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"Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only be changed from one form to another" Albert Einstein

"Change your Vibration, Change your Life" Debbi Walker

I am so very passionate about bringing the world of sound healing in the form of tuning forks, quartz crystal tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowls and percussion to you. I Love what I do with a passion and the potential difference the sounds can make to people’s lives and that of their family, friends and clients is limitless.

Following over 12 years of intensive study with qualitative and quantative research, bringing the science and spiritual aspect to my teaching I am delighted to bring my Sacred Journey Sound Practitioner Course to you. 

After working with and sharing my bespoke way of using the tuning fork sounds and other instruments with thousands of people experientially over the years, and teaching many Ambassadors of Sounds, I bring a very thorough, heartfelt, easy to follow and absorb course teaching Sound Healing based on my own evidence research in Sound Healing. This allows for the deepest foundations for my teachings to be shared with my students for effective, safe practice. Sound therapy is a modality in its own right and can allow the student and the client to allow their vibration of a health status to potentially 'be changed from one form to another'. 


The course is so much more than a course, it is a re-treat back to YOU. All week we will be working with vibrational core energy, really feeling each sound and exploring my channelled tones in depth. Yes you will learn all you need to become a sound therapist, however through using the sounds throughout the week you may shift any limiting beliefs, or blocks to your life that are preventing you moving forward. When there is space within, there is freedom, and when there is freedom, there is choice - good healthy choices about all aspects of your life.

You leave with such peace in your mind and body and a real sense of empowerment for your Life Purpose. Your mind maybe so quiet and you can hear so much more from within and nature around you.

The way I teach is completely organic and unique and calls upon the experience and training over the past 31 years. As a retired District Nurse I am only to familiar with dis-ease processes and my teaching works towards showing how health status of students and clients can be potentially changed from one form to another using my bespoke way of using the tuning forks and the energetic vibrations they hold.

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