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Dr Neha Sharma Director & Founder Aarogyam (UK)  of Aarogyam UK and Debbi Walker Director and Founder of Suara Sound Academy have come together to create this Tuning for Health - Sound Healing for Mind, Body, Spirit Research study.

Such a beautiful experience with many people coming together for our "Tuning for Health ~ Sound Healing for Mind, Body, Spirit" Experience. The beginning of  an adventure with OM Sound Healing. 

Over the past 14 years I have shared the Tuning Forks with thousands of people, travelled thousands of miles doing it and proudly taught hundreds of Ambassadors of Sound with many of them going onto having successful Sound Healing Practices. Having trained amazing teachers who also will take the sounds far and wide has helped the Sound Healing with Tuning Forks to flourish and grow.

My goal was to BRING SOUND INTO MEDICINE ~ well, I am absolutely made up to announce we have done just that. 

In February 2023 I was approached by Dr Neha Sharma who is the co creator of Aaorgyam CIC UK to ask if I would facilitate a Sound Healing Experience for her Aarogyam Community group. What ensued was a collaboration of monumental exploration ~ a Sound Healing Clinical Research Study, firstly a pilot study and then a 5 week supported programme. It has evolved into something we hadn't expected and the results are incredible for many people and 6 months on people are still feeling the benefits.

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TUNING FOR HEALTH ~ Sound Healing for Mind, Body, Spirit

Our aim is myself and Dr Neha Sharma founder of Aarogyam UK plus assistance from some the lead team at Arrogyam UK is to change the fact that as yet, Sound Therapy/Healing is pretty much untapped in the medical model despite it being an ancient form of healing for many cultures and has been for thousands of years.

This experience is to put Sound Healing on the map as a holistic complementary therapy for positive health and well-being outcomes.

The aim of the experience is we asked the participants to listen to the Triple OM track DAILY for 30 minutes or however long it suited; at a time to suit, be it morning, noon, evening or in-between; laying down or sitting up, wearing headphones walking or commuting ~ it was their choice. Daily participation was important though.

Then we asked them to reflect daily with a short description of certain parameters of health and well-being including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health; covering all aspects of life. We sent a simple diary to write reflections on. This simple process was guided at the end of the first week and then subsequent weeks to the endpoint on the 5th week where we then collates the experiences.


The only thing was to press play and listen and then write a few words in their diary. All this for an experience that may bring very positive health and well-being rewards on many levels. 

The Triple OM track comprises of the OM Tuning Fork, OM chime bar and OM tubular chime created in a rhythmic flow so as to aid deep relaxation.

Here is the good bit…THE RESULTS

poster study 2.jpg

Our findings after one acute consultation of a Sound Healing experience of listening to the Triple OM for under 30 minutes was that

96% of participants reported a positive mood state and physical health response.


Improvement reported an increase in energy and decrease in fatigue


Reduced feelings of  tension and worry


Improvement on total mood disturbance and general anxiety


Improvement in body pain and general muscle stiffness

To date, to our knowledge this is the first report of the positive outcomes of a single session of sound healing. We as a team are SO excited to see these results.

Our full report will then be reported in clinical journals worldwide. 

In my role of Study Director of the research project with Dr Neha Sharma who is the co creator of Aaorgyam UK Community, this collaboration has finally put Sound Healing on the global map.

The pilot clinical study in February 2023 of Tuning for Health ~ Sound Healing for Mind, Body, Spiritual Health and Wellbeing showed extraordinary results in many aspects of health and well being by participants listening to the Triple OM sounds for 30 minutes. 

The pilot study results have been outstanding in areas particularly of sleep, pain relief, mood enhanced, energy levels, IBS, clearer thinking and participants feeling much better in themselves. Now there is access to our very first sound healing clinical research study and is now available on a worldwide level, which will enhance research transparency and ultimately strengthen the scientific evidence base.

The FDA, the United States Government, and the World Health Organization maintain trials record and share the global trial registry at ( to ensure that everyone involved in health care decision-making has access to a comprehensive perspective of research.

To say I am thrilled is an understatement. This has been my focused intent for 14 years and now it truly has Forking Wings. This study is the first of its kind and in time will be shared with medical publications far and wide and will be taken to medical conferences. A massive THANK YOU to Dr Neha for making this possible.

The eventual plan is to roll out patient support community groups with the "Triple OM Tuning for Health ~ Sound Healing for Mind, Body, Spirit." I know many of the Ambassadors of Sound wish to be involved all over the UK and beyond, so watch this space going forward. I know Dr Neha is also working in collaboration of how to bring this into community groups on different levels.

So, in conclusion ~ when you know something deep in your Soul and every cell of you works towards the ultimate goal, the Divine Guidance responds. It may take time, yet it WILL happen. Keep going with your goals, dreams and aspirations, they are but one thought away.

Official Title - Acute Effect of Sound Healing on Pain, Fatigue and Mood: A Retrospective Community Based Study

Study Overview

Brief Summary

There is evidence that sound healing improves health and well-being. However, sound healing modalities, such as tuning forks, continue to be understudied, especially among people with chronic illnesses. This study examined responses to a single session of sound healing and explored whether responses varied based on analogue pain, fatigue, and mood.


People have said their benefit of listening to the Triple OM include .... 


  • Calm, inner peace, soothing and relaxed, less stress and worry, less anxiety, positive and joy returning.

  • Feeling happy, confident, energy levels raised, more focused, better concentration, energised and alert.

  • Pain relief, less headaches, less aches and pains, stronger, 

  • Getting a good night's sleep, breathing better, less insomnia and improved quality of sleep. 

  • Grounded, balanced, feeling centred and has given them a new lease of life. 



Lay or sit and listen ~ close eyes, maybe put an eye mask on, blanket for warmth.

Listen for as long as feels comfortable and at the time that is right for you

OM for Meditation - stills the mind

OM Breath ~ Inhale 4, hold 4, exhale 6, hold 2 

OM Mantra ~ focus on the word OM or a mantra of choice

OM with Mudra ~ choice of hand gesture (mudra)

OM for pain ~ direct energy of the OM to alleviate pain or discomfort

OM for a busy mind – listen to the rhythm of the individual instruments, assists Insomnia


OM for Peace - Brings One closer to the Divine

OM for Relaxation - If feeling emotional, anxious, overwhelmed, Social anxiety

OM for out and about - Shopping (put earphones in), Travelling


 With Animals, Babies and Children (School classes ~ all ages)

Palliative care, End of life

OM in the background when:

Doing chores/housekeeping, Admin/computer, Art, Reading, Creativity, Work environment, whatever feels right for you


Special needs including ADHD, autism etc, Dementia, Cancer, Women/Men support groups, Any and all groups

Here is the 7 week programme that was designed for the Tuning for Health Study -

click below for the You Tube channel



"Hi Debbi

When I took part in this beautiful testing I was suffering with multiple things and was in a depressed state with lose of hope, I had not had more than 4/5 hours broken sleep for 3 / 4 years.

My depression, despondency was getting worse and I couldn’t cope with anything apart from small moments there was a little improvement.

I had a head on car crash in early 90s which resulted in neck problems and left arm/ shoulder being weaker, lower back pain but I am a strong woman and pushed on through popping pills etc nothing hospital could do.

In 2002 ish I was sitting stationary at a zebra crossing full car distance away because of rain, 3 cars crashed into the back of me last one being a speeding doctor. This caused multiple problems in neck, arms on both sides, shoulders and lower back causing me to have like a dropped right hip again after a fight it was live with it response . I pushed on through still taking my Reflexology exams and going on to train with massage . I basically adapted and got used to pain.

I fell down the stairs and hurt my left leg in 2010 plus both ankles and feet had to give up my home and move in with daughter and family. I carried on looking after the kids, cleaning and working with clients but 5 / 6 years ago it all stopped when I tripped and fell on floor left knee never been same, stopped my life effectively as couldn’t drive as much couldn’t reverse my own car so had to drive into certain spaces. Life became limiting full of pain and no joy, reliance on my family more I couldn’t walk far was on a walking stick couldn’t do activities because of the pain. I was suffering emotionally, having blind migraines and giving up 3 years ago I stopped completely working as a therapist even with my Bach as I couldn’t think straight lost confidence.

After the first session I played the track when I went to bed as I wanted to experience it well mind blown

• I fell straight to sleep

• Slept right through till 11 am the next morning

• I felt so positive

• Then I realised some of my injuries were not hurting

• I took it easy rest of day

2nd day

• Played track when got into bed I fell straight to sleep again

• Woke up refreshed (which I never do) at 9

• I read half a book as my eyes were brilliant for a change

• Again I noted my pain and rested as I didn’t want to feel the pain

3rd day

Pretty much the same and right till 3 nights ago the same sleep pattern which is amazing

2 nights were hard to get to sleep but as soon as I put track on I was gone with in that time space from day 2/3 I have had the following improvements

• Swelling in left knee and thigh – none even with going out walking

• No cane

• I have even run up the stairs without holding on and no pain no swelling

• My right shoulder, top of arm and down into the shoulder blade is nearly free of the muscles caught up

• I have problems with my injuries in my lower back

• My neck has more movement which has allowed me to go our and reverse my own car in the drive

• I have dipped the clutch in the car and had no pain no swelling

• My feet are not hurting in places they were

• I can again raise both my arms above my head with out them jamming up and hurting

• I have been able to re start slow stretching exercises

Pain wise it was 100 plus most of the time and restricted movement now it is about 20/25 percent

I have a bedroom on suite that spans the annex I live in quite big I could NOT clean it with out help and sitting down every 20 minutes, I have just cleaned it including washing the walls down, and ceiling . I got down on my knees to clean out a cupboard – again not been able to do . Before I went to do this I did play the track for 30 minutes

My mental health has improved so much I no longer feel depressed and have not had one migraine.

I have started organising my life how I want it and have not even asked them for help with anything.

I have had very deep dreams of which I don’t usually do and had an amazing movement of something and someone that was stuck. Sleep is great.  Muscular, Skeletal plus all the other bits that have had me stuck are gradually moving I have felt my spine move and let go of pinched nerve no more problems.

I have started to prepare for starting my business up again and I am back to my on line courses.

My family are amazed at the change in me and the freedom of movement and not shouting ouch all the time or asking for help.  I have no pain or rigid stiffness from all the manual cleaning I have just done woop woop.

Technology not so good but the rest I am cracking through and rebuilding my life I am so grateful for this opportunity and for finding you a few years ago.

I forgot to add I am 70. This has given me hope for a future in which I can use my skills to help others which I love doing. I can also start earning and saving to study with you.

Namaste, Glynis xx

PS I am also Asthmatic and have dust allergies but don’t take medication only homeopathic if its really bad but not having any problems."


🌹The one theme I have felt using the Triple OM is inner peace and strength, centered and inner confidence. My circumstances haven’t changed but my stress level after listening is much lower. I just realized I was having IBS symptoms and they are no longer happening. YAY!

🌹Listening to the OM at night now I have got used to it, seems to make me nod off and then I toss and turn less in the night. I wake up before the alarm and even though I can still stay in bed until the alarm, I feel refreshed once I'm up. I seem to be able to send the sounds to tight areas in the body which relaxes it, at the moment when life's stresses are happening!! But you feel you can face everything with a good night's sleep! Xx

🌹Listening daily started various times but have settled for mornings over last few days, calm feeling and definitely raised energy levels.

🌹Listening daily, tried different times of the day, morning with my cuppa and before bed, sleeping better!

🌹Feedback- listening a few times a day my most prominent time is a bout 5-6am when I wake I have it on repeat then when I get up I will have it on again for 30 mins while sat in chair (broken ankle so rest is all I can really do) it has massively helped my pain and I’ve come to use it as a pain relief of some sorts ! I also had the hospital yesterday and they have said that I have done remarkably well and that the fracture and internal plate wires have healed perfectly!!!! So I’ve been able to come out of the boot and I’m now in a splint and I can start to weight bare. This is HUGE!
I am much more positive and overall feel more confident to deal with daily challenges, looking forward to this eve! Sorry that was more than a sentence but had to share!

🌹Thought of sharing mine too. Mine is more of buy one get one free kind. I had been liking evening better, and last 2 weeks my son joining me just to stay with me, talk and play. I see remarkable difference in little one, not just me his teacher as well. He falls into Autism and ADHD spectrum..and his whole transformation is hard to understand on its own. His clear speech was struggle, this week he was singing, his own created song on his big brother taking one nursery rhyme tone. Clearly. Every now and then I am getting hugs, with remark, I am so happy. We dancing, singing and talking. For me it's dream I am living right now. Change to the extent that I wondered now was there any PTSD or ADHD in first place.

🌹Morning. My experiences seem to be a catharsis of emotions and feelings I thought were healed. Listening in morning made me feel tired and sleepy so switched to night time. Sinuses and shoulder pain healing but working on my emotions more. Generally fall asleep when listening to track. Not sure if that's correct or not.

🌹Good morning everyone. I usually listen to the track in the evening. Couple of times I felt restless but getting there slowly. Started to feel positive in myself . Thank you Debbie n Dr Nehaji

🌹Afternoon Debbi,
I can’t Thankyou enough for the opportunity to join in .. during the week I’ve been up and down emotionally, but after listening to the track I feel so much calmer. I’ve played at different times of the day To help with my mood but if I play from 20.30 onwards I sleep so much better!!. Sorry I won’t be able to join on line the next 2 weeks.

🌹I am enjoying the experience of listening to the Triple Om. I find that I am sleeping so much deeper and most of the time don’t wake up in night so getting between 7-8 hours sleep which is helping with my energy, focus and definitely my mental and emotional health. I have done more activity this week being able to walk with out a cane and without the threat of my knee giving way. I have been able to walk down stairs forward instead of sideways. I have found my laughter and humour again plus my outlook is maintaining hope and positivity. Its been a hectic week with children sick then me getting a cold and chesty so my pain levels been dancing as I try to sleep upright but after 2 days I am feeling better and after changing the listening to triple om track to early afternoon I felt everything was improving instead of jumping up and down if that makes sense. I did worry I would not sleep as usually I listen before I sleep but there was no difference I slept well but had more energy etc through out the day. Looking forward to the next few weeks of this experience especially with the increased mobility and less pain.

🌹Hi Debbi
I’ve been generally sleeping better and have more energy. Also less aches and pains - although these are only general ones and nothing specific. I also have more focus to get on with things! I’ve worked out that evening works best for me and I listen just before I go to sleep. If I listen in the morning I just want to go back to sleep! It’s part of my nighttime routine now.

🌹The healing from yesterday was awesome too. I called it in a felt like I was immediately held and protected by a suit of armour - not metal but a soft mesh that covered my whole body while healing light came though all the holes in the mesh. There was lots of tingling and it was like all my cells were getting a regenerative boost or charge.

🌹I have been listening to the OM every day since day 1, mainly when I’m in bed and a few times around 6pm. My sleep pattern has improved very slightly, the pain in my right side/hip has improved by around 75%, I am a naturally anxious person and had mental health problems last year but now I feel much more calm and content, all in all everything is improving some very slowly but I do feel so much better, thankyou and Dr Sharma, you two are a blessing.

🌹I have been listening to the track every day. A few weeks ago, I started having pain in my hand with sharp pain if I pressed on a vein on my wrist. Last Thursday, in the group session, the pain had intensified after listening to the OM track. I listened to the track on Fri, Sat and Sun morning. I remember having the pain when I woke up but after listening to the track, it just vanished in the hand! I still had some pain in the vein on my wrist which went away in a couple of days.I have now started to listen to it at night before I go to sleep and I am experiencing a good quality sleep. Thank you

🌹So I use the Om in the morning when I wake up, then when I am driving to work and last thing at night. I am exhausted and beyond tired, my body finds the energy after listening to this in the morning. At night I get a good nights sleep.

🌹Hi Debbie have been listening to Om track only at night time around 10am and fell asleep twice but woke up in the night again. The sound is quite soothing and relaxing. I will try different times and see if this makes a difference to me. I have downloaded the diary and will update on there thank you

🌹Having been trying to listen to the track at different times - having me dozed off a couple of times.
Track has been very soothing. Have had mixed emotions, tearful at times & very emotional. At other time calm in streeful situations

🌹I have been listening to this pretty much first thing in the morning, while i am trying to coax myself out of bed. Maybe that is the mistake, cos i haven't felt much difference within me, on any of the levels you asked us to monitor. I forgot to listen to it one morning, i think, i don't even remember if i did it that one day or not, that's how scattered i was that one day. Loving the experience of listening to it though. Maybe i need to vary what time i listen to it. But sometimes i listen to it multiple times a day. I do feel loads of tingling in my body but i don't know if that is cos of the sounds or the issues in my body, cos tingling is a part of my body issues at the moment.
Thanks for the call today. Would you send me the recording for today pls? I really appreciated hearing Dr Neha's explanation of the mind and would love to hear it again....thank you.

🌹Hi lovely,
Thank you for everything. I have been trying the sounds in different ways, but i definitely find it the most relaxing if I am lying down quietly letting it wash over me like a sound bath. If I have it on more as a background while I am doing something for example, I definitely do not get as much benefit or enjoyment. Though it is still pleasant and an experience. Love and light to you always.

🌹Initially I started with the group for a chronic cough, not lung related, and digestive issues. Findings have been that the triple OM has the benefit of removing fatigue, aches from legs and the body in general after being caught out in bad weather. I'd intended having a very gentle day on Saturday, however, after the morning session, full30 minutes, the energy had lifted, felt it swirllng and clearing from my legs, so had a positive day! Cough still there - has been worse since catching a cold a few weeks back. Not taking any other remedies as they don't help! Looking forward to tonight's session, and hearing of some amazing results!

🌹Hi Debbi - After a few bouts of illness, I was feeling pretty low. But the Triple Om meditation on Day 1 was incredible, as I felt the deep Om sound power through my body. I felt it had kickstarted my body into action again.

🌹I have listened to the sounds every morning this week and I feel so peaceful. Thank you.

🌹I have listened to the recording daily in the morning and despite having an A.I. condition that keeps me ‘immobile’ for longer than I publicly admit at times… each day I am up and about ‘getting on with business’. I also listened last night before I went to sleep and had an unusually great sleep.  Thank you for this opportunity!

🌹Hi Deb
I’ve listened to every evening
Also in late afternoon. And sometimes in the morning also I’m on holiday in Florida so my husband and Brady our terrier is also partaking. We all settle down and go into a deep relax mode. We’re all really appreciating the experience. Thank you

🌹Have listened every day.....every day but one in the morning and once in the evening....I love listening in am as I have time after listening to lie there and feel into my being.....really appreciating this opportunity.....listening at night just before bed was not for me as it led to a restless night.

After a few weeks of illness, I was feeling pretty low.  But Day 1 was incredible as I felt the deeper OM sound power through my body, like it had kick started my body into action again.  I had used headphones on Day 1, but found it less intense without them.
I have had better quality sleep as I wake less at night, and waking more refreshed and alert in the mornings.  I felt emotionally low midweek due to a family members illness.  I played the Triple OM a couple of times as I pottered around the house, in addition to my tuning forks.  It helped balance and clear a myriad of thoughts.  I am grateful to be able to share the Triple OM meditation, and hope the recipients take the time to listen to it.

🌹Good bird song filled morning 
I have the OM recording as part of my morning ritual.  The call to rise and begin my day.  I love thé calm rhythm and gentle tones.  
This week I have had some days alone.  The sounds of the OM have been followed by time in silence.  The bird song has been deafening.  All sounds are clearer more tonal
I play the OM at times when I require concentration, a stillness to my day. 
My mind clears, the mind chatter eases.
My feet feel more grounded after playing the OM and I have more energy.  I spent a day clearing, sawing and hedge cutting yesterday, pausing with a cuppa and some OM
I have been playing the OM during my sessions with individual clients and my group.  My singular client enjoyed the benefit of relaxation and didn’t notice when the music stopped.  My group had the benefit of the OM as they entered the room, in the background, as they settled in.  I just let the music play as they chatted and prepared for their singing session.  The results were mixed, x2 ahhh beautiful, x4 curious, x2 hadn’t noticed and x1 was glad when it stopped.  Interesting this individual doesn’t enjoy the relaxation sessions and the 2 that really loved the sound practice yoga.
I find at night the OM helps me sleep and should I wake in the middle of the night the sounds help me relax back to slumberland 
To conclude personally the OM is having an impact on my life.  I decide it seems as to whether the OM is to relax or energise me.  The only time I feel unsettled with the sound is when I have a time constraint, when an outside force is influencing my energy.  I again find myself becoming stronger in setting boundaries, in the knowledge that the OM is good for my well-being and thus means I am more affective for others. (Sorry I get my effect and affect mixed up.  It’s a welsh thing but I’m sure you understand).
Sorry for the essay and deep gratitude for all

🌹Good morning Debbi
For me its been a strange week in all areas
Up and down mostly sleep not so deep and long then few days went back into deep but not as long
Same with energy
Mental health stayed strong
Emotional health dipped a bit but went back strong
Physically I have had couple of old niggles with injuries but back on track.
The dips happened when I changed pattern of night time of the OM to day as gave me energy to get through things in day then when I went back to night time listening day dipped .  I then used in morning and night (as I fall asleep listening) but in day 30 mins or even 20 mins I have enthusiasm, energy and my brain definitely started thinking again 
Today started very emotional but 30 minutes listening I felt stabilised and positive

🌹Hello  my sleep has really improved ...from an average of 5 hours nightly to 7 1/2 to 8 hours  nightly. I'm also able to nap ( if needed) in the afternoon ...this is great as I wake early and sometimes feel in  need of a 45 min snooze mid afternoon. Throughout jan and feb I felt quite sleep deprived, sometimes only getting a max of 3 hours . Although there was no apparent reason for this, I was aware of all the thoughts ( all good ) that I am processing. This continues but I feel that my thoughts ( still good and full of exciting plans) , but I am now finding it easier to ' switch off' and get restful sleep . This is enabling me to have greater focus and concentration through the day leading  to greater efficiency and organisation. 
I was away on holiday last week and had a fabulous and relaxing time . People this week have commented on how well I am looking. This is possibly partially due to my slight sun tan!...pos partially due to the effects of the sounds.
See u on the zoom tonight

🌹Hi Debbi

I'm continuing to enjoy the Om everyday, I usually listen at least twice. 
This week I've definitely felt much lighter and laughing again more. 
I had my grandson stay over last night and he enjoyed listening to the track whilst going to sleep too. 
I'm still feeling more at peace and definitely less anxiety. 
One of my sons has noticed that I seem happier again.

🌹Hi Debbi,
I have been feeling up and down with low energy, my sleep pattern hasn’t improved but my singing has, I’m in a choir and my voice is a lot stronger 🤗

🌹Hi everyone
A few words of listening to the OM
I am just generally happier! And more peaceful in my conversations and answering, I find I can let things go where as before I may have held onto upset. I am calmer and able to cope with triggering situations. ✨

🌹Hi Debbi
My experience so far with the OM track
“I have listened to this track every day at different times- sometimes morning, afternoon or bedtime.
The biggest change I have seen is my ability to sleep. I am now also dreaming !  After years of not being able to fall asleep easily and quickly the change is amazing. I am also able to occasionally nap which I had not done before despite being tired. 
I am feeling more calm and relaxed but able to get on with some unpacking/sorting which is long overdue and to sort my Mom’s possessions. (She passed away July 2022)
I have so far not found much difference for pain relief but maybe if I play the track more than once daily it may help. I will try that.”

🌹I’ve been listening to the OM Track daily at night & it’s helping me to sleep a bit better than I had been in years! This week I’ve also listened to the track once or twice during the day. I used to wake up about 4/5 times during the night & never quite felt rested on walking up. This too has improved by about 50%! I’m able to wake up earlier naturally which is really super as I feel half of my day hasn’t been wasted & I can fit in more activities. I’ve now been able to take up Zumba, Pilates & walking more in the last couple of weeks. The frequency of my headaches & migraines has definitely improved & as a result I’m taking fewer painkillers daily. Feeling happier & more positive.
Thank you, thank you, thank you

🌹Hi Debbi
After the last time I spoke with you and got your lovely voice message life definitely made more sense, I also felt that I had a healing crisis as a lot of stuff moved (luckily as a therapist I did know what to do).
I have been a bit lack filling in the forms and diary but made as many notes as I could, the reason for this has been I have been able to enjoy life with pain so low.
I have re started my business and have a couple of clients already . 
I stepped out of my comfort zone and went to meet up with a new group forming in a villiage nearby (as I moved a year ago I don’t know anyone and had done nothing but give into the pain, depression etc).  My confidence is back I tackled a horrid scary roundabout on a very busy road (I usually don’t drive much because of the pain).
I walked into a building of strangers and had the best time in years, laughing and chatting.
I have been out driving every day doing things I didn’t think I would do again, I have reversed parked my own car (son in law is pleased).  I don’t need to take any homeopathic remedies for anxiety I just go.
I have taken individually my grandchildren out for a treat and they are over the moon to have nanny share experiences alone with them.
I have done clearing of paperwork, filing, getting ready for clients in the house.  I have adapted a spare room to fit a couch in there.
I have made 6 new friends just by having the confidence to speak to a stranger and not have to limp and feel less of myself.
I have used the Triple Om at night I sleep so deeply and feel so much better for it.
I use it when I get up for varied times get so much energy to get through the day.
Tonight I was having some shoulder / arm pain (injuries from falls) I put the Triple Om on earphones for 30 minutes my pain went down to a dull roar and movement was much easier
Emotional, Mental, Physical Health really good
Pain levels 20/25 percent and lower
Stiffness occasional
Sleep brilliant
Positivity high
New lease of life for me, my independence is returning and to be able to return to the work I love is amazing.

🌹Looking forward to joining tomorrow.
This week I have listened to Triple OM first thing in morning I definitely have felt a rise in energy levels over the past two weeks and have had regular deep uninterrupted night sleep.


🌹It's been amazing. Had the worst COVID . Listen to the wonderful Om. Up and cracking on and clear within 5 days 

🌹My state of mind is the biggest noticeable change, so much more clarity, so much more balanced. I have more confidence returning each week, which in turn makes me feel so much stronger and happier. 
It's easier to plan and make arrangements, it's easier to get on with my day without the anxiety about doing everything. 
I feel so much more at peace. I feel more joy returning.
Many thanks

🌹I listened to the Triple OM at various times of the day, fitting it around my days' activities.  However, I preferred not to listen at night, due to my energised experience on Day 1.  Again, I slept deeply this week, waking early with thoughts more focussed.  As my body absorbs the sounds, I feel lighter and happier on every level.
I listen to Triple Om at night too, when I have woken up but cannot get back to sleep.
I tend to fall asleep whilst listening but other times I need to listen to it a couple of times before I fall asleep.

🌹Generally I am a lot calmer to situations & don’t get worked up.
So a totally calming effect on me.

🌹Since I moved into my current flat I have had desturbed sleep. I find the triple Om really relaxing whether I have listened to it on a zoom or last thing at night I fall into a deep sleep listening to it . It’s as if I have been given complete permission to relax !

🌹Good Morning Debbi 💜
I am so pleased to report that this last week has given me a lot more energy to do things,  and that I am tackling my tasks and to do list with a lot less stress and worry.
I also feel more positive and capable and this has enabled me to keep powering through my busy days.
All in all I feel calmer and much more relaxed.
With joy, peace and love for your beautiful heart


🌹Hi Debs Just to give you my feedback on using the Triple OM... As an ambassador of Sound I use my tuning forks daily, sometimes twice a day, on myself - but more if I have given clients a 1-2-1 therapy. Since having covid in May 2022 and going through the menopause, over the past couple of years - my sleep pattern has become so erratic - and sometimes I have (or seem to have) very little sleep. Always feel tired and "not wanting to do much"! But these past few weeks since I've been listening to the Triple OM, my sleep pattern is so much better. I always go to bed between 9-10pm. Before I would wake, on average, 5 to 6 times a night and have to get up for the loo at least twice! Now, I get up once, some nights NONE, and wake between 2 to 3 times - with the length of time getting longer each time. I'm feeling more refreshed in the mornings and ready to start my "more productive" day - May it continue to improve as I continue to listen.

🌹I listen to triple Om anytime of the day. I have not kept specific time. At the weekend my palpitations was really high I could really hear. Heard triple few times. It’s settled now. Today is my testing time. It is Hanumandada (Monkey God) birthday today. Had to prepare offering (prashad) and receited Hanuman mantra 11 times. I thought I would get worked up. But it all went well. Really feeling calm. Thank you

🌹Hello xx 
Tremendous improvement in my sleep. 
I have predominantly been listening when going off to sleep , via head phones . I've gained a couple of hours good sleep nightly ( I hadn't been sleeping well prior to the study).
Interesting dreams. Also napping ( if required) in the afternoon...using the om track to assist into relaxed mode. Tbh, I'm feeling relaxed overall . Would never describe  myself as a ' stressy'   person but Ive noticed over the last month,  that any challenging situation that i am presented with , i deal with extremely calmly .
This week, i've started to listen to the om track in the mornings first thing, whilst making my morning cuppa and prepping food, doing laundry etc . I was concerned that this may potentially put  me into a drowsy mode...but , it appears to energise me and set me up for a productive day .

🌹I have been listening to the triple OM sound almost everyday- in the morning and towards the evening. I love the sound so much and each time it lulled me away in deep sleep. I must say i sleep soundly n wake up refreshed and happy , ready to face the day with a better  relaxed mind and positive attitude.  I am practising Hindu ; yoga and chakra work are familiar to me and this OM sound  is like a conch shell  in my ears drifting me away. I  am not concious when  or at what point i am lost in thoughts drifing away away and further away in clouds- such an  elevating feeling when i come down.  Thanks you so much for introducing it to me. It just awesome.

🌹I’m using the Triple Om all times of day and night.
This week I can notice a big change compared to how I felt last week. Last week and before I felt constricted, unrefteshing sleep, asthma more noticeable, body aching and stiff all of the time, coughing randomly. This week feeling muscles more relaxed, awaking in night for a few hours, then listening to OM prior and on waking during the night, feel like I’ve become unconstricted, more relaxed and breathing much is better. Head feels clearer. A big change from last week. Looking forward to our group tonight. Happy pink moon xx

🌹Namaste Debbie 🙏
I was really enjoying listening to the triple Aum track before sleep. I found it very soothing. Thank you

🌹I am using the Triple OM daily…in the morning whilst doing reiki and then in the afternoon whilst doing my  sounds. My sleep is so much deeper and if I do wake (for the dog etc) I get off to sleep much easier and feel much fresher in the mornings (these changes were happening using the forks but seem more enhanced). I feel much clearer in myself. And as soon as I play the triple
OM I feel relaxation in my body basically straight away. I played it when on a walk through the words the other day and it was just magical. It is amazing and between that and the forks it has made such a difference. People who come into the room if I am playing it out loud ask me what it is and comment on how relaxing and calming it is xx

🌹Hi. I am feeling a lot more positive after listening to triple Om and I have realised that I am making progress, something I wouldn't of been able to do a few months ago. Thank you Debbi and Dr Neha.x

🌹Much more energy and feeling lighter
Concentration improved. Really enjoy the rhythm of morning and evening Triple Om
The garden has been a joy.

🌹️Hi Debbi
Thank you so much what a bonus tonight was! Thank you
This week I turned a corner, I think previous weeks I had ‘stuff’, and felt depressed, not knowing why and feeling sad that I was not feeling happier. This week, it is totally different, my fibro pains have been better, cramp pain there but better, sleep is so much better. Previously I was only sleeping a maximum of 4 hours, now I’ve noticed I can sleep a straight 6 or 6:5 hours and I feel less achey and sitting first thing on waking. If I do wake in the night I still feel relaxed and play the OM and maybe sleep a further 4 hours. I’m having more active days and feel so grateful for being part of this community and collective consciousness. I will be passing it on to a few friends who have issues and conditions. 
So much gratitude 
Love n hugs xxx

🌹Having only just started the Tuning Fork Journey in Week 3, I am a little behind the others in terms of results achieved. This opportunity was put in my pathway at the right time thanks to Debbi posting on Facebook. I knew it was what I needed having had an extremely stressful few months. The sounds have brought me back from the edge this week and kept me here. I really thought I was going to lose the plot and have a breakdown. I’ve been exhausted, very angry with explosive outbursts too, partly from blood sugar issues but not being able to rest either. This is not me at all but it’s where I am at right now… not for long I hope. So each time I have listened to the sounds, it has brought me back to a balanced and calmer place. As I write this today (5th April 2023), I’ve had the ‘Triple Om’ track playing since 06:45am and been playing it over and over. I am still very tired but the sounds are giving me some space from my thoughts so am feeling calmer. Wish I could sleep…a peaceful night is eluding me completely at the mo. I am a very kind and compassionate person but under a lot of pressure with all sorts at the mo…! Thanks for the opportunity with this study.
Update: I did the sounds between 6am and 7am this morning (6th April 2023) and that helped me get back to sleep and shall look forward to listening to them again when I go to sleep this evening. It’s very soothing. Thank you.


🌹Good morning
I have been listening to the track at various times in the day.
My wrist pain went away in the first week after listening but came back last week. It way again after listening to it with focus on the pain.
I have listened while working, cooking and going to sleep. Though I only listen at night if I am very tired but restless.
Thank you and Dr Neha for this wonderful therapy


🌹This week has been strange week – life- but managed to keep going with listening to the track
Mental and emotional health was the worse pushed to its limits but the track helped me focus and to feel better. Physically I have been doing well getting up and past 10,000 steps and some stretching
Pain a lot more but I feel related to situations going on but I listened to the track probably 3 times a day when all bad using some of the techniques you shared last week. Sleep has been really good
I definitely feel the difference in every day life using the track. I have not had to take any homeopathic meds. I have a much more positive and productive life than before I started this journey.
I am back to the confident capable person I used to be. Looking forward to studying and using tuning forks more in my life.


🌹I slept a straight 6 hours again which is a huge break through as I was waking up fully after 4 hours and not having refreshing sleep which attributed to fatigue. I feel blessed and will make call later on
Have a great day and hope the sun is shining where you are.


🌹Things are generally going well. I feel I’m not as snappy when feeling tired or in pain. I listen to the OM track daily at night & in my mind am chanting Aum along with it. I’ve been away & just returned - there were a number of cranky kids on the overnight coach journey with us. I asked the Tour Manager to play the OM track over the bluetooth connection on the coach & he agreed. It certainly helped to settle everyone and there was a lovely calm peaceful atmosphere. Amazing! A few people asked me for the links to the music. This morning I have woken up with a headache & pain in my upper back & shoulders. It’s probably from the long coach journey. I’m going to have a hot shower, get some good breakfast, get refreshed & try to have a relaxing day. I may even play the OM track a few times during the day to overcome this pain & headache. Overall the frequency of my headaches & migraines have definitely improved & I’m taking fewer painkillers & starting to feel more relaxed, able to get to sleep earlier & walking up earlier, getting better quality sleep waking up only a couple of times at night compared to 4-5 times before! All this is only since I started listening to the OM track. Thank you - Thank you - Thank you.


🌹I have had a challenging week with extended family staying but I'm delighted to say that I continued my practice and it has definitely made a difference to me as I have remained a lot calmer and less stressed than I normally become, and as my quality of sleep has improved, I have been more able to cope and enjoy things more. I do have a tendency to try to control things and this has been less evident too, enabling me to go with the flow.

🌹I continue to use the Triple Om for Peace every day, early in the morning and continue to find it helps me be in a relaxed state of mind. When things get a bit hectic during the day and I can not use the actual music , I imagine the sound of the Om vibrations moving through my being and before long I am back on tract.. I so enjoyed the tools you shared last week. Physically things have not yet changed with the pain levels but emotionally and mentally I feel much lighter. You had asked for ideas last time and I find I enjoy using the sounds as a mindfulness meditation the most where I just  focus on the sounds created and my busy mind definitely slows down. I also intend at times to open to the elements in my body....opening to the air, water , fire, earth and ether elements. I find I am much more aware of all of my being, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and am experiencing insights that help me deal with living in the NOW. I am also much more aware of my breathing and my posture.


🌹Regarding the past week, I have continued playing the Triple OM track 2 or 3 times in the morning after I am up and also whilst getting my mother ready.  It creates a very peaceful and calm atmosphere in the house and quietly generates an atmosphere where unnecessary words are not spoken.  I'm sure my mother and sister are also benefiting. Overall, I have observed that my sleep has been deeper and better, my mother also gets up less times during the night.  When I have played it  whilst working on the PC, it has helped me focus and concentrate.  Thank you.  Abundant Blessings.  See you soon.  With best regards & blessings


🌹I listened to the OM for 10 mins during one afternoon and I could honestly feel the shadow of everything lifting away from me, raising my vibrations again.  The issues were still there but it wasnt getting me down so much.  Also the dog chilled out one afternoon when I was playing it for someone having a craniosacral session and didn't bark at the postvan when it pulled up.  The rest of the time I have been playing it at night, hubby being away and I don't sleep well when he is away and although I have been going to bed later, I have put the OM onto play and always falling asleep before it finishes and if I wake up in the night go straight back to sleep again without any worrying going on!  Its also helping to improve ongoing shoulder issues. Slowly but surely!


🌹 “Sleep continues to be very good. Dreams also continuing. I am still motivated for all the sorting of house I have to do and making great progress. 
I do not play recording any consistent time- just when and where I feel it. I have found the triple Om very good for meditation -seems to stop my mind wandering. A new aspect this week - I found it had the ability to stop me keep replaying something thoughtless a relative had upset me with that I could not stop it hurting me. I woke a couple of nights ago and started to think about it - then I pressed play and after about 45 mins of listening I no longer felt so connected to them. I will use it again for this purpose if needed. I have not managed to sort out structure for pain relief as I am sure it could help me more if I used it more often. (Been strange week as very busy granddaughter sitting for half term). What a wonderful easy tool to have to hand - thank you so much for opportunity to be helped

by this.“


🌹The OM track remains a part of my daily routine and is still. Proving to be beneficial as a part of my sound routine. Sleep is deep and I feel refreshed. As soon as the track begins I physically  feel my shoulders release any tension and tightness. People around me continue to benefit from it when it plays and comment on how it’s very relaxing. There is a sense of calm and peace when it plays that lasts throughout the day. I had a difficult car journey last week…I dislike travelling on the motorway especially as a passenger…I felt a tension headache coming on and I started playing the track…my headache eased and I felt more at ease and let it play in the background for the remainder of the journey. My dog continues to love it and lat next to me when it plays. She is highly anxious (rescue dog) and is reactive to certain noises but I see she is calmer and appears to be less reactive and calmer especially just after the track has been played. I have been using the triple Om when I feel a little stressed or have a lot going on…sometimes even for five minutes and the benefits are amazing. Thank you both for a chance to be a part of this, I am very grateful


🌹Overall, my sleep is better and a deeper sleep so I awake more refreshed since I’ve been listening to the track. I also have a more confident sense of myself and an inner calm no matter the events going on.  I’m very grateful.


🌹My state of mind is the biggest noticeable change, so much more clarity, so much more balanced, so much patience. I have more confidence returning each week, which in turn makes me feel so much happier. I listen to the track for the whole duration at least once a day, sometimes several times. 
It's easier to plan and make arrangements, it's easier to get on with my day without the anxiety about doing everything.  I feel so much more at peace. I feel more spiritual and even more connected to energies, from rocks, trees, animals, people to the realms beyond.  Physically i have more energy and less pain now too. Although I still wake in the night, I feel like I'm having deeper sleeps and can get back off to sleep better.


🌹I feel energetically lighter mentally and physically - I have my mojo back! I have noticed I sleep deeper and longer, with quite vivid dreams. I am more focussed and alert in the mornings, with less fluctuation in my moods and feelings during the day.  Although my scores did dip a little this week, when hay fever symptoms affected my breathing.
I listened to the 'Triple OM' by managing it around my daily activities, and sometimes the 'Stillpoint' as well.  My body responds immediately as if its ready and waiting to absorb the sounds.
Bright blessings


🌹Thank you Debi for your lovely message and I have started with just 10 mins of OM, I’m still feeling tired and sleep not good but I’m feeling more optimistic, I have had a feeling of big change in my for some time and your words have brought me comfort, I’m keeping on with this wonderful gift we have as I’m sure the healing inside me has started, I have faith in you and Dr Sharma, how lucky we all are.


🌹I can not express how grateful I feel to have been a part of this.I have been recovering from ankle surgery where I had plates and wires inserted to fix my broken leg. It has been mentally and physically gruelling. 2 months  prior to this I ended up having to have an emergency blood transfusion as I ended up really anaemic without realising how ill I was. It’s been a tremendous tough time but one I feel the universe was telling me to stop. I honestly feel being a part of this OM experience has had a huge impact on my healing and ability to deal with the situation I found myself in. I have used the OM track to help ease pain, help me sleep, help my anxiety, I have healed incredibly well. Throughout this process I have become more attuned to my real self, the OM has really ignited my creativity and given me permission to have the confidence to believe and acknowledge myself. I would say it has been life changing for me. On a spiritual level I have found my purpose in my journey and on a physical level it has 100% played such a huge part in my physical healing and emotional trauma healing. Some things haven’t been easy as it has woken me to realise some relationships need to change and I have found a confidence to accept that and voice my feelings where needed. I am overall way less reactive and feel far more able to deal calmly with situations. I can’t describe it but I feel I have been gifted an opportunity to change my life for the better and a belief that it is possible. I am truly humbled and grateful.


🌹Listening to triple Om and receiving the distant healing has given me self worth which I never thought I would



🌹Great feeling of peace inside my inner body and soul
Throughly enjoyed all 5 sessions with plenty of love from yours giving ❤ all the time
I am glad 2 more sessions
God's strength in you is powerful  and you're sharing with all of us


🌹I have just woken up after a much improved sleep, feel so much better, thankyou so much


🌹Thank you for the lovely session, before the session I had headache, & wasn't feeling too good but I healed after the lovely mantra. I have woken up fresh after listening to triple Om. Thank you Debbi & Dr Neha.


🌹Dr Neha/ Debbi
These sessions have been excellent- just making me to relaxed & calm.
I don’t now over react as I use to. I take time before I respond. Not react quickly & avoid confrontation by reacting immediately. Also bite my tongue & not react


🌹Hello Debbi. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for this amazing sessions. I have experienced so many changes within myself. Calmness in the mind and unhealed emotions which have been healed. My body is also detoxing as I have sinus issues which is slowly clearing up. I feel a lot lighter in the head, breathing much better from the abdomen during breathing exercises and more energised. I am more focused with doing activities throughout the day. My body feels lighter and movements more fluid without pain. I'm much more mentally alert and happier no matter what happens around me. The triple Om has helped me in all areas of my health and well being on an holistic way. Again many many thanks for this opportunity to experience the most wonderful benefits of sound therapy.
Om Shanti
Peace and blessings


I’ve just had a migraine/sinusitis face and head pain today and during the night. Administered OM WITH breathe work and using  musta. It’s now gone after triple OM! Usually they last 3-5 days sometimes up to 8 days so it’s gone after hours. I’m so happy. I even went to a rather loud 4 year olds party today which would normally floor me as CFS would kick in normally. I’m feeling so happy and feeling joy, I’ve been feeling quite suwon and depressed for last year as long Covid has hampered me, physically and mentally I’m looking forward to results of trials and new track. I have yet to access recording of distant healing. 
Much love and hugs to you and enjoy your time with precious angels


🌹I listen to this mainly at night when going to sleep & it brings deep peaceful sleep, but am also using it if something is ‘bothering’ me in everyday life…. I play it & it takes me in to my own inner space, a place of peace & alignment, where it doesn’t matter what’s going on outside, I know it’ll be ok. It’s like bringing yourself home to you, your authentic self.
Just knowing that I have this track, this sound tool, in my life is really comforting & empowering, just to know I can just click ‘play’ & let the sounds do their magic.
So grateful


🌹This morning I listened to the OM recording as I do daily… my hip was hurting so I put the phone close to where my pain was and afterward the pain was gone


🌹I passed the track to my niece and her partner who listens to in whilst soaking in the bath. He is hooked! Last

night after his relaxing sounds he told my nice he could see her aura which was blue next to her body with orange on the outer layer and it was full of Egyptian symbols! I think they were both amazed.


🌹Listened to triple Om this morning and felt really energised. I am now cleaning and sorting the kitchen cupboards!


🌹Interesting now that you mention it… my home is becoming more organized since I’ve begun this daily practice. I can tidy or clean and it relatively stays that way.


🌹Same here! Staying on top of housework, paperwork and garden! Feeling supercharged and calm at the same time.

🌹I agree you do actually feel alot more energised doing household chores, thanks to this beautiful Triple Om! I'm so grateful to Debsy & Dr Neha for all their hardwork, dedication, support & selfless service. May God Bless you both & your families!


🌹This morning once again my hip was aching so when I listened I put my phone with the recording close to my hip and now it’s gone.


🌹Dear Debbie & Dr Neha. I regret I was unable to join in on the session today & look forward to the recording.
However, I listen to the OM track daily & feel it has definitely helped me to sleep better. Feel more relaxed & calm. I haven’t been well over the past week with a tooth infection & cold plus I seem to have injured my left shoulder - very painful so I whilst I normally listen to the track to fall asleep at night, this week I have also played the track 2-3 times during the day. I’ve noticed my blocked nose starts to clear up within about 10 mins into the track! Head starts to feel a bit lighter. I lay down to visualise the pain drawing out evaporating away from my shoulder & although I’m rubbing heat lotion on it, I do feel it is getting better from the visualisation whilst the OM track is playing. Headaches & migraines over the past 6 weeks have definitely improved by about 60%. I cannot thank you both enough for this study which brought this music into my life. I find so much peace, calm, relaxation & also some pain relief every time I listen. Thank you & God bless


🌹Many many thanks Debbi and Dr. Neha for this beautiful sound journey you have taken all us. This wonderful healing therapy has certainly touched so many of us and brought about changes in our inner self. Blessings to you both and to everyone who has benefitted from this. Om Shanti


🌹Blessed to have joined this journey with you both and I know that it has helped me with my own stress to sleep better and I play it daily before bed time.
Will continue to do so and share it with my groups so thanks again


🌹Thankyou so much Debi and Dr Nether, it's taking me longer than I thought but I really think I'm getting there


🌹Our sincere thanks to Dr Neha & Debbie for taking us on this beautiful journey & showing us the way we can bring the Triple Om track in our lives to enrich our lives & deal with our issues/ demons in a very beautiful & relaxing way.
Thank you Dr Neha & Debbie being part of our lives


🌹Thank you for all your hard work Debbi and Dr Neha. Very proud to be part of this incredible project. All the folks that I have shared the Triple OM with have found positive results with their sleep pattern and consequently their daily lives have benefited. I will continue to enjoy the OM as part of my daily practice. Thank you Namaste


🌹After last nights wonderful online meditation I was so calm and relaxed then I put the OM on as I went to bed got 9 hours sleep feeling refreshed for a busy day as always thank you Debbie and Dr Neha x


🌹After a super stressful day yesterday I fell asleep exhausted, woke up 4 hours later (2am fir loo), then put OM track on and fell back to sleep after my mind went into over drive, breathing, mudra, humming and being bathed in turquoise light slept soundly for another 6 hours! Monumental! Feeling bit Head achey today but know I’ve got ‘the medicine’ to shift it. Congratulations to Debbi and Dr Neha for taking this new sound medicine trial to the WHO. I can’t wait to watch it all unfold and integrated into medical fields. Thank you


🌹I have had another beautiful night's sleep, I really think it's all kicking in now, I'm so happy, thankyou thankyou thankyou xxx


🌹My friend works in a special educational needs school and they have sound therapy classes. I sent the track to her

to use with the pupils to see what they thought and she just sent me a quick message - they played the OM and then different relaxation music afterwards to compare…I shall try and get more info from her when she has finished work…she sent this…



🌹Ok…….. I played the OM chimes and then relaxing music after. 5 out of the 7 pupils preferred the chimes and it was evident they were a lot more relaxed when it was played. I loved it. We going to use it in the classroom next week so I’ll let you know how it goes.


🌹Debbie and Dr. Neha I would like to thank you both for what you're both doing. I have used 🕉 sound before to sleep, but your triple 🕉 is a true blessing for me. Whilst listening I go off to sleep. Wake up feeling relaxed. It's really helping. Many many thanks. May Vedmata Gayatri's grace always be with you all. Induji Popat BEM


🌹This group has helped us all in so many ways, we all feel something shifting within us and the Om chant has

become part of our daily routine, I have found it helps me to listen to it every morning while doing Pranayama, thanks so much for setting up the group, Debz and Dr Neha
🌹Much better sleep (used to wake up a lot or not sleep at all) and deepness of sleep.
Less stressed and anxious.
More even-tempered when under pressure from all directions and able to deal with things better.
I look forward more to getting things done and finished.
I now have a child’s excitement and anticipation for things to come, which has been missing for years and years.

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