

The pace of the training was perfect, and I know you intuitively guided us through every step based on where we all were as a group.

I particularly liked how we spent the first 3 days gradually building our experiences and connections with the forks, before bringing everything together on day 4 with sharing and receiving a full treatment.

I really appreciated how you had us all under your watch whilst we were doing this, but held the space for us all to be ourselves and experience putting everything together for ourselves. I also appreciated how you were there for me to check in with you a couple of times in relation to if what I was doing was correct. I felt able to ask you, because I knew you would gently and lovingly guide me.

The space you created for the group was so sacred, which enabled me to know I was free to be myself - loved and accepted exactly as I am, and supported all the way.

Whilst the content of the training was thorough and the manual so comprehensive, it's YOU that made these past 5 days so special. Your nurturing, loving nature was recognised, felt and truly appreciated. That - combined with Trev's lovingly made soups each day - what more can I say?

I also have to mention your voice and song - and how this truly spoke to my Soul so deeply. If you were to offer Voicework training at some point, I would be there!

I truly feel nurtured and nourished on so many levels, in so many ways. And that's not just because of all the forking - although I appreciate this helps!

You are a very special Soul Debbi, and I feel truly grateful and blessed to have been in the presence of such a truly authentic, nurturing teacher and guide.

Lots of love and gratitude, Jo. 💖🙏😇💕

Dear Debi

I am so grateful for the amazing spiritual practice of tuning forks.
I would highly recommend this course for daily individual practice to self and others, including our earth and animals.
Debi is truly a ‘Human Tuning Fork’, who lives daily what she teaches.
When she sings it literally touches your soul.
Thanks to Trev for the delicious soups and all the hard work behind the scenes.
Also such a privilege to have worked with such an awesome group. I have found my ‘Sound Tribe’.
This course is very inspirational and has given me clarity and vision on how to take my own practice forward.
Looking forward to return in the future.
Love and Blessings
Toni Dring

Time to find some words to do justice in expressing the absolute transformational journey I experienced during my time in Cornwall.

Foremostly I need to say what an absolute privilege and honour it was to spend time with and learn from the most beautiful Goddess Earth Angel that is Debbi Walker 💕

There are a few special beings on this earth who are here for a higher purpose. If you’re lucky enough to meet one, you will know straight away as they shine a special light that is much brighter than being you will have met before. These are Earth Angels and they are here on this earth for a higher purpose. Debbi is without a doubt one of these special earth angels.

I travelled to Cornwall to learn the art of ‘Sound Healing with Tuning forks’ and I came away with not only the knowledge and skills to do this, but also profound spiritual development. I arrived knowing that I’d found my life purpose in sound healing and I came away with an even deeper feeling in the core of my soul that I am now truly part of something that is going to be life changing for all that lives and breathes on this planet 🙌

I’ve now had two very special experiences in the last year with two of these very special earth angels, who have guided me along this path of inner development and spiritual growth. The sounds, along with these earth angels have helped me to raise my frequency and develop a feeling of inner peace I didn’t know or understand to be possible. 🧘‍♀️🙏

Now my journey as a ‘Sound Healing Practitioner’ can really begin 🙌

Thank you so much to Debbi and Suara Sound Healing with Tuning Forks

Dearest Debi,

I have just arrived home after a very long drive and I feel like I miss everyone so much already. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for a truly mind blowing and beautiful week. I feel like everything is different now. I feel different, I see things differently and I have regained my sparkle that has been slowly fading away these last few years. Some of the things that were discussed during class and outside of class spoke so deeply into my soul that it still gives me goose bumps when I think about it. You are such a special lady and I feel so privileged to have been part of such a special journey for us all. I have learnt so much and am so eager to continue my learning.

Thank you again. 
Amanda ❤️

I’ve just returned from the 5 day ‘Sound Healing with Tuning Forks Practitioner Course’ with Debbi and I can honestly say it has been the ultimately positive transformational experience.

I’ve been on many courses over the last couple of years, some of which I’ve found to be very disappointing. It’s an absolute mine field out there when looking for a course, to find exactly the right thing that will give you everything you need to progress in the direction you’re looking for. I was looking for something that would not only teach me the skills to bring tuning forks in to my sound healing therapies, but also something that would bring a level of spiritual and emotional development and enable me to raise my frequency to another level.

This was a tall ask and I went into the course with an open mind to not be disappointed when it didn’t tick all of my boxes. I can honestly say that not only did it tick every single box, but exceeded all of my expectations by far. This is honestly the best course I’ve ever experienced. The first big green tick for me was the comprehensive course manual that was given out on the first day, which had been put together and filled with the knowledge and love and care from Debbi’s many years of research and development. I knew from the minute this manual came into my possession that I was in for an amazing 5 days.

There is literally nothing neglected, missed or bypassed on this course. The training room is a fabulous space with a feeling of absolute peace, the colours are vibrant which sets the mood, wonderful gifts in the form of a beautiful journal and pendulum are given out on the first day, a different wholesome soup offered each day for lunch and the balance of practical and theoretical work is just is perfect to maximise the ability to absorb all the information you need to take away.

I arrived on this course knowing that sound healing is my absolute purpose for being and I left with a knowing deep within my soul that I was now part of something that is going to be positively life changing for everything that lives and breathes on this planet.

Debbi is one of those rare Earth Angels that is here on this earth with a higher purpose for being and I feel so honoured and privileged to have been able to spend time with her and learn from her superior knowledge and wisdom.

I now have a wish list of Debbi’s courses that I will hopefully return for at some point in the not too distant future.

I completed the Solfeggio tuning forks course in April 2024. I had a truly magical experience discovering the magnificent healing abilities of the tuning forks and the science to sound frequency in more detail. Debbie held the space beautifully; I felt safe in the environment and fully supported by her throughout the duration of my stay. Debbi has a true passion for forking which absolutely shines through in her teaching. It really was a special time for me; I leaned many things about the sounds but also about myself. It was also a wonderful way to reconnect with my soul and allowed the downtime away from the hustle and bustle. Thank you Debbi for everything you have taught me and for your belief in me. Looking forward to what the future holds :) Lots of love Michelle xxx

I was drawn to work with Debbi having experienced her authenticity in sound baths that I attended. I joined the five day, sound healing training course, primarily to look for a deeper spiritual connection to myself.
I did and I found so much more.
I have, despite attending many workshops in several modalities, never truly believed that I have the ability to heal myself and now I do. I’ve had sacral pain for several years, sometimes so pronounced that I couldn’t sit to drive, so I didn’t know how I would be able to sit for five days. I had no problems, in fact most of the time I was pain free. Witnessing Debbi work with two individuals was particularly moving and inspiring, as I observed their pain being transmuted by sound as I watched.
Working with the tuning forks on myself and others enabled me to have the first hand experience of smoothing stuck energy, taking that out and calling in clean energy.
Returning to the family home I felt cleaner, less defensive, more open and so much more loving. I went into the garden the next morning and was blown away by the colour of the flowers. I feel that I can see everything better. Those are the best words I have. I have a tool kit to help myself and others, to clean, clear and balance me, my friends and family, pets, garden, plants, water, food. More than that, to send peace and love into a troubled world which deserves healing so much.
Jacqui Smith

I decided to do Debbi’s sound healing practitioner’s course after reading some books on sound healing with tuning forks,which really interested me. I expected to come away with practical knowledge and some basic skills but what transpired during those five days far exceeded this, and it was the most interesting and transformative course I have ever attended.
Debbi holds the space beautifully and has a lovely way of connecting with all her“ambassadors”. She is a wonderful teacher who is very knowledgeable and her love for sound healing is so inspiring. I had an incredible healing exchange with another attendee, which was very powerful and has totally convinced me of how important and supportive sound healing is.
Tina S

Dear Debbi

Debbi has devoted almost 15 years of her life to the research, application and implementation of sound as a healing modality. She has created a special academy of sound, Suara Sound Academy, which within her beautiful setting, teaches students how to use an array of tuning forks for health and healing.
Having spent a week with a stunning group of people, learning together and working on ourselves individually and each other it’s clear that this is an enlightening, soothing and powerful modality. I’ve collected many tuning forks over the years but having the time to learn how to use them appropriately and witness the effects of sound has been a treasured gift.
I am excited to eventually weave this modality into my work.
Debbie’s teaching style is gentle yet informative, she is able to hold many people in a large group and held 14 of us safely and attentively. She moves with the energy of the group and how she structures the delivery of the course and all its elements.
Thank you Debbi for all your work (the manual is comprehensive) and for enabling me to personally gain a very much needed adjunct to my work.
Dr. Tina Graham - Psychotherapist

Dear Debbi

Words are insufficient to convey the beauty, generosity and depth of the 5 day in person sound healing course I have been on with you. I've been on quite a few courses over the years and you are the most present generous. gentle and loving holder of such a space for participants. I arrived with high expectations and they were exceeded on a daily basis. My fears arose and were gently seen and lovingly held every time. I was nervous about coming thinking I may have made an expensive mistake but from the first day when you said I can work psychically but I don't think its any of my business really, I knew I was in the right place. The healing sounds support and treatments I received over the 5 days have shifted things I have been working on less effectively and more dramatically for a long time - over 20 years. I'm still totally amazed at how a healing modality can be both so gentle and yet so deeply and powerfully effective.

Since I retuned home I have found many things different. Some I cant quite put my finger on. I have genuinely never felt anxiety free before but now its just gone! I have been calmly getting on with little tasks that I have been stressing over or putting off for years without forcing myself. I have been super busy at work after having time off but yet I havent felt stressed, just calm and grounded like never before. I'm so deeply grateful to have this as a treatment modality for myself and others that I know I will use for the rest of my life. I genuinely think we are at a turning point in medicine, which is increasingly researched and evidenced, and look forward to the day when we can look back and say how far we have come and how much more gentle yet effective our treatment modalities now are. The pain in my lateral ankle that resolved whilst you were treating a fellow course participant for the same area (still amazed by that)  is still pain free. The pain I had in my shoulder that was so long term I didn't even say I had pain there as I thought I just was stuck with it forever, has gone. There are so many little things that have gone well since returning I cant go into them all but please know in you beautiful heart how deeply grateful I am to you, the land of your beautiful home and your support crew. I look forward to a brighter future for all.

In loving gratitude

oh and by the way, I bought a pair of reading glasses a grade less strong than usual yesterday as I seem to be seeing better,! cant quite take that in yet!!!!



"I did not know why I was drawn to do Debbi's course except that I felt a very deep knowing that there was something in it for me personally. I had been a DJ for many years and had completed a diploma in sound and production years ago so I already had a great connection with sound and its effect on the body through vibration.
So following my intuition and guidance from the universe I booked onto the course.
What I did not realise was how much healing for myself I would receive from fixing a leg issue that I had for years to finding a deep block which had been holding me back from my own healing work.
The course was amazing, full of information about the body and nervous system and how sound can help us to heal emotionally, physically and energetically, and was presented in a very relaxed but informative way. I feel that Debbi really understands, lives and breathes this healing modality and this really comes across in her passionate, warm and friendly delivery.
If nothing else the healing and further understanding of myself and my journey was well worth my time and resources.
Thank you "

Beau x

Hi Debbi 
Here is my testimonial.
Tuning fork sound therapy and sound bowl bathing 
Debbi was highly recommended to me by a friend who had also trained with her. On visiting the Suara sound website I was immediately drawn to the beautiful training room and garden with such an array of colour. And on chatting to Debbi and reading up on her own journey I knew she was the right teacher for me. I was excited to learn about the forks and the sound bath percussion and immediately booked both courses and a room in the house. I wanted to immerse myself completely and expected to go through some healing myself but I hadn’t anticipated leaving there a different person. The tuning fork course went beyond my expectations. I had little experience of the forks and I was blown away by the effects of the sound and vibrations both in my own healing and in witnessing the effects on others. The daily practice of clear cleanse and balance has had a profound impact on me and I feel I will never quite be the same again. Our group formed a wonderful connection and it felt a safe space to learn, share and heal. My own learning was huge. Not just about sound, but I learnt so much from the group who shared their own experiences and skills. I truly felt like the sound brought me home. After a very emotional, sometimes overwhelming but wonderfully healing 5 days of forking it was time to reset for the sound bowl bathing course.

The sound bathing felt a lot lighter and was a fun 3 days. It was lovely to meet fellow ambassadors and experiment with the bowls, sound bars, pipes, chimes and other percussion. I was like a kid in a toy shop choosing the instruments to take home and create my own sound bath.

I thoroughly enjoyed both courses and would recommend Debbi to everyone. Her desire to share the healing benefits of sound with the world is absolutely apparent in how she teaches and shares her passion. I am so glad I followed my heart. The whole experience was just amazing and one I will treasure forever. I feel lighter, happier, more confident and very excited to do my case studies and become a qualified sound therapist so I can start to share the benefits of sound myself. Thank you Debbi for a truly wonderful inspiring 8 days. ❤️


My testimonial:
I have spent five beautiful days with loved Debbi and a truly special group of souls. I planned Tuning Forks training, but ended up with a beautiful, full of love and magical moments retreat. I learned a lot about the phenomenal power of tuning forks, techniques and how to use them for myself and others. Our group was bonded from day one and we could feel a spiritual connection that was getting stronger and stronger every day. I completed the training over a week ago with no expectations at all, but I have a deep feeling that it is only the beginning of a special path in my life.

Thank you All very much!!!
Lots of Love Michal

Tuning forks:
Having an interest and background in music, I was curious to learn more about how sounds can heal. I expected the tuning forks to work similar to other healing instruments (e.g. singing bowls), but they were much more intense and in-depth, in addition to creating a stillness and peace within. I learned so much in this course - it was a great mix of practice, knowledge and exchange. The setting is absolutely stunning, which helped to set a conducive atmosphere for healing and learning. Most importantly, Debbi was an amazing lead, sharing her extensive experience and capably facilitating the great group dynamics. Her husband Trev also took care of our physical wellbeing by providing home-made soups and tasty snacks. Overall, this was a very unique and enjoyable experience. I see a large potential for healing powers with the tuning forks, and will make my contribution to spread the word and healing.

​Debbi is an amazing teacher who comes from the heart and is so passionate in her teachings of the tuning forks. It’s been a wonderful journey and Debbi goes above and beyond to give her support on every level. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has the calling of the sounds. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you Debbi. Much love Denise xxx

Sound Healing Testimonial

When I started the course I wasn’t sure what to expect. I hadn’t considered a career as a sound therapist, but the course called to me and felt very aligned. It turned out to be a great week to be there as with events round the world, it was wonderful to have that structured support from Debbi, the rest of the group and the meditations. 

It was fascinating and exciting to learn the potential of the sounds, and Debbi created a very nurturing environment. I felt a lot of release and healing on my personal journey. Practising as a sound therapist has given focus to all the holistic modalities I’ve embraced over the years. It was like having lots of random jigsaw pieces, and the forks have brought the whole lot into clarity, given it a clear direction, and given me the confidence to move forward.

As someone with health issues, I am excited to see where the forks will take me, and realising I can treat clients with distance healing has opened up more work opportunities.

Debbi, thank you for enabling the forks to flow and sharing this wonderful  energy ☺

Nicki Greenham

I've had some shock yesterday and the forks has really transformed that energy. Quite in awe and gratitude 🙏 Maresa

I attended the Suara Sound Academy in February with the wonderful Debbi Walker and I was very excited to attend the class after experiencing first hand how powerful the tuning forks were when I was lucky enough to be a case study for one of Debbi's students.  Debbi is a wonderful teacher and a truly lovely soul who is amazing at holding space for others so tenderly and intuitively. 

Her knowledge for sound healing is phenomenal and I was truly blown away at the endless studies and research she has undertaken through her love and passion for sound healing.  Her endless search for how she can work with them with people and animals to improve lives has seen her travel the world and her enthusiasm is infectious. It is a fascinating experience attending Debbi's courses and I highly recommend you attend her courses as you will come away with so much

more than you ever expected.

Dee O'Connor

My sound healing journey 21-25th February 2022

Thank you so much for a fabulous week, I have learnt so much, with healing myself and practising on my partner twice this week, doing the clear balance and cleanse system, both times he fell asleep the second time I used the technique with weighted om on his feet.  I loved all your meditations and will be repeating them again, I seen lots of colours, had lots of different feelings, I’ve felt my intuition get stronger, sometimes I hear what’s wrong but this week I feel like I was using my knowing sense more,I have definitely had a big shift this week . I absolutely loved the healing we sent out, I did the om then I used my intuition to pick three, which I choose 285,963, 639, I felt the resonated for the peace and love we were sending out. I then used then 528 for transformation and sealed it with the om. Thank you for fabulous week 

Laura Jones

I have always been interested in sound healing, therefore I wanted to incorporate tuning forks into my healing practice so began to look around for a qualified course. To begin with I was so confused as there were so many courses, the different names of forks etc just confused me even more. Anyway, to cut along story short, I came across Debbi walker at Suara sound academy.  After looking at many others this one kept popping up, so I contacted Debbi with quite a few questions, as I wanted to make sure I found the right course. Debbi kindly offered to call me, to answer my questions etc, I knew by the end of the conversation I was going to work with debbi, I just felt that connection and she came across friendly and caring.

Working with debbi was a wonderful experience, she was easy to work with, always smiling, and was always ready to answer any question we had in mind. Debbi was so down to earth and I absolutely felt at ease working with her. I was always sceptical about distance healing, but after working with Debbie I can honestly say that I think differently now,  as I saw with my own eyes and felt the physical changes and healing it bought in that moment not just for myself but for others in the group to. .  One meditation in particular bought tears to my eyes it was so beautiful. Debbi teaches from the heart and that’s what I love about her, she is so truthful and honest with everything.

I am so excited I did this course with Debbi and my deepest most heartfelt gratitude to you Debbi for finding you and your presence on Mother Earth.

Much love and blessings Deborah ❤️❤️❤️❤️

‘I attended the 5 day workshop with Debbi, and although the timing was a little challenging due to time zones, I looked forward to attending every day (night in my case). Debbi shared her knowledge, kindness and compassion and when I think back on the course, the image imprinted in my mind is that of Debbi’s heart felt passion, smile and calming energy throughout the course. The people attending the course were wonderful and supportive too and by the end of the 5 days, it felt like we had been friends for a long time. The course delivered what I expected and more, and I am grateful for having had this wonderful opportunity to learn from Debbi. I look forward to learning more from Debbi and hopefully attend the animal workshop virtually. I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting learn the subtle yet powerful healing effects of tuning forks!’ from Perth, Australia

 Much love Sabrina x

This is my 2nd tuning fork course with Debbi, and once again is certainly didn’t disappoint. 5 days of pure bliss, with beautiful souls coming together everyday to learn, share, cry and laugh. I came away with even more insight into working with the tuning forks and a greater knowledge of working with them on clients. I felt held and safe in this wonderful space, I cannot thank you enough Debbie for 5 wonderful and heartfelt days.

With love

Tracey x

I felt guided to do this course, as I had been learning about Nicola Tesla, how remarkable he was the fact that he was born in a lightning storm. He learnt about the resonance of 3, 6, 9. Sound vibration and how it works. He was way ahead of his time and he was silenced for his knowledge. I learnt about the hidden messages in water too by Masaru Emoto.  It concerns me that most of the water around me, Lakes and parks I see the water is sick with blue green algae and pollution.  I bought my first tuning forks 435 and 528hz, and I often go to a local lakes waters edge and put the fork in the water. I even ended up with 3 large swans coming to see what the noise was and they sat besides me! I also discovered that the sound resonance for music was changed in 1957 from 435hz to 440hz. I have re tuned my Ukulele to 435hz its so much sweeter and easier to sing to and doesn’t damage the voice. (I just need to get my ukulele groups to understand this too)

After learning all this I then got guided to tuning fork vibrational videos. I had been quite ill recently I felt lost, sad empty and alone, so I decided to seek out a vibrational healer. Actually one contacted me as I had decided to try and get together a group of alternative healers, so I put an ad in a local shop that sells gem stones and such like. I was amazed as this lady actually lives in my town! I could not find any other practitioners in my area at all! There’s not that many about! So I decided I needed professional help.  I had my first healing session, it was amazing, so calming, that night in bed I realised that both my shoulders were no longer stiff (I have had 2 frozen shoulders in the past) and I felt so much more at peace.

I then decided I want to find out more. I am an Aroma therapist, beauty therapist, Angelic Reiki master, colour therapist and an Artist, although I am now 60 and retired. I want to get back into healing as I believe that both big Pharma and the NHS will collapse in the near future, so alternative therapists will be needed globally.

On Sunday 13th February I did a search and found my course with Debbi Walker of Suara Sound Academy, I wanted an on line course a.s.a.p. this lady has a beautiful manner and a wonderful voice, I felt I resonated with her, she is a natural gifted healer with an amazing passion for her healing.  On contacting Debbi, she told me she has ONE place left on her course and it starts next week on the 21st February!  So I booked it, my daughter lent me her lap - top and here I am doing Sound Vibration Healing. I was thrilled that Debbi’s forks are purple. Colour plays a huge part in my life and I know it can effect emotion and mood, it’s a perfect match sound and light. I totally understand her violet Ray system. On Wednesday 16th February I received a beautifully wrapped gold padded envelope with my two new sets of tuning forks, the Purple Ray and the Solfeggio set of 9, with all the accompanying books, cd’s, journal and a beautiful dowsing crystal. Debbi later explained how she lovingly enjoyed putting these packs together for all her new students and giving each pack her beautiful blessing. I did a similar thing when I taught some beginner’s water colour art classes in our local community centre, I blessed each student’s equipment and space and I enjoyed watching a few students fly like butterfly’s into amazing Artists.

The course has been very well thought out and put together the books and manual are very extensive and easy for me to understand. The cd’s likewise also put together professionally done in a recording studio to give the forks the best possible sound. 

The meditation CD’s are so soothing and when Debbi started her sound bath and singing the hairs on my neck stood up to attention! It is so beautiful. We even have our own journal to write all our notes in. I took great joy in re-writing my daily notes up in my best writing.

Debbi is so passionate about her courses, that she is able to just go with her teaching, somehow she tailors made it all for each of us with her wonderful intuition. First of all, we started working on ourselves. We all need our own healing, and what better way to be a therapist. I for one desperately needed this, I could not stop yawning and at the end of day one, I felt drained, like I had, had a couple of rounds with Mike Tyson (but in a nicer way).

On day two I was all of a fluster, I couldn’t get the laptop to work I was almost in tears! I didn’t want to miss any of my lovely course, I was already sat waiting 15 minutes early, but I ended up being 30 minutes late!  Luckily I had only missed a lovely meditation, but I got the last 5 minutes of it to calm down. We learnt all about the clear, cleanse and balance, violet ray system. It is fascinating I was so intrigued by the weighted OM and being able to place it on the body and feel the deep vibrations.  We finished a bit early on day 2 to enable us to do an actual healing. Our first one! I had my husband lined up. But that afternoon I felt so drained I had to go to bed to rest. I was deeply disappointed as this day is 22/02/2022 a very special date on the astral calendar. However, by the evening I did my first healing, and I almost deafened my poor husband when I accidentally tapped the fork on the pillow hear to his ear! (lesson learnt, be careful and go slowly!). I also got a message on my phone at 10.30pm from a distant friend, who’s Dog “Teddy” had passed away a few days ago, she was heartbroken! So I asked if I could have her permission to do a distant healing on her, she explained she was laid in bed and couldn’t sleep. So at 11pm after an exhausting day. I laid some little chakra cushions out on the floor, light a candle, added a few heart shaped beach glass, said a loving prayer and did my first distant healing. I couldn’t wait for the following day to see if she felt anything. It was tea time when I next heard from her, thanking me and she said she had an amazing experience as she felt “Teddy” next to her all night his intentions were on her pillow as she fell asleep in peace and comfort.

On Day 3, I woke up did my grounding and a tuning, I wasn’t going to take any funny business from that lap top today. After a lovely meditation, which was very moving, Debbi had some wonderful news! Late last night she got a download and channelling! I was thrilled as I knew 22/2/2022 was a big date and nothing had happened, or so I thought!

Debbi gave us a new alignment for the Solfeggio tuning forks a new paradigm.   I found this to be pretty amazing as the words were altered from the old paradigm and totally up-dated for the state of our earths ascension in this special time on our universe. That day I used every fork. I did 12 tunes 12 different Hz I was maxed out. But as if by magic, I do totally resonate with the words that I spoke with each affirmation, they are perfect for our troubled times and very positive as we move into a 5th dimension vibration of our universe. “New Earth” blessing. Yes, I related to them all. I felt more focused and grounded today, my energy was coming back, I was full of joy in my heart again, especially by this amazing gift that Debbi, shared with us hot off the press! I loved the days training.

Day 4, Today was a shorter day, we started with a special meditation on world peace as we were told Russia had invaded Ukraine earlier. Debbi just naturally says the right words. We finished at 1.45pm today so that we could get some practical experience. This time I approached my second session differently. I set up my therapy couch in our lounge in front of a cosy fire, I was very relaxed. I light a candle and my Rose Quartz lamp. This time I took Debbi’s advise, no back ground music, just silence and the gently tapping of the forks. I wanted to really hear the forks vibration, I didn’t rush I let each tap play out taking my time. When it came to using the Solgeggio forks, What a Joy! I held 3 in one hand like a flamenco dancer’s fan, but tapping the 3 forks together and saying the affirmations in my head Wow, they sounded beautiful, I loved it. I really enjoyed doing this session it was so relaxing.  That evening I went to bed, I must have slept a while, then I was wide awake and amazingly, I was doing lots of those big releasing yawns, my tummy was gurgling, I could feel healing taking place while I laid in bed, my skin didn’t feel so dry any more this was such a weird feeling, I am feeling actual healing taking place. I have laid in that bed many times feeling very ill on some occasions, but never have I feel my body re-calibrating itself it’s just awesome.

Over the years I have tried learning many things, but This is working, it’s such a great profound feeling. If it’s doing this for me what’s it going to do for others that are really ill! I am looking forward to getting stuck into my case studies.

Day 5 Today we set up an alter table to do a special Global Peace meditation as war has now been declared on Ukraine. So it was very dear to my heart too. At 12 noon we all came off zoom to do our healing session on world peace. I took my time, didn’t rush, I used the 3 tesla forks (369, 639 and 963hz) which sound beautiful together. I put 100% heart and soul into this global healing which affects all of humanity right now. It was beautiful to feel a part of actually doing something. I had also contacted a few friends to join in too. It took me 45 minutes. I knew I was meant to do this course this particular week as a light worker.

The rest of the day we spent going over course assessment, then we talked about Animal Healing, something else very close to my heart. When we all said our good byes at the end I did shed a tear. It has been a very life changing week for me indeed. I am putting my life and soul into not only completing this course as a practitioner but I have promised myself I AM a beautiful healer, as this is what my life purpose is and I thank the universe for me being in the right space at the right time, this is my calling.

As I relaxed into the evening and let all my healing settle, I contacted another friend who told me she had just had to say goodbye to her beloved dog “Daisy”. That dog meant the world to her and filled a huge gap in her life, I felt so sad for her, That’s 2 in a week!     

 Lorraine Lane

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