Hello my name is Debbi Walker and I am delighted to welcome you to my Suara Sounds website, a sister website to my Suara Sound Academy at www.suarasoundhealing.com. This website is dedicated to all the music, sounds and meditations I have recorded over the years.  You will be able to download all my music and sounds with ease.

I live in Cornwall in the UK and am founder of Suara Sound Academy. I founded my Academy in 2011 to share wonderful vibrational sound tools, namely tuning forks and how to use tuning forks effectively and safely to allow homeostasis of health and wellbeing of mind, body and spirit.

I teach certificated courses, workshops and run sound healing retreats. I have taught many Ambassadors of Sound over the years worldwide. I am passionate about doing research with my sounds and have developed a system of using the tuning forks OM, Weighted OM and 528 called the Clear Cleanse Balance System.  I have many bespoke tones made into tuning forks which are fabulous tools for health and wellbeing.  When the body feels the vibration of a certain sound, it knows what to do, gently and with ease.

My music and sounds have many facets and some of the sounds you will hear are tones based on guidance for a certain frequency and are not in essence an actual note per se.  When I create my music I ask my producer, Josiah Manning of Momentum Studios in Plymouth, UK to blend the keyboards with the tone of my bespoke sounds.  It works I feel and is delivered with the vibrational energy from Divine Love.

My music and sounds are used for meditation and relaxation by therapists offering treatments,  by groups or simply to help someone off to sleep.  Each one is unique to Suara Sound and to me and I am very happy to be able to share with you.

For more information about Suara Sound Academy visit: