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Testimonials of Sound Heaing Courses

Testimonials for February 2022

My sound healing journey 21-25th February 2022
Thank you so much for a fabulous week, I have learnt so much, with healing myself and practising on my partner twice this week, doing the clear balance and cleanse system, both times he fell asleep the second time I used the technique with weighted om on his feet.  I loved all your meditations and will be repeating them again, I seen lots of colours, had lots of different feelings, I’ve felt my intuition get stronger, sometimes I hear what’s wrong but this week I feel like I was using my knowing sense more,I have definitely had a big shift this week . I absolutely loved the healing we sent out, I did the om then I used my intuition to pick three, which I choose 285,963, 639, I felt the resonated for the peace and love we were sending out. I then used then 528 for transformation and sealed it with the om. Thank you for fabulous week 
Laura Jones

I have always been interested in sound healing, therefore I wanted to incorporate tuning forks into my healing practice so began to look around for a qualified course. To begin with I was so confused as there were so many courses, the different names of forks etc just confused me even more. Anyway, to cut along story short, I came across Debbi walker at Suara sound academy.  After looking at many others this one kept popping up, so I contacted Debbi with quite a few questions, as I wanted to make sure I found the right course. Debbi kindly offered to call me, to answer my questions etc, I knew by the end of the conversation I was going to work with debbi, I just felt that connection and she came across friendly and caring.
Working with debbi was a wonderful experience, she was easy to work with, always smiling, and was always ready to answer any question we had in mind. Debbi was so down to earth and I absolutely felt at ease working with her. I was always sceptical about distance healing, but after working with Debbie I can honestly say that I think differently now,  as I saw with my own eyes and felt the physical changes and healing it bought in that moment not just for myself but for others in the group to. .  One meditation in particular bought tears to my eyes it was so beautiful. Debbi teaches from the heart and that’s what I love about her, she is so truthful and honest with everything.
I am so excited I did this course with Debbi and my deepest most heartfelt gratitude to you Debbi for finding you and your presence on Mother Earth.
Much love and blessings Deborah ❤️❤️❤️❤️

‘I attended the 5 day workshop with Debbi, and although the timing was a little challenging due to time zones, I looked forward to attending every day (night in my case). Debbi shared her knowledge, kindness and compassion and when I think back on the course, the image imprinted in my mind is that of Debbi’s heart felt passion, smile and calming energy throughout the course. The people attending the course were wonderful and supportive too and by the end of the 5 days, it felt like we had been friends for a long time. The course delivered what I expected and more, and I am grateful for having had this wonderful opportunity to learn from Debbi. I look forward to learning more from Debbi and hopefully attend the animal workshop virtually. I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting learn the subtle yet powerful healing effects of tuning forks!’ from Perth, Australia
Much love,
Sabrina x

This is my 2nd tuning fork course with Debbi, and once again is certainly didn’t disappoint. 5 days of pure bliss, with beautiful souls coming together everyday to learn, share, cry and laugh. I came away with even more insight into working with the tuning forks and a greater knowledge of working with them on clients. I felt held and safe in this wonderful space, I cannot thank you enough Debbie for 5 wonderful and heartfelt days.
With love
Tracey x

TESTIMONIAL -  Sound Academy Practitioners Course

Monday 21st to Friday 25th February 2022
My sound vibration journey.
I felt guided to do this course, as I had been learning about Nicola Tesla, how remarkable he was the fact that he was born in a lightning storm. He learnt about the resonance of 3, 6, 9. Sound vibration and how it works. He was way ahead of his time and he was silenced for his knowledge. I learnt about the hidden messages in water too by Masaru Emoto.  It concerns me that most of the water around me, Lakes and parks I see the water is sick with blue green algae and pollution.  I bought my first tuning forks 435 and 528hz, and I often go to a local lakes waters edge and put the fork in the water. I even ended up with 3 large swans coming to see what the noise was and they sat besides me! I also discovered that the sound resonance for music was changed in 1957 from 435hz to 440hz. I have re tuned my Ukulele to 435hz its so much sweeter and easier to sing to and doesn’t damage the voice. (I just need to get my ukulele groups to understand this too)
After learning all this I then got guided to tuning fork vibrational videos. I had been quite ill recently I felt lost, sad empty and alone, so I decided to seek out a vibrational healer. Actually one contacted me as I had decided to try and get together a group of alternative healers, so I put an ad in a local shop that sells gem stones and such like. I was amazed as this lady actually lives in my town! I could not find any other practitioners in my area at all! There’s not that many about! So I decided I needed professional help.  I had my first healing session, it was amazing, so calming, that night in bed I realised that both my shoulders were no longer stiff (I have had 2 frozen shoulders in the past) and I felt so much more at peace.
I then decided I want to find out more. I am an Aroma therapist, beauty therapist, Angelic Reiki master, colour therapist and an Artist, although I am now 60 and retired. I want to get back into healing as I believe that both big Pharma and the NHS will collapse in the near future, so alternative therapists will be needed globally.
On Sunday 13th February I did a search and found my course with Debbi Walker of Suara Sound Academy, I wanted an on line course a.s.a.p. this lady has a beautiful manner and a wonderful voice, I felt I resonated with her, she is a natural gifted healer with an amazing passion for her healing.  On contacting Debbi, she told me she has ONE place left on her course and it starts next week on the 21st February!  So I booked it, my daughter lent me her lap - top and here I am doing Sound Vibration Healing. I was thrilled that Debbi’s forks are purple. Colour plays a huge part in my life and I know it can effect emotion and mood, it’s a perfect match sound and light. I totally understand her violet Ray system. On Wednesday 16th February I received a beautifully wrapped gold padded envelope with my two new sets of tuning forks, the Purple Ray and the Solfeggio set of 9, with all the accompanying books, cd’s, journal and a beautiful dowsing crystal. Debbi later explained how she lovingly enjoyed putting these packs together for all her new students and giving each pack her beautiful blessing. I did a similar thing when I taught some beginner’s water colour art classes in our local community centre, I blessed each student’s equipment and space and I enjoyed watching a few students fly like butterfly’s into amazing Artists.
The course has been very well thought out and put together the books and manual are very extensive and easy for me to understand. The cd’s likewise also put together professionally done in a recording studio to give the forks the best possible sound. 
The meditation CD’s are so soothing and when Debbi started her sound bath and singing the hairs on my neck stood up to attention! It is so beautiful. We even have our own journal to write all our notes in. I took great joy in re-writing my daily notes up in my best writing.
Debbi is so passionate about her courses, that she is able to just go with her teaching, somehow she tailors made it all for each of us with her wonderful intuition. First of all, we started working on ourselves. We all need our own healing, and what better way to be a therapist. I for one desperately needed this, I could not stop yawning and at the end of day one, I felt drained, like I had, had a couple of rounds with Mike Tyson (but in a nicer way).
On day two I was all of a fluster, I couldn’t get the laptop to work I was almost in tears! I didn’t want to miss any of my lovely course, I was already sat waiting 15 minutes early, but I ended up being 30 minutes late!  Luckily I had only missed a lovely meditation, but I got the last 5 minutes of it to calm down. We learnt all about the clear, cleanse and balance, violet ray system. It is fascinating I was so intrigued by the weighted OM and being able to place it on the body and feel the deep vibrations.  We finished a bit early on day 2 to enable us to do an actual healing. Our first one! I had my husband lined up. But that afternoon I felt so drained I had to go to bed to rest. I was deeply disappointed as this day is 22/02/2022 a very special date on the astral calendar. However, by the evening I did my first healing, and I almost deafened my poor husband when I accidentally tapped the fork on the pillow hear to his ear! (lesson learnt, be careful and go slowly!). I also got a message on my phone at 10.30pm from a distant friend, who’s Dog “Teddy” had passed away a few days ago, she was heartbroken! So I asked if I could have her permission to do a distant healing on her, she explained she was laid in bed and couldn’t sleep. So at 11pm after an exhausting day. I laid some little chakra cushions out on the floor, light a candle, added a few heart shaped beach glass, said a loving prayer and did my first distant healing. I couldn’t wait for the following day to see if she felt anything. It was tea time when I next heard from her, thanking me and she said she had an amazing experience as she felt “Teddy” next to her all night his intentions were on her pillow as she fell asleep in peace and comfort.
On Day 3, I woke up did my grounding and a tuning, I wasn’t going to take any funny business from that lap top today. After a lovely meditation, which was very moving, Debbi had some wonderful news! Late last night she got a download and channelling! I was thrilled as I knew 22/2/2022 was a big date and nothing had happened, or so I thought!
Debbi gave us a new alignment for the Solfeggio tuning forks a new paradigm.   I found this to be pretty amazing as the words were altered from the old paradigm and totally up-dated for the state of our earths ascension in this special time on our universe. That day I used every fork. I did 12 tunes 12 different Hz I was maxed out. But as if by magic, I do totally resonate with the words that I spoke with each affirmation, they are perfect for our troubled times and very positive as we move into a 5th dimension vibration of our universe. “New Earth” blessing. Yes, I related to them all. I felt more focused and grounded today, my energy was coming back, I was full of joy in my heart again, especially by this amazing gift that Debbi, shared with us hot off the press! I loved the days training.
Day 4, Today was a shorter day, we started with a special meditation on world peace as we were told Russia had invaded Ukraine earlier. Debbi just naturally says the right words. We finished at 1.45pm today so that we could get some practical experience. This time I approached my second session differently. I set up my therapy couch in our lounge in front of a cosy fire, I was very relaxed. I light a candle and my Rose Quartz lamp. This time I took Debbi’s advise, no back ground music, just silence and the gently tapping of the forks. I wanted to really hear the forks vibration, I didn’t rush I let each tap play out taking my time. When it came to using the Solgeggio forks, What a Joy! I held 3 in one hand like a flamenco dancer’s fan, but tapping the 3 forks together and saying the affirmations in my head Wow, they sounded beautiful, I loved it. I really enjoyed doing this session it was so relaxing.  That evening I went to bed, I must have slept a while, then I was wide awake and amazingly, I was doing lots of those big releasing yawns, my tummy was gurgling, I could feel healing taking place while I laid in bed, my skin didn’t feel so dry any more this was such a weird feeling, I am feeling actual healing taking place. I have laid in that bed many times feeling very ill on some occasions, but never have I feel my body re-calibrating itself it’s just awesome. Over the years I have tried learning many things, but This is working, it’s such a great profound feeling. If it’s doing this for me what’s it going to do for others that are really ill! I am looking forward to getting stuck into my case studies.
Day 5 Today we set up an alter table to do a special Global Peace meditation as war has now been declared on Ukraine. So it was very dear to my heart too. At 12 noon we all came off zoom to do our healing session on world peace. I took my time, didn’t rush, I used the 3 tesla forks (369, 639 and 963hz) which sound beautiful together. I put 100% heart and soul into this global healing which affects all of humanity right now. It was beautiful to feel a part of actually doing something. I had also contacted a few friends to join in too. It took me 45 minutes. I knew I was meant to do this course this particular week as a light worker.
The rest of the day we spent going over course assessment, then we talked about Animal Healing, something else very close to my heart. When we all said our good byes at the end I did shed a tear. It has been a very life changing week for me indeed. I am putting my life and soul into not only completing this course as a practitioner but I have promised myself I AM a beautiful healer, as this is what my life purpose is and I thank the universe for me being in the right space at the right time, this is my calling.
As I relaxed into the evening and let all my healing settle, I contacted another friend who told me she had just had to say goodbye to her beloved dog “Daisy”. That dog meant the world to her and filled a huge gap in her life, I felt so sad for her, That’s 2 in a week!                                                                  In the early hours of Sunday 2.30am I awoke in tears grieving. I went downstairs, I was thinking about my 2 friends who have lost their dogs, and of Debbi’s home, with 6 rescue weasties. What a lovely life she leads a husband that loves dogs too and a re- treat. That’s my idea of heaven. It must be a joy to live that ideal life.
My husband won’t let me have another dog. I lost my little Daschund “Norman” 20 years ago, very soon after I met my lovely second (now) husband. It was like Norman said to me you have met the right person now; I can let you go (that’s a message I have just been given!). I allowed the tears to flow, I cried buckets! So I grabbed my spare “OM” fork, that has now taken up residence in my handbag with the 528 one, placing it on my heart chakra was instant relief, I took out so much grief, probably 20 years’ worth, I have been carrying that around with me, suppressing my love for dogs “I want another dog”.
My first husband was controlling, that little dog was my love force in that relationship. Then I met my second husband whom I love very dearly, he is a wonderful man. But he won’t let me have a dog! Want to be like Debbi, loads of them, rescue dogs too. The past 2 years as the only one awake in my family has been so difficult for me, a dog would have seen me through, my husband has no idea what the love of a dog would mean to me. I love all animals; I am vegetarian too. This release of all that grief I have carried around with me for past 20 years is such a massive relief.                                    Tuning Forks! They are fantastic, I have found my calling. I want a website. I AM coming out of retirement and no One is going to stop me.
Lorraine Lane


Debbi is an amazing teacher who comes from the heart and is so passionate in her teachings of the tuning forks. It’s been a wonderful journey and Debbi goes above and beyond to give her support on every level. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has the calling of the sounds. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you Debbi. Much love Denise xxx

Sound Healing Testimonial

When I started the course I wasn’t sure what to expect. I hadn’t considered a career as a sound therapist, but the course called to me and felt very aligned. It turned out to be a great week to be there as with events round the world, it was wonderful to have that structured support from Debbi, the rest of the group and the meditations. 
It was fascinating and exciting to learn the potential of the sounds, and Debbi created a very nurturing environment. I felt a lot of release and healing on my personal journey. Practising as a sound therapist has given focus to all the holistic modalities I’ve embraced over the years. It was like having lots of random jigsaw pieces, and the forks have brought the whole lot into clarity, given it a clear direction, and given me the confidence to move forward.
As someone with health issues, I am excited to see where the forks will take me, and realising I can treat clients with distance healing has opened up more work opportunities.
Debbi, thank you for enabling the forks to flow and sharing this wonderful  energy ☺

Nicki Greenham

The only thing I would have liked to add to the course would be more time to connect more deeply with the other lovely people on the course. Perhaps meeting each other in groups of 3 in Zoom breakout rooms eg at lunchtime or as an optional extra at the end of the day.

I've had some shock yesterday and the forks has really transformed that energy. Quite in awe and gratitude 🙏 Maresa

I attended the Suara Sound Academy in February with the wonderful Debbie Walker and I was very excited to attend the class

after experiencing first hand how powerful the tuning forks were when I was lucky enough to be a case study for one of Debbie's


Debbie is a wonderful teacher and a truly lovely soul who is amazing at holding space for others so tenderly and intuitively.

Her knowledge for sound healing is phenomenal and I was truly blown away at the endless studies and research she has undertaken

through her love and passion for sound healing.  Her endless search for how she can work with them with people and animals

to improve lives has seen her travel the world and her enthusiasm is infectious.

It is a fascinating experience attending Debbie's courses and I highly recommend you attend her courses as you will come away with so much

more than you ever expected.

Dee O'Connor




January 15th ~ 19th 2023 Online

"Testimonial…and I mean every single word. Thank you Debbi amd thanks for encouraging me to know that the time was right and taking that step. I feel forking amazing…and I know that today has helped mine and mums relationship too. I felt it. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 xxx

What can I say about attending the online Sound Healing Practitioner Course these last 5 days…its quite hard to put into words how much of a beautiful journey I’ve been on. It’s been like a retreat within my own home.
Debbi is simply a beautiful soul with amazing knowledge, love and care for her students that is felt in abundance. The course is delivered beautifully. All questions are answered and you are instilled with such confidence and understanding of the forks and the energy they possess.
The screen is no barrier to forming lovely bonds with the most beautiful group I could have wished for.
It’s only been 5 days and I feel such a difference within my soul and I’m so grateful.
Honestly if anyone is considering doing this- just do it. This has been a long time coming for me- I met Debbi at a mind/ body/ spirit event over 10 years ago and Debbi’s gorgeous energy and the sounds had me hooked. It’s taken me a while but the fact it’s available online via Zoom opened this up for me and it was all I imagined and more.
Thank you Debbi for helping awaken me again- as that is how I feel. Thank you to the beautiful souls who attended also. It’s truly been an honour and a pleasure, I’ve loved listening to all your/ our experiences.
Forever grateful.
And now the journey begins…"
Helen Walsh ~ Jones


"Feedback for the course: This course has been truly nourishing for my soul. I picked the Suara Sound Academy as I wanted to balance all the scientific research I had done into the healing power of sound, with an intuitive way of being with sound.
Right from day 1, I felt the heart connection that you had with us in your teaching. We had all the words from your experience in teaching sound in the course manual which is such a great resource for our sound practice going forward. But the real gift of this course is to have learnt to trust the inner knowing that is there for all of us, to go beyond what is in the manual.
Thank you Debbi from my heart."
Love, Constance.


Dear Debbi

"Thank you so much once again for this wonderful course.

Feeding back after these days of immersion into the world of working with tuning forks, is not easy to put into words. I am still digesting and probably will for a while but feel moved to feedback as requested sooner rather than later.  I feel so blessed to have listened to my intuition and grateful to my dear husband for funding me. I am grateful to you Debbi for accepting me on the course with such a wonderful cohort.

Debbi you hold the space so well with a natural, down to earth style of teaching. Your clear, concise teaching and demonstration of how to use the tuning forks made for a smoothe flow of learning. The balance of instruction and self guided learning with the excellent manual met my learning needs perfectly.  The appropriate sharing of music files brought each day to an excellent start. The tone set for a day of sharing with other like minded people all united in a thirst of what you have to share.  Your experience and passion for your subject is infectious.

The group dynamic steered and nurtured by yourself, was supportive, enthusiastic and respectful. The values of a group instilled by the course leader. Checking for understanding and moving the group at a pace which suited all, is a skill acquired by experience and a deep understanding of the subject.

Personally I have grown.  My passion for sound now has another dimension. I now have a clarity of mind and feel a positive physical and emotional shift. I am enthusiastic and feel equipped to begin my journey with the tuning forks. I will endeavour to follow the good practice for self care shared on the course. The being “on retreat” has made a huge impact. The experience of receiving this permission to take time for self, which is something I’m often heard to share with my song circles, I now truly know. It feels so good to be receiving in the knowledge my skill base has increased."

Hedd, hedd, heddwch
Peace, peace, go in peace
All my love
Lorraine xxx


Hi Debbi, here is my testimonial :

"I have just finished a wonderful 4 days on the online tuning fork sound healing practitioners course .
What a four days it has been , at first I was disappointed that that I was unable to make the in person course as Im not too keen with online in general .
However I shouldn’t have worried because Debbie has such a way about her that you feel you are sat in the room with her . She exudes love , oneness , and brings a deep sense of calm and peace to makes you feel very relaxed and welcome. I feel her manner had a massive effect on how our group bonded and got on so well , we all felt like friends by the end .

The course in itself was fascinating , learning so much and also feeling and experiencing so much in that time . I also know that once the course is over that will not just be the end , for one I feel compelled to return to Debbie to do more courses but also know she still likes to care and help any people she has trained. 
Thank you so much Debbie , you really are born to do what you do and we are blessed that you have been given this gift and been able to share it with us . Im very excited for the future .

Thank-you so much"
Love from Rachel xxxx

"Thank you so much Debbi for a fantastic few days. I feel that my soul has been nourished on such a deep level with the sacred sounds and your gentle and deep teachings. You have been extremely generous in all the resources and information you have given us. Even sharing your beautiful music with us to use with our clients. This is not the usual thing on courses and I have been on many down through the years. Your passion and optimism are truly infectious. I found your style of teaching empowering and I leave this course with confidence to work with the tuning forks and bring this work into my existing practice. The group were tremendously kind and supportive of each other and it felt like we all gelled together really well. At the end, I felt that I would love to meet everyone for a cup of tea though we all live so very far away from each other on a global scale. The Whats App and Facebook groups will be a wonderful way for us all to keep in touch and support one another in the Suara Sound family :). The daily tuning fork practice came at just the right time for me. It's so wonderful to have this to work with my health, wellbeing and life direction going forward. I also can't wait to start using the forks with my clients, friends and family. I am Blessed."
Thank You Eileen xx



January 29th - 3rd February 2023 in person

"There is an instant warmness when you meet Debbi and she makes you feel very welcome in her space. I knew that I was drawn to Sound therapy but was completely new to the idea. Debbi brings you into the learning at a steady pace and makes the whole experience understandable.  She mixes the spiritual elements with the science and allows everything to 'fall into place' for you as an individual. I spent 5 days at Suara sounds and learned so much - not only the sounds but about myself. I'm looking forward to the next step in my journey and feel like there will always be a connection with me and my Suara Sisters. I enjoyed every minute of my learning and am looking forward to carrying it forward. Much love. Kaz x"

I did a session on Monday along with some reiki.  It went really well!  She was snorning about 15 mins into the OMs!  I'm using her as one of my case studies and she has booked in again for next month. Exciting times!

I'm off out to upcycle a couple of gravestones today - random, I know - but would we have it any other way?

Being the light! Kaz x

I booked onto the 5 day tuning fork course with the lovely Debbi as a means to progress on my spiritual journey specifically aiming to  train to use the singing bowls and chimes. I understood the forks course was a prequisite so was eager to absorb and settle in my soul any training I'd be given in order to proceed. Fast forward 5 days.... Wow what can I say, on the last day it felt like I'd been given such a precious gift. How could I not be more involved with the tuning forks as the results were outstanding for others and also myself! My inner self felt like a calm sea of tranquility and of complete happyness, you can honestly feel a change when working with the forks vibrations. Pains were eased and emotions were released out of nowhere, some of which had been stored and buried deep inside for so long. I couldn't just absorb and let the information I'd been honoured with to just remain dormant in my being, I realise now against all my initial judgements that i had before arriving at the course that I will continue to fully embrace the forks magic and share their amazing work with anyone whom choses to cross their path for as long as I can. It still amazes me how they fell into my life as I had looked at many different sound courses but kept being drawn back to Debbi at Suara Sound. It seemed like there was a connection that I couldn't put my finger on, I believe I was guided to the forks for a reason and I'm so glad I was. The course form start to finish flowed so well, nothing was rushed and it felt like I had joined an extended family whom I will be in contact with for many years to come. The care Debbi shown us all was wonderful, she took us all under her wing and she is just a wonderful lady, very true authentic and honest. I can wait to add to my learning at the next course. I will always be greatful for the experience so far. I would absolutely 100% recommend anyone thinking of doing this course to take the jump and sign up. It it just amazingly wonderful through and through.

Jess x

I’ve always been interested in music, sound and how it makes me feel. A few years ago, I did a course where the tutor had some tuning forks. I was really interested in how they made me feel. A few years later, I was able to look into doing a course in sound therapy. I googled sound therapists courses, and your name first appeared. I had a look at your website and thought this is the one for me. After receiving your email I knew for sure that I was on the right path with the right person. I was quite nervous before meeting you and the other students on the course but when I came to your place and met yourself and then Kaz and Jas I just knew that I had come home. Thank you for sharing knowledge and passion for the forks it has certainly rubbed off on me as a couple of the forks I have heard before and continue to hear them in my ears. Thank you for helping me gain the confidence to be who I truly are, you are a beautiful soul who it is an honour to know..

Much love and blessings


February 26th ~ 28th 2023 Singing Bowls

I attended the lovely Debbie’s Soundbath training as a retreat and boy was I not disappointed... I left having had my passion for Sound healing reignited and with a feeling of excitement for my future ahead which was much needed! Debbi is such an inspiration as a living example of the Sound methods she preaches and provides a beautiful healing space where all is accepted, honoured, thanked and welcomed, and you feel part of a wonderful sound family. ThankU so much Debbi 💖

I have just spent 2.5 days on Debbi Walker's Singing bowls and sound healing course in Cornwall. I arrived realising I really wanted and needed a retreat rather than a course and guess what that's exactly how it felt. Debbi's way of getting us to explore and experience the beautiful sounds of bowls and many other sound instruments left me feeling blissful and wanting to share with others the soothing de-stressing effect of sound on body mind and soul. Add in a beautiful setting, wonderful like-minded souls and wonderful food and it felt like a much longer beautiful time. Thank you, Debbi and some lovely new friends. As I arrived home an old friend messaged me out of the blue asking if I offered sound healing how amazing when you're 'in tune' literary with the universe. I would definitely recommend this course to others.

Pauline Paterson 💖🙏💖

I had the most amazing time back at Suara Sound, I learnt so much and feel ever ready to take out my sounds and share with all back at home. I feel my confidence had soared and the path has been made clearer on what direction my life purpose will be. Debbie, you truly are a special person and I feel privileged to have been given such valuable teachings. I'm so so happy with the bowls I bought, they give the most beautiful sounds and I can't wait to integrate them alongside everything I've learnt the past few days into my tuning fork therapies. Thankyou.

Jess xx

Well what can I say about the Singing Bowl, Percussion and Soundbath Course? That it is so much more than a course. It is an experiential, immersive and wonderful retreat. Yes we learnt new techniques and played with instruments, both outside on the land, on ourselves and each other and we gave soundbath too. But we received so much more. Bringing together soul sisters of sound to nurture each other and hold space for each other was bliss. Debbi held the space perfectly and nourished us with delicious food morning, noon and night (cooked by the wonderful Mr Trevvi!) in fabulously spiritual surroundings ND with plenty of creature comforts if you stay over. I came away singing driving home in the car and have noticed been chatting with my clients so much more in my treatments, it's like my voice now wants to be heard instead of hiding away keeping quiet!! I would totally and utterly recommend this for anyone contemplating doing this course, it's an investment in yourself you will gain great rewards from aswell as lots of spiritual insights. Blessings and much love to Debbi for creating this amazing course!

Hope this is OK!! I tried to keep it a short as I could but I'm buzzing.
Sarah xx


Having completed a 2.5 day immersive retreat with Debbi at Suara Sound I am once more completely in awe of the levels of healing that can be achieved through sound.

We came to learn about singing bowls, chimes, percussion and all things sound bath related.

I thought I knew a bit about singing bowls but this took the learning to a whole new level and exploring the 528 and Om chime bars was an otherworldly embodied level of healing.

We came together as a small group - gave and received healing using singing bowls in a grid, practiced self healing and worked in teams to deliver a sound bath to the rest of the group.

If ever the saying -“There are no strangers here, only friends” is truly lived then these few days at Polhilsa are the evidence. I arrived a little frazzled and world weary was enveloped in an oasis of calm and nurturing and left floating with discernible changes to a long standing issue - and I have a new set of skills to further expand and develop.

Many thanks for an incredible experience Debbi - I can highly recommend this course to enhance the skills and knowledge of  any sound practitioner. 

Testimonial Suara Practitioner training.  February 26th-28th 2023

Singing bowl, tubular chimes, percussion, sound bath.

St Piran’s day, yesterday 5th March, found me reflecting deeply on a recent course with Debbi Walker of Suara sounds.  Time to reflect, sitting by the Menai Straits and having a peaceful moment allowing thoughts and feelings to surface.

Gratitude was the strongest emotion that came to mind.  Gratitude for time with like minded individuals, led by a competent, knowledgeable, experienced teacher in beautiful surroundings.
Experiential style of teaching absolutely suiting my style of learning.  The ability to ask questions without fear of being ridiculed and being answered honestly, calling on group experience, showed a maturity and passion for the subject of sound healing

My personal experience of sound healing with voice has been enriched by deepening my journey with Debbi.  My initial training with tuning forks being a valuable tool to share with my work with voice.  Tuning forks in the World of singing and choirs have been used to help find the correct pitch for the choir leader.  My style of sharing, sound, voice, song is not with written notation.  The pitch being dependent on the group or the individual to encourage a letting go of voice, in other words singing in the traditional way.  I now enjoy the tuning forks as part of my system to help create an ambience of gentle relaxation and creation of a safe space to sing.

I feel empowered by the singing bowl, tubular chimes, percussion and sound bath training.  I have used instruments and voice in my work but have not historically offered these sessions as sound baths.  Debbi encouraged us to work in threes which was a wonderful way to offer and receive sound.  The difference of offering sound in unison or harmony demonstrated an alternative service to those receiving sound.

I thoroughly enjoyed this course on many levels and look forward to continuing my exploration of sound with Debbi in the future.
Lou lou

My feedback for the course is….

I completed the singing bowl course with Debbie and it was brilliant. Not only did I learn about how to deliver individual and group sound baths, I reignited my love of sound as a healing modality. I can’t wait to bring these skills to the patients, families and staff in my care. I feel truly nurtured and nourished in mind, body and soul x thank you Debbie and my beautiful new friends and sound bathers. 
Best wishes

It's the  perfect venue for the sound therapy course, which is magical and although I arrived in family crisis mode, the people and the sound ceremonies that we did for ourselves and for each other during the training, really brought me back to the here and now. Debbi's skill as a healer and teacher helped me see things in a new light and I left feeling more balanced than I have in a long time and with a renewed zest for the coming challenges. Thank you for offering such an amazing journey of sounds and I look forward to returning very soon.

All Love, Lori King


Feedback Stellar Gateway March 19th to 25th 2023

🌹Hi Debbi
My reflection of the week
Thank you for facilitating a fabulous week, it’s been a pleasure to learn more about the stellar gateway. I have loved Learning the new techniques to use on my clients and myself. I’ve learned so much about myself and how I can help others. feeling blessed , grateful and privileged to have shared this week with beautiful souls. I can’t wait to help more people with all the different frequencies we have 😍 Thank you for amazing week I’ve loved every minute. Laura

🌹“What a truly transformational week with the advanced Stellar Gateway forks!!!
It was jam packed with content, unique bespoke forks you won’t find anywhere else, constant channellings & new updated info, along with all the tools & accessories one could wish for, to step forward with, on the Sound journey.
Debbi is an amazing teacher, sharing her passion & wisdom of the Sounds & delivering the course with intuition & straight from the heart.
This is so much more than a course; it’s a calling of the soul & becoming part of a Sound family who support & inspire each other to share Sound as medicine throughout the world”
With Love, Blessings & so much Gratitude Jill xxx

🌹I Was so excited to learn the Stellar gateway course, and I learned so much , the healing that will help so many people is about to start. So grateful for a teacher like Debbie to explain everything clearly xx Rosie

🌹Feedback Stellar Gateway 
Debbi had prepared the room beautifully for us all to receive a warm welcome and get to know each other. She always started the day grounding us with a nice sound meditation. 
The course was very valuable giving advanced techniques that I can utilise for my practice. As we practiced these techniques on ourselves all week it really confirmed how strong and effective they are and also allowed us to easily master them. 
We also offered out some distant healing sound bath sessions to anyone that needed it, that was lovely, it was really nice as a group to get together and play all the different instruments harmoniously for the greater good. 
As a light lunch, tea and snacks were available, it gave us a nice pick-me-up, a chance to relax and socialise with our group. 
An informative course with the tools included to be able to move forwards and upwards. 
Thank you 🙏 Lucy

🌹Hello lovely Debbi, hope you have had a wonderful day. As promised, here is my testimonial of the wonderful week shared with beautiful souls 💜🙏💜.
Wow! Just wow! What an incredible journey of ascension with the Stellar Gateway. I arrived on Sunday for this 5 day retreat course a totally different person to who I am now. The baggage of everyday life soon disappeared as I began to build my nest and settle into the magical space.
Being gently guided by lovely Debbi and listening to the sacred sounds, vibrations and frequencies, I connected deeply with my heart and was able to release what was no longer serving my highest good. I was then able to discover and retrieve the fragmented parts of my soul through working with the nine pillars of consciousness. After the ascension process was complete, I felt deep peace as memories of ‘home’ gently rippled through my body invoking a vision of the purest and brightest light ✨🙏✨.
I loved every minute of this retreat course and sharing this amazing journey with beautiful soul sisters. I really appreciated having the time to process and integrate the transformation that was happening 🙏💜.
I feel deliciously nourished, heart centred in love, deeply grateful, truly blessed, focussed, energised, empowered and am consciously recognising my true essence with an awareness that I come from the purest divine source of love - the infinite I AM.
With much love and blessings. ❤️🙏❤️😘 Gail

🌹Thank you so much for a life transforming week bird. I came to the course with alot of butterflies and a health diagnosis that could have stopped me in my tracks, but it didn’t….the sounds called me!
The Advance Sound Course had been on my wish list for over a year. I had already taken the course in 2017, but thought I would go on a refresher, as there was new research. Ohhh My goodness, I was sooo glad I did! The minute I walked into Polhilsa House, it felt like home, and that feeling never left me over all of the 5 days.
The new forks (Stellar Gateway), and the techniques of the Advanced Sound Course on how to use them has been the energetic experience I hoped it would be. I have had so many profound shifts, I have laughed and I have cried, however all emotions have been cleansing and supported by Debbi and the sounds. My knowledge/understanding of the forks and sound has been elevated exponentially, and I am so excited to bring my new skills to the world, offering sound to a wider audience.
Thank you so much for a course Debs that I feel has had life changing properties for me. The group was an absolute dream to be a part of and the time spent with them will hold a very dear place in my heart as I move forward with the sounds.
See you soon sound sisters, I look forward to hearing and seeing how lives are changed by this amazing course and your new sound skills.
Thank you again bird….loves you Xx Lisa

🌹Hi Debbi
Here is my testimonial for the Stellar Gateway course thank you for such a deeply profound experience:
As the week began and Debbi opened the space for the Stellar gateway workshop I could feel my crown chakra being opened, this was an unusual experience for me and set the tone for the rest of the week. The Triple Om track was given as an introduction and felt like nothing I had experienced before. Taking me to a place of deep peace and calm with zero mind chatter not usually achievable outside of my meditative practice.
What followed was an immersion into the Stellar gateway frequencies, I found that the initial tuning fork opened me up and then when the music came in that accompanied that particular tuning fork, I had a deep and profound experience with tangible real connection to spirit giving me insights into e.g. what was standing in the way of feeling deep peace or happiness etc this then led to some real insights for solutions or courses of action I could take to heighten and evolve these frequencies in my every day life...a very practical set of insights which were deeply profound. I found that when I did an internal check of how e.g. peaceful I was before and after each tuning fork I was at times almost 50 % more in terms of my feeling and sense of the vibration and more importantly my ability to access this frequency in the future.
The course was literally jammed pack with new healing methods and applications particularly in terms of the medical application of sound, I really felt I was being very blessed with being on the forefront of a revolutionary change in medicine and healthcare, helping to herald in the new 5th dimensional healthcare humbling and what a privilege.
At the end of the course I knew that I had experienced a deeply profound life changing immersion into the Ascension process, I felt extremely expanded at the end of the course with no words to be able to describe my sense of self...which in reality my sense of Self had deeply changed.
Thank you Debbi for such a tremendous experience with such helpful supportive tools to help us keep ourselves and others well and balanced in these ever changing vibrationally energetic times.
p.s. Mr Trevvi needs a real shout out for the delicious Vegan soup which I was very appreciative of, thank you for providing this.
Best wishes



🌹When I signed up for the online Tuning Fork Practitioner Training, I had no idea how it would work, especially since I’m in FL and she is in the UK. I was just grateful that it was being offered in a timeframe when I was available to take it.
Having just completed the training, I am in awe of the whole experience. First, the time difference (5 hours) was not an issue. I arose early and found the morning hours were perfect for learning and experiencing the sounds. Also, Debbi is an outstanding teacher and facilitator. She is knowledgeable and passionate about teaching and sharing the sounds of the tuning forks. The tuning forks bring about such a deep level of relaxation, allowing the body to remember how to heal itself, and she demonstrated this to us daily.
Her ability to hold space and compassion with participants through the medium of Zoom is remarkable. She offered practical guidance, case studies, anecdotal stories, and heart-centered counseling with loving support every day. She is and holds a loving, intuitive goddess energy with an eye to the practical as well. And she has a great sense of humor!
This workshop with Debbi at the helm is nothing short of life-changing! You learn tools and techniques to improve, heal, and balance your body and energy centers. These quantum tools assist us in raising our frequency and living more fully from our hearts, connecting to and supporting each other. I highly recommend her as a Sound Teacher and Facilitator.
Lisa Jackson

🌹The course was the best course I have taken ever
My expectations were met and way more
If I was scoring it would be 12 out of 10
Life changing, mind altering, heart filling craving for more
I thought my heart could not be filled with more love but I was wrong the soul connections filled it
My brain was already expanding but it has gone into hyperdrive with what I have learnt personally, health wise, the universe
For me the course and the way it was delivered was perfect and suited me,
What I felt from the beginning to the end was included, fulfilled, helped, nurtured, comfortable.
Inclusivity, fun, formative, helpful, supportive
Definitely don’t feel like I am a quare peg in a round hole anymore
I loved the way that although we were not in the room we were, the connections throughout the whole course were amazing.
Your knowledge and passion plus compassion is amazing
The support you gave to each of us is a skill in its self lifting us and filling us with a can do attitude

🌹From the moment I found Debbie it has been life changing from being part of the Trial for Health using Triple OM and I was drawn strongly to learn with her.
There will never be a regret in taking this journey of learning with Debbie and nothing in this course was negative, I became part of something very special and the ladies I trained with were the right ones for me.
The course ticked all the boxes : Inclusive, Informative, Supportive, Nurturing, Confidence Building, Spiritual, Fun and was way more than I ever expected. The impact it has had on me, my way of thinking plus the skill set is utterly amazing.
My way of working has been enhanced and I know I will be learning even more with Debbie as time goes on.
Debbie’s knowledge is vast and she shared in such a beautiful way with such skill .
Thank you Debbie
Glynis xx

Glynis Howard

🌹Well where do I begin.. Debbie my sound mommy. You are an absolute inspiration to me, words do not do it justice but I’ll try my best!

I started the course on Sunday 9th July 2023. Debbie said by the end of the week you will not be the same woman who is sitting here now.. well wasn’t that the truth! The way Debbie constructed the course, how she just went with the flow and energy of the course to make it perfect for all us ladies. I have been on a long journey before I started the course and I knew as soon as I picked up a tuning fork my life would change. Debbie has shown me and I’m sure all her other students just how amazing and miraculous sound is for your mind, body and spirit. I was diagnosed with PTSD, Anxiety, Depression and Chronic Back Pain m, Grief and loss, I can honestly say I tried everything, numerous medication, councelling, physio therapy, the list goes on. I was ready to give up, then I met Debbie and the Forks 🙏. I feel stable, happy, love, Joy, healthy in my mind body and spirit. I know they work and I felt I NEED to tell everyone about this and I need to do this to help people. I have found my calling, I never thought I would ever get my life back and look forward to waking up in the morning.
Doing the course has opened many doors for me and I am so so excited to see where all my lovely sound sisters will be and where I am going to be, I am so exited for my future and I am very excited to delve deeper into sound. The only way is up now for me. There is no one that can do this or teach sound better than Debbie. “You are amazing Deb”. Thank you so much Suara Sound, I am me again!

Love goes into everything Debbie does and that’s where it should begin and end with Love. I am very interested in Suara’s many courses. I have only done the first one… wow! Imagine when I start the rest 🙏😆.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I know I have you for life and I’m am so so happy! I could say more but like I said they don’t do it justice. I love you so much thank you again for everything xxx
Lauren Halligan

Testimonial for Debbi.
I believe it was Divine inspiration/guidance/ intervention that led me to you.
I was really impressed with the Triple OM when I participated in the online program. The Triple OM track produced quite profound relaxation and this inspired me to train with you in Sound Healing with tuning folks.
Thank you, Debbi for an amazing 5 days of training- my intention was to use the time as a retreat for myself - to release, energise and balance. It seems such a short period of time from start to finish. You held the space for the six of us beautifully. I'm so inspired by the effect and all the changes experienced by myself, the other participants on the course and of course my distant healing session with my niece who is in India – all this in a short space of time.
I am really looking forward to using what I have learned in my own life, doing my case studies, observing the changes in individuals and taking it forward integrating it with my healing practice of Integrated Medicine.
Blessings of Divine Sound, Light and Love


🌹Tuning Fork Practitioner Course Testimonial July 9th – 13th 2023
I did my original practitioner training with Debbi about 9 years ago and have since used the sounds for occasional sessions for friends and family, sound baths, personal spiritual practice and sea and earth healing. I am an “A Course in Miracles” student and have always found the sounds highly compatible with this pursuit. Debbi’s latest offering of the sounds concentrating on the Om and the Solfeggio with the Violet Ray weaves many strands of interest and spiritual practice together for me
This time the course was online cutting travel and accommodation needs and making it much cheaper. It was no less intensive though! I found it a concentrated 4.5 days of dedicated tuition and practice with homework and preparation in between times. The week enabled me to considerably expand my current practice to help people and the planet. It was a profound healing experience for me enabling me to look at areas of fear and self-doubt and continue a process of decluttering my home and life so I can expand as a light being.
Thank you, Debbi and Suara Sound.
Sarah Evans

If you’re drawn to Debbi and this course, Do it! You’re meant to do it and you won’t be disappointed! I was worried at the beginning that I wouldn’t remember all the frequencies but once you start and hear those forks, it’s like second nature. Debbi is an amazing person and teacher who makes everything clear and easy to understand. I can’t wait to get on and use my tuning forks to help so many others with healing.
Jacci Lewis



Hi Debbi,

🌹'I was fortunate enough that Debbi's amazing, powerful and beautiful forks found me in a shop in Glastonbury in November last year.  From the first time i used them i loved them, as did my clients. And from that point forward I wanted to learn how to use them properly and from the maker and teacher.  So i signed up for Debbi's practitioner course, and I am so glad i did.  What a wonderful week. It was a delight to blessed with Debbi's love, energy, wisdom, power, care and gentleness all week. Debbi creates a wonderful space where i felt held, supported and loved all week. I also felt seen, heard and held too - no small feat. Debbi went with the flow and danced all week with us and changes and content, seemlessly.  There was never any stress or worry - pure trust in source and god and its guidance.

I know in my bones that i have now, after the course, the skills and knowledge to make a real difference in the work and to my clients, old and new - what a gift.  Thank you Debbi, it is a joy to be part of your community. I am looking forward to life being friends with you and having you in my life, Much love, Claire Yvonne.

🌹I honestly do not know where to start. Debbi is such an amazing and beautiful soul inside and out and her passion for her sound shines through. She is an incredible facilitator and teacher. Throughout out the week I felt held and truly nurtured. Debbi's course is incredible also for your own personal journey of  self-growth and acknowledgement. Throughout the week I experienced some profound realisations and self-acceptance through the power of sound. Debbi beholds incredible wisdom, knowledge, passion and unconditional love not only for the sounds but for the beautiful souls she invokes on her courses or who hear the call of the sounds. I am truly honoured to have been in the presence of such an inspiring woman and to attend such a life changing course. I cannot wait to go back and immerse myself in the sacred vibrations and frequencies of more incredible sounds.

Behind the scenes outside of course hours the nourishment and kindness were second to none. The love that went into the food provided was astounding and the incredible spaces assigned to us were  just so beautiful.

For anyone who is interested in the magic and power of sound do not hesitate to reach out to Debbi. 


🌹"I attended Debbi's one week tuning fork practitioner course last week and wow what a week it was!  To call it a 'course' is a complete understatement of what it really is.  There are no adequate words to describe what the week is.  The closest I can come to it is that it is a soul transformation retreat of the highest order.  I started my journey into natural therapies 25 years ago and have qualified in countless modalities over this quarter of a century.  This has led to me going on many, many different courses.  Never before have I attended a course that was led by such a heart based facilitator.  Debbi is so giving and loving and creates a space that I have never felt before on any course.  I felt safe, loved and accepted fully.  Debbi wants to give as much information as she can and is passionate about ceremony and the old ways and keeping them alive.  We had the most beautiful week.  We sang, we laughed, we cried, we bonded, we chanted and we learned a fantastic modality while we were doing it.  We could not have all connected on the soul level that we were able to connect at had it not been for Debbi's gentle guidance and leadership of the group.  It was like nothing I have ever experienced.  I came away with my heart and soul healed.  Debbi gave freely of her expertise and knowledge and treated us to many incredible sound baths and shared freely of all her in depth knowledge.  I personally experienced a massive transformation on the course.   In under 2 minutes, Debbi was able to clear a blockage in me that had blighted me for 36 years.  I first tried to use a pendulum to dowse aged 20 in a crystal shop in Portsmouth.  It stayed resolultely stationery.  I have been asked to use a pendulum on many, many courses since then and have had an un-moving pendulum at every one.  I had been told to just keep trying and it will come.  It has blighted my attendance at courses for decades.  Not only did no facilitator ever try to help me with this, but one of them told me I didn't stand a chance at dowsing, due to no connection above or below.  Debbi was having none of this and simply put her hand on my hand while dowsing and said out loud that her belief in me was absolute.  We dowsed together.  It was the most amazing feeling to actually be able to do it briefly.  When Debbi's hand came off, I was again unable to dowse, so she put her hand back on and said to me three times that her belief in me was absolute and will cut through anything that has gone before.  And that was it.  That's all it took.  I can't explain how joyous and liberating that moment was.  The sheer exhilaration of looking down and seeing that beautiful pendulum moving for the first time.  The lady I was working on said that I looked like a child at Christmas and she began to cry at the sheer joy on my face.  I can now dowse.  It is incredible.  This is how big Debbi's heart is and how giving she is.  No teacher has ever worked with me before to clear this blockage.  After 36 years of dreading anything to do with pendulums I can now use one perfectly.  I have such gratitude for everything Debbi gave freely to us during our week with her.  She connected with us deeply in a way that I have never seen happen before.  And as for the forks.....they are amazing.  I caught a nasty cold off my Husband and have forked him and forked myself and the difference it makes is astonishing.  He is quite the sceptic and was blown away by how different he felt afterwards.  I have suffered from 'brain fog' nearly all my life and can clear my head now just by listening to the OM tuning fork.  It is incredible.  If anyone reading this is thinking about attending the course, my advice to you is do not hesitate.  It really is life changing.  In much gratitude and love from Stephanie Wain."

🌹Sound practitioner course

I found myself on this course a week after the resonance of the voice.

I am humbled and truly grateful that Debbi was able to align for me to be on this next journey with her.

I was apprehensive again not knowing what to expect and if I would make the same soul connections I had the previous week, but I had experienced the benefits of the tuning forks when recovering from surgery earlier in the year so I knew this would be life changing.

I honestly walked into a family only my soul knew I had. These women connected with me from another lifetime.

Not only did this course give me a sound foundation in the understanding of the science behind the forks but it was filled with magic and love, respect and the beauty that is the feminine village.

I laughed until I hurt, until tears streamed down my face, I released emotions and wounds that have travelled with me from my ancestors.

The connections made between each other on these courses are Deep and humble and profound.

The week was absolutely blissful

Debbi hosts something beautiful a true retreat for your soul while being introduced to the magic of the tuning forks.

The tuning forks I will say have changed my life, I knew this before I embarked on this course having received the triple OM from Debbi, but I don't think I could have been prepared for what I have experienced since working with them daily on myself and on others.

Holding space for our collective healing was wonderful, being shown how to create a space and to witness the mindfulness of us all as we collected things to be placed on the altar for our distance healing was truly special. The emotion and power in the room resonated between us all and was felt by those who took part at a distance.

Debbi is a truly special person that I hold so deeply in my heart ❤️

I feel as though I have been given the keys to life.

Love you as always


Sarah xxxxx

🌹Thank you so much for the lovely time I had during my 5 day Tuning fork retreat. You and Trev made me feel very welcome and thank you for opening up your beautiful country house for us all to enjoy.

My room opposite the Debiden was a really calm, beautifully decorated and peaceful room. The facilities where just perfect and the abundance of food was just wow. I particularly loved your magical garden and spent a few evenings at dust just sat reflecting watching the bats flying and feeding. The energy surrounding both you and your beautiful home where so lovely, every nook and corner held nothing but love in its space.

The course was very well put together and informative and I loved the way you where open to questions without any kind of judgement. The sound baths and meditations (as with most of my time with you) moved me very deeply and yet not once did I feel embarrassed about being an emotional wreck.

You can really see that everything that you do comes from a place of love and nurture and I will remember the course for ever although I feel we will definitely meet again.

Namaste 🙏 
Nicky xx

🌹I had heard about tuning forks in sound baths and thought the course would enable me to offer a more comprehensive reflexology experience for my clients.  I had no idea suara sound would give me so much more than that.  I feel as though I have been reconnected with my soul, and my soul's purpose. I laughed, I cried, I laughed some more and I found my joy again. A purpose with passion. Debbi and Trev have changed mine and my children's lives. I plan to take the forks into schools to do my part in spreading some of the magic! 

🌹Thank you Debs, for an amazing 5 days. It was a wonderful experience where I not only gained knowledge and understanding from you of this incredible sound healing and its possibilities but I also had a lot of fun along the way. This week has also been a marvellous opportunity to meet other fabulous people to share the journey with. It was more than just a life changing course, it was a beautiful retreat and a chance to unwind in a busy world in relaxing and nurturing surroundings. Thank you so much for the warm welcome and for sharing your knowledge and passion. 

🌹Good morning Debbie

Well , simply I came on the Ambassador of sound course to learn how to use the tunning forks as effectively as possible. Did we achieve that ? Yes yes yes.

Debbie you are a delight.Your generousity is amazing.You share your knowledge ,your home,all that you have and know with such grace.Thankyou from the depth of my Soul .💜🙏💜

I arrived, early at least 3hrs .l consider that very bad manners but felt I had no choice due to my vehicle breaking down and having so much stuff l wanted with me.I couldn't drag that with me to see the sea which had been my intention once I knew for sure where I needed to be.You accepted me and the situation with grace and kindness.Thankyou .My added bonus was meeting and spending time with your amazing mother.A lady to aspire to xx.

I came for knowledge,I got that in abundance.Thankyou.

I also got love, belonging, sisterhood,laughter,joy,peace, contentment,friendship.l could go on and on .I shed so much fear.

Fear of driving long distance ✓

Fear of being alone :ie  in the caravan ✓

Fear of unlocked doors,

in the van ✓

Fear of sleeping in the dark ✓

So many bonuses.

I look forward to continuing  life as the new me armed with my tunning forks

Thankyou lovely Debbie thankyou 💜🙏💜

Much love , gratitude,

Annette xx

🌹Dearest Debbi,
I had a yearning to learn about the sacred healing power of Tuning Forks for a year or so and once I began my search to find a teacher, I found your website immediately which was amazing in itself – no trawling!!!  Then when I rang you to enquire about a place on the Course and you told me you had one place left, I knew the Universe had heard me and led me straight to you.  Your Course was exactly what I was looking for and I was overjoyed to have found you.      
Thank you for teaching me about the healing power of these sacred Tuning Forks.   The peaceful angelic sounds, the great sense of being part of a special tribe, the techniques of how to heal any ailments which I might experience and then to be able to extend the magic of the Tuning Forks outwards to offer healing to others.
I certainly and effortlessly experienced many deep moments of bliss during the course with you and my fellow soul sisters.  I enjoyed the peaceful majesty of the friendly bees in the Lavender Fields as I forked amongst them.  (An amazing feat for me as I am usually quite cautious with bees!!!).
The magical ambience of the Hobbit Hut, the beautiful Sound Baths you bathed us in each day and the wonderful lunchtime treats offered by Trevor. Big thanks Trevor.  Everything was just so fantastic.
I feel so humbled and honoured to have found you and my beautiful tribe of Tuning Fork Sisters and I look forward with great excitement to helping bring deep healing to my family, friends and clients.  I really enjoy my daily Tuning Fork practice and it has become an integral part of my self-care routine.  
Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart Debbi for enlightening me and teaching me these precious sacred skills.  I am forever grateful to have found you and feel this was divinely guided by the universe as the next natural step on my spiritual journey.
With lots of love, blessings, and gratitude.
Alana xoxo

🌹Good morning Debbi,
I'm not sure what I expected the week to be like, but feel blessed to have attended. It was beyond words, truly magical  I've met some of the most kindest, thoughtful, like minded ladies, and Debbi of course!

Debbi practices what she preaches and it was a privilege to stay in her home as she shared her own journey with us. Debbi is a gifted teacher, it's really nice she explains the background to the forks and I was fascinated by her adventures and stories, she is professional, nurturing and extremely calm, Her dedication shows throughout as there was such a natural flow to everything throughout the week. Thank you for such a wonderful experience where we were just able 'to be'.
Love, love and love Jasmin

🌹This was more than a course. Women from all walks of life came together to learn about sound healing but we learned and left with so much more. Not only do you learn the theory you get to experience and witness the magic of the tuning forks and how quickly it can work on individuals and yourself. Learning here is an open yet sacred space where all is welcome as Debbi likes to remind. The practical exercises guide you to connect with your own inner goddess, teach you to feel and be still, be vulnerable which are all valuable lessons in allowing yourself to be a conduit for the healing frequencies to flow through you. You do not learn this in books, you learn it by being guided by someone as amazing as Debbi and being supported by your student peers. Since the course ended we still support one another, do distant healing and it works. This was truly a magical experience and I encourage anyone with an interest in healing or working as a healer to join this course and deepen their practice and devotion to self. I have left here with more awareness of who I am and what I can do in service to others.... oh and save all your pocket money to spend here. Debbi has amazing healing tools you do not want to leave behind. 


FEEDBACK ANIMAL HEALING 12th ~ 14 th August 2023

🌹Thank you Debs for letting me join you on the Ambassadors Animal

healing module. It was an incredible and unforgettable experience having the opportunity to practice on a variety of animals and interact with their guardians . From start to finish it was a joy and I learnt so much and laughed a great deal. It was also a wonderful opportunity to share and connect with other amazing ambassadors. Thank you so much for this amazing adventure and I can't wait to  join you again on another module

🌹Good morning Debbie

I was so pleased when the animal Healing module followed on from the practitioner course because l didn't think I would want to do the journey again .Why ever not 😊

I have been guided to work with animals before so was curious as to using the forks in the best effective way . Thankyou you showed me that .Softly slowly let the animal guide me and go in from there.I really enjoyed going out and meeting the lovely people who assist you in our learning .They are all very gracious with their time and sharing their animals with us .It made so much difference to watch listen and learn with  all the different animals in such close proximity of time. 💜🙏💜

Must not forget Lizes cake yumyum yum .Thank you Liz x

Thankyou to one and All.

I have learnt so much.

Trev Trev Trev .Thankyou for showing me I won't die if I don't eat meat .l can't believe I panicked so much I brought stewed steak in a tin  .🤭I certainly didn't need that . Always a abundance of good food and never hungry .Thankyou x

I have been on the scales.lost 5lbs.Certainly not down to food .l ate the heathy food Trev  supplied and goodys with chocolate and suger .I think it's 5lbs of Fear .Never thought that would weigh so much.

So many bonuses I never dreamed of

Thankyou Ian ,you and your lovely lavender ,good smells,time and laughter

.Thankyou Debbie for that wonderful experience.

All in all Debbie I have had a wonderful time and have much new knowledge to take with me in to my exciteing  future.Bless you

Much love and gratitude

Annette 💜🙏💜 xx





February 17th ~ 20th 2023 Chalice Well

Hello beautiful and amazing Debbi, I can’t put into words just how amazing and magical this weekend has been at Chalice Well. It has been an absolute honour and a privilege to have shared this time with such beautiful souls in such a special and sacred place. I have breathed it all in and will keep a special place in my heart to store the memories so that I can draw on it whenever I need to. I truly want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating what we have all just experienced. I feel blissful, calm, loved, connected and eternally grateful and ready to continue on my path. So much love and gratitude to you. Have a safe trip home. Much love and hugs always Lynda xxx💖💖💖🥰🥰🥰🤗🤗🤗


Debbi, Sophy and Amber thank you so much for a amazing and restorative weekend. The retreat for me was good timing on so many levels. For a number of reasons I almost didn’t come. I went anyway knowing energetically I only had about 25% of my energy completely intact. My reality as you know often resembles a battlefield and keeping whatever light I have feels like a never ending struggle at times. It’s hard to hold onto the light and the positives when I’m surrounded for the most part by negative politics, narcissistic personalities and people who don’t share the same ideals or dreams as me. Just to be in the same space as other like minded people made a massive difference to my energy levels and ultimately restored my soul. So many insights were received along the way and with a safe space around me I was finally able to work with my nemesis “the ancestor” fork. Still makes me cry though, but it feels different. Still processing the underlying theme of the weekend and how my nemesis actually dragged me forward to finally own and work with it. The connection I felt with the old ways was phenomenal, and I’m sure the link between Gwyn ap Nudd will reveal more about how the ancestor fork can help both me and the people I work with heal. Only theory of course, but as the guardian of the dead I’m pretty sure the Gwyn ap Nudd and the fork have a guiding role for all people who are EOL. Unlike the Ferryman he doesn’t charge to guide the newly departed or any other lost souls (particularly those who have no silver) to travel to the “otherworld”. Feel strongly that’s there a message in this somewhere.

Thank you all again as facilitators and to the wonderful souls that were brought together for this amazing weekend.

Energetically I’m happy to say I’m a 100% full.

Namaste 🙏🏽💜 Theresa

Thank you Debbie for such amazing retreat, after not going to retreat before or Glastonbury I wasn’t sure what to expect, it’s been such an amazing experience I’ve learnt so much about myself, i loved all the meditations and sound baths and the time we got to experience new sounds, I loved every minute.
I really felt the love from you and everyone in the group so grateful to have had the pleasure to join you and experience heart resonance retreat thank you feeling so much love and gratitude thank you Laura

Wow where do I start! I originally wasn’t meant to be on the retreat I was gifted a space the night before, so obviously I agreed! Hearing so many lovely stories from my friends who are Debbie’s sound healing ambassadors. It was a must! I can honestly say this retreat has changed my life, that may sound like a cliche thing to say but it really has, not only have I found my worth, my heart, the love for humanity, I have found a new family, who where once strangers, they are now my sisters! Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my HEART! I love you all so much and Debbie you are one amazing woman with the biggest heart and I am honoured to have been apart of the amazing retreat at Chalice Wells. I look forward to the rest of my journey with my new family and friends. Thanks again! Lauren

A few words about the weekend:
“Blissful, restorative, nourishing - just a few words out of so many I could use to try and capture Debbi’s wonderful The Heart of Resonance Retreat.
A beautiful blend of stillness, sounds and soul-support in the stunning setting of the Chalice Well Garden and it’s surrounds.
Thank you so much Debbi for bringing together such an amazing group of Sound Sisters - I will always treasure the memory of this time 💛”
With deep gratitude 💛🙏💛
Kate xx
Hello Debbi,

Here’s my little feedback 😘😘😘🥰
Heart resonance retreat 
Full of beautiful gifts on all levels: material, physical, emotional and spiritual. The space was prepared so beautifully and Debbi always makes it feel special, warm and welcoming. 
I truly felt like I had a very needed week long rested holiday over the three nights; time felt stretched. We had time to explore, meditate and relax as well as a full program of workshops, visits to the Tor, town, Almshouses, springs and a special private welcome to the Goddess temple. Everyday we sat down down together for breakfast, lunch and dinner and in the evening we settled down and made our little nests ready for a sound bath and guided meditation; it really brought us all together like a little family reunion, as if we’ve never been appart. 
Thank you for holding space for us all Debbi and balancing the days with ease and flow like the water in the garden 🙏💚
Lucy xxx

Lunch with my friend after the most amazing weekend, now to drive the 159 miles home ....
So before heading off I'd like to reflect on the "Suara Sounds at Chalice Well, Resonance of the Heart Retreat 💓💓💓" ......
What a fabulous time we've shared .... walking into the dining room at 5pm Friday and being greeted by the biggest hug from Debbi, (10 years ago I became an "Ambassador of Sound", 10 years, how it feels like only yesterday). And meet 10 new people who felt like "Sisters" from the off, such a room filled with friendship and love ❤️I booked my spot in August 2022, 6 months ago, .... 6 months was so worth the wait, I can't begin to tell you how much I needed this time.... away from the "every day routine" to "switch off and rest and heal" - I rested, I walked, I sat in silence, I talked, I Forked, I meditated, I ate, I drank, I made new friendships, I shed tears of sadness as well as tears of happiness, I prayed, I listened, I sang, I slept and most importantly I healed. THANK YOU ❤️ THANK YOU 😊 THANK YOU ❤️
The energy we shared was so full of love and kindness. I will always remember our time together with love in my heart ❤️Thank you so much for arranging such a beautiful retreat , my soul has healed ❤️Much love ❤️
❤️Sooooo Grateful❤️ Jackie




From start to finish of your stay, Debbi and Trev embrace you with open arms, drawing you into the special bubble that is Polhilsa House. A cocoon of peace in a frantic world. Snuggly beds and the most amazing selection of tea for all tastes, delicious home made soups for lunch and fabulous dinners prepared and cooked by Trev - the welcome here is second to none. It’s the perfect option to simply chill especially  after a day of forking and sound. The icing on the cake of bliss.
Liz xxxx


Dear Debbi and Trevor,

From the moment I arrived at Polhilsa House Retreat, I was made to feel so welcome, cared for and well fed! The House and grounds are spectacular and I felt at home and at peace staying there. Nothing was too much trouble and the hosts went out of their way to make our stay really special.

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