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Hello and welcome to my sounds and music

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The Temple of Life

This Album is the result of being 'gifted' the ancients' tones of Atlantis, Beloved Goddess Isis, and the Egyptian Healing Temple...

1. TEMPLE OM - The OM is the Sound of Creation and Earth is created by the divine Spark of Life, the Beloved Mother brings bountiful gifts to all.

2. ATLANTIS - This was the land of plenty, of knowledge and deep wisdom.  All was perfect in this existence with man and Divine Beings living in unity as the energy was of beautiful love and of the highest vibration.  Then greed and EGO set in and Atlantis became a place of the shadow side of life... all that the Divine Love of Creation held dear was lost, so it was for deep cleansing and for Atlantis to return to the depths of whenst it came, the Ocean.

3. ISIS - Some of the Divine Beings and people of Atlantis fled to may parts of the world.  Some found Egypt and settled there.  Blending in and honouring the Goddess Isis was something that soothed their Soul.  They sang their praise of love to her.

4. ANCIENT TEMPLE - This sound was played into the Healing Chambers, into the sacred stones.  It restored life, or granted ease of passage to the underworld, this was the given.  Many chose lifeand were healed from this sound.

Cosmic Journey

By using our tubular chimes and channelled meditations, this unique album will enable you to become more at one with the cosmic planets around us.  Each planet relates to one of our energy centres.

Divine Love of the Seraphim

The energy that the Seraphim can bring to your mind, body, spirit and Soul is one of Pure Sound, Love, Illumination and Oneness. The blend of sacred chimes woven into heartfelt mu-sic can lift the heart of the listener, knowing these sacred tones are bathing you head to toe, a blessing from Divine Love and Grace.


Allow yourself to rest and be restored by the Seraphim energy. This is turn will allow actions within your life to be of such pure and Divine intent as the Seraphim are known as the ‘firey ones’ and sit within the Divine’s embrace. 

Fire is known as the element of purification and of action, thus creating your pure actions. 

When the Seraphim sing, they sing the message of the Divine Love and Grace deep into our heart and Soul 

Solfeggio Dreams

This album is an authentic work of art using frequencies of the Sacred Solfeggio Healing Codes, Planetary Tones, Egyptian Frequencies, the OM and the 528, in the form of tuning forks, chime bars, and chime pipes.  Drums, flutes, gongs, the voice, koshi and wind chimes are used to create a unique 3D sound experience.

The frequencies - the healing codes of the ancients may generally raise vibrational energy to bring love, peace and relaxation to us, our water, plants, trees (all nature), animals, children.


I have used the soothing tones of the OM and the Solfeggio Anciet Scale, thought to have been lost to mankind for centuries.  I have used the chime pipes, tuning forks, chime bars, and my love and intention in this one off, unique album.

1. OM 136.10Hz - Mother Earth's Love

2. 174Hz - Used for Pain - physical, mental,        emotional, Karmic

3. 285Hz - Used for Wounds - physical, mental,  emotional, Karmic

4. UT 396Hz - Liberating Guilt and Fear

5. RE 417 Hz - Undoing Situations and  Facilitating Change

6. MI 528Hz - Transformation and Miracle and  the Universal Love Frequency

7. FA 639Hz - Connecting/Relationships

8. SOL 741Hz - Awakening Intuintion

9. LA 852Hz - Returning to Spiritual Order

10. 936Hz - At ONE with ALL

Recorded live in the studio, the sacred ancient tones of the Solfeggio, Cosmic, Ocean, Egyptian, Stellar Gateway and Divine Feminine may gently soothe you mind, body, spirit, and soul.  This in turn may allow peace, tranquility, harmony, and balance to occur.  As you drift along listening to the sacred vibrations of the chime pipes, tuning forks and the voice, you may find something deep within is recognised and a sense of knowing is rediscovered, re-remembered.

Harmonic Enlightenment

Ganesh Parvati Lakshmi

         Divine Sounds

The channelled tones of Ganesh, Parvati and Laskhmi will connect you to the global consciousness of 5000 years of prayers, honouring and worshipping these Hin-du Gods and Goddesses.


GANESH is the Remover of Obstacles, Lord of New Beg-gings and Lord of the Thresholds.


PARVATI is the Goddess of Love and Devotion.


LAKSHMI is the Goddess of Love and Abundance.


This blend of sacred deities will allow you to feel the power as you connect within, allowing your focus to be on what you desire in life. The sacred sounds of the tuning forks are blended within the artful sacred music. 

Dragon Lines of Love

The channelled music of the Dragon tone will blend with the Universal laylines of our beloved Mother Earth and our lay-lines (meridian lines) within us.


The Dragon tone is anchored deeply using my Dragon tuning fork and this is blended within the musical artform of this relaxing, healing Album.


As you relax and listen, imagine all the laylines of the Earth becoming clear, cleansed and vibrating at the most sacred frequency of the Dragon energy for peace.


Then concentrate on your own energy system and imagine all your energy lines clear and cleansed and blending with our Beloved Mother Earth creating a real bond of love in the toroidal flow of life. 





This CD will take the listener on a journey with the Divine feminine and the Divine masculine that resides deeply within all of us.  

The Divine feminine is based on the channelled Sacred sounds of the Egyptian Goddess Isis and the celestial goddesses Venus and the Moon. 

The Divine masculine is based on the channelled Sacred sounds of the Egyptian Temple and the Heavenly spheres of the Sun and of the Earth. 

In this beautiful tranquil blend of music, allow yourself to become balanced within your own Yin and Yang Soul energy. Take time to nurture and love who you are.




Embracing all the senses nature has to offer

OM - Sound of Creation

Air - Inspiration for Life

Water - Flow of Life

Fire - Passion and Motivation on Life

Earth - Completion Cycles of Life

Celestial Gate - the Opening to the



The Moment


“Honouring the Ancestors”

Track 1 – Celestial Star

“From the stars and beyond your Soul hears the call of the ancient ones, of home”

Track 2  - Sound of Nature

“Our Mother Earth provides us with all we need for total harmony – breathe deeply and connect to the power of nature and to her heartbeat.  Live for the moment”

Track 3 – Honouring the Ancestors

“We are the love of thousands, giving thanks to all and becoming complete within and without”

Track 4 – Honouring the Ancestors (Instrumental)

Track 5 – Sound Of Nature (Instrumental)

Track 6 – Celestial Star (Instrumental)

*these are bespoke tones of Suara Sound Academy

This CD unites the ‘As Above, So Below’ aspect of us and our life here and now in the present Moment.

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