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Debbi Walker BSc (Hons)

Hello and a warm welcome to Suara Sounds.

I am Debbi Walker, the proud founder, principle teacher and director of Suara Sound Academy and Suara Sounds which has delivered high quality professional international and national Sound Healing Courses for the past 11 years. I have recorded music that relates to my sounds over the years weaving tuning foks, tubular chimes, my voice and music into a rich tapestry for a relaxing experience.

Suara Sound Academy is an Independent Teaching School registered and recognised by the British Complementary Medicine Association UK.  We are a training organisation with Holistic Insurance Services Ltd and a Platinum provider with the International Institute of Complementary Therapy.


My sounds and music are not notes per se in the meaning of the scale most musicians use today, ie, A B C D E F G.

My passion for creating my sounds is a little like an artist has when  they have a vision of what they wish to portray using artist mediums such as paints, chalks, etc.  I feel my way around what I wish to create whether it is through my tubular chimes, music, vocals.  No two pieces of my Sound/Music Alchemy will ever be the same.  It is in that particular Moment of that time, which lends itself for total immersion of whatever I have created.  I capture the essence of my pure intention whilst playing my chimes, using my voice or creating the musical story with Josiah which he then interprets beautifully.


Many of my sounds are channelled to me when I am in deep meditation, I then have them made into tuning forks or tubular chime pipes and these are very well received from students and clients alike.

There appears to be a wholeness to the sounds as they blend with each other.  Some of my albums are the chimes, some music based on my channelled sounds, with some having the blending of the pipe or tuning forks through the music.  Others also have my voice which I tone around the music as it touches my heart and Soul.

Tuning Forks and Sound Healing Courses by Debbi Walker (

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Your Sacred Journey to...

How to Fork Yourself & Others

View my video on how to Fork Yourself here

How to use Tuning Forks for Health & Wellbeing and Meditation. 

Videos, music, live demonstrations. 

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